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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets Council has 165 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 165 schools in the Tower Hamlets area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Tower Hamlets council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Tower Hamlets Postcode
Adam Primary School E1 1JX
Al Ashraaf Secondary School E1 7RA
Al-Azhar Primary School E14 7AF
Al-Mizan School E1 1JX
Alice Model Nursery School E1 4NQ
Arnhem Wharf Primary School E14 3RP
Ayasofia Primary School E1 2JA
Bangabandhu Primary School E2 0LB
Beatrice Tate School E3 4PX
Ben Jonson Primary School E1 4PZ
Bethnal Green Academy E2 6NW
Bethnal Green Technology College E2 6NW
Bigland Green Primary School E1 2ND
Bishop Challoner Catholic Federations of Boys School E1 0LB
Bishop Challoner Catholic Federations of Girls School E1 0LB
Blue Gate Fields Infants' School E1 0EH
Blue Gate Fields Junior School E1 0EH
Bonner Primary School E2 0NF
Bow School E3 3QW
Bowden House School BN25 2JB
Bromley Hall School E14 0LF
Buttercup Primary School E1 2LX
Bygrove Primary School E14 6DN
Cambridge Heath Sixth Form E2 0LD
Canary Wharf College E14 3BA
Canary Wharf College 2 E14 3BA
Canary Wharf College 3 E14 3BA
Canon Barnett Primary School E1 7RQ
Cayley Primary School E14 7NG
Central Foundation Girls' School E3 2AE
Childrens House Nursery School E3 3HL
Chisenhale Primary School E3 5QY
Christ Church CofE School E1 6PU
Christian Hearts Academy E3 2SJ
City Gateway 14-19 Provision E14 9UB
Columbia Market Nursery School E2 7PG
Columbia Primary School E2 7RG
Community College London for 2000 E1 1BY
Courtauld Institute of Art WC2R 0RN
Cubitt Town Infants' School E14 3NE
Cubitt Town Junior School E14 3NE
Culloden Primary - A Paradigm Academy E14 0PT
Culloden Primary School E14 0PT
Cyril Jackson Primary School E14 8HH
Darul Hadis Latifiah E2 0HW
Date Palm Primary School E1 2DE
Docklands Pre-Preparatory School E14 9GX
East London Arts & Music E15 4RZ
East London Islamic School E1 1EJ
Ebrahim Academy E1 1EJ
Elizabeth Landsbury Nursery School E14 6DZ
Elizabeth Selby Infants' School E2 6PP
English Martyrs Roman Catholic Primary School E1 8DJ
Excellence Christian School E2 9DQ
Faraday School E14 0FH
Gatehouse School E2 9JG
George Green's School E14 3DW
Globe Primary School E2 0JH
Green Gables Montessori Primary School E1W 2RG
Greenfields School of Development E2 7EY
Grenfell Special School E1 1HL
Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Primary School E3 4RB
Hague Primary School E2 0BP
Halley Primary School E14 7SS
Harbinger Primary School E14 3QP
Harpley School E1 4DZ
Harry Gosling Infant School E1 1NB
Harry Gosling Junior Mixed School E1 1NB
Harry Gosling Primary School E1 1NT
Harry Roberts Nursery School E1 4PZ
Hermitage Primary School E1W 2PT
Holy Family Catholic School E14 0DE
Ian Mikardo School E3 3LF
Islamic College London E1 2ND
Jamiatul Ummah School E1 2ND
John Scurr Primary School E1 4AX
Kobi Nazrul Primary School E1 1JP
Langdon Park Community School E14 0RZ
Lansbury Lawrence Primary School E14 6DZ
Lawdale Junior School E2 6LS
London East Academy E1 1JX
London Enterprise Academy E1 1RD
London Islamic School E1 2HX
Madani Secondary Girls' School E1 1HL
Malmesbury Infant School E3 2AB
Malmesbury Junior School E3 2AB
Malmesbury Primary School E3 2AB
Manorfield Primary School E14 6QD
Marion Richardson Primary School E1 0QF
Marner Primary School E3 3LL
Mayflower Primary School E14 6DU
Mazahirul Uloom London School E1 4AA
Morpeth School E2 0PX
Mowlem Primary School E2 9HE
Mulberry School for Girls E1 2JP
Oaklands School E2 6PR
Old Church Nursery School E1 0RJ
Old Ford Infants' School E3 5LD
Old Ford Junior Mixed School E3 5LD
Old Ford Primary - A Paradigm Academy E3 5LD
Old Ford Primary School E3 5LD
Old Palace Primary School E3 3BT
Olga Primary School E3 5DN
Opal College London E3 2SE
Osmani Primary School E1 5AD
Our Lady and St Joseph Catholic Primary School E14 0DE
Our Lady of the Assumption Roman Catholic Primary School E2 9JY
Our Lady Roman Catholic Primary School E14 7DA
Phoenix School E3 2AD
Queen Mary and Westfield College E1 4NS
Rachel Keeling Nursery School E2 0PS
Raine's Foundation School E2 9LY
Redlands Primary School E1 3AQ
River House Montessori School E14 9XP
Seven Mills Primary School E14 8LY
Shapla Primary School E1 8HY
Sir John Cass Foundation and Redcoat Church of England Secondary School E1 0RH
Sir William Burrough Primary School E14 7PQ
Sir William Burrough Primary School E14 7PQ
Smithy Street School E1 3BW
Solebay Primary - A Paradigm Academy E1 4PW
St Agnes RC Primary School E3 3ER
St Anne's Catholic Primary School E1 5AW
St Bernard's School E2 6ET
St Edmund's Catholic School E14 3RS
St Elizabeth Catholic Primary School E2 9JY
St John the Baptist RC Junior School E2 9JY
St John's Church of England Primary School E2 9LR
St Luke's Church of England Primary School E14 3EB
St Mary and St Michael Primary School E1 0BD
St Mary and St Michael's Junior School E1 0BD
St Mary's and St Michael's Infant School E1 0BD
St Matthias Church of England Primary School E2 6DY
St Patrick Roman Catholic Primary School E1W 2PH
St Paul with St Luke CofE Primary School E3 4LA
St Paul's Way Trust School E3 4FT
St Paul's Way Trust School E3 4FT
St Paul's Whitechapel Church of England Primary School E1 8HY
St Peter's London Docks CofE Primary School E1W 3QT
St Philip Howard School E14 6ER
St Saviour's Church of England Primary School E14 6BB
Stebon Primary School E14 7AD
Stephen Hawking School E14 7LL
Stepney Green Mathematics and Computing College E1 4SD
Stepney Greencoat Church of England Primary School E14 7TF
Stewart Headlam Primary School E1 5RE
Susan Lawrence Infants' School E14 6DZ
Susan Lawrence Junior School E14 6DZ
Swanlea School E1 5DJ
The Blessed John Roche Roman Catholic School E14 6ER
The Cherry Trees School E3 4EA
The Clara Grant Primary School E3 4BU
The Complete Works Independent School E1 6QL
The Pier Head Preparatory Montessori School E1W 3TD
Thomas Buxton Junior School E1 5AR
Thomas Buxton Primary School E1 5AR
Tower Hamlets College E14 0AF
Tower Hamlets PRU E1 4EE
Virginia Primary School E2 7NQ
Wapping High School E1 2DA
Weavers' Senior School E2 6HW
Wellington Primary School E3 4NE
William Davis Primary School E2 6ET
Woolmore Primary School E14 0EW
Workers' Educational Association EC2A 4XW