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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Telford and Wrekin

Telford and Wrekin Council has 139 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 139 schools in the Telford and Wrekin area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Telford and Wrekin council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Telford and Wrekin Postcode
Abraham Darby Academy TF7 5HX
Abraham Darby Specialist School for Performing Arts TF7 5HX
Acorn School TF3 2EP
Adams' Grammar School TF10 7BD
Adams' Grammar School TF10 7BD
Alexander Fleming Infant School TF7 4HG
Alexander Fleming Junior School TF7 4HG
Apley Wood Primary School TF1 6FQ
Aqueduct Centre TF4 3RB
Aqueduct Primary School TF4 3RP
Barn Farm Infant School TF1 2JQ
Blessed Robert Johnson Catholic College TF1 3DY
Brindleyford Primary School TF3 1QD
Brookside Primary School and Early Years Centre TF3 1LG
Captain Webb Primary School TF4 3DU
Castle Homes Upper Forge NN14 6BQ
Castle House School TF10 7JE
Charlton School TF1 3LE
Charlton School TF1 3LE
Church Aston Infant School TF10 9JN
Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge CofE Primary School TF8 7DS
Crudgington Primary School TF6 6JF
Dawley Church of England Primary Academy TF4 3AL
Dawley Church of England Primary School with Nursery TF4 3AL
Donnington Wood CofE Voluntary Controlled Junior School TF2 8BH
Donnington Wood Infant School and Nursery Centre TF2 8EP
Dothill Infant School TF1 3JB
Dothill Junior School TF1 3JB
Dothill Primary School TF1 3JB
Eastgate House NN14 6BQ
Ercall Wood Technology College TF1 2DT
Grange Park Primary School TF3 1YQ
Grange Park Primary School TF3 1YQ
Hadley Infant School TF1 5JU
Hadley Junior School TF1 5JU
Hadley Learning Community - Primary Phase TF1 5NU
Hadley Learning Community - Secondary Phase TF1 5NU
Harper Adams Agriculture College TF10 8NB
Harper Adams University TF10 8NB
Haughton School TF7 4BW
High Ercall Primary School and Nursery TF6 6AF
Hinkshay School TF3 1DG
Hollinswood Infant and Nursery School TF3 2EP
Hollinswood Primary School TF3 2EP
Holmer Lake Primary School TF3 1LD
Holy Trinity School TF2 9SQ
Jigsaw School TF1 6AJ
John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School TF7 5DL
John Randall Primary School TF7 4DS
Ketley Infant School TF1 5AN
Ketley Town Junior School TF1 5HF
King Street (KS4) PRU TF1 1NY
Ladygrove Primary School TF4 2LF
Langley Junior School TF4 2ED
Langley St Leonard's Primary School TF4 2ED
Lawley Primary School TF4 2PR
Lawley Village Academy TF4 2SG
Leegomery Infant School TF1 6UJ
Leegomery Junior School TF1 6UJ
Lightmoor Village Primary School TF4 3EG
Lilleshall Primary School TF10 9EY
Madeley Academy TF7 5FB
Madeley Academy TF7 5FB
Madeley Infant School TF7 5DL
Madeley Nursery School TF7 5ET
Malinslee Primary School TF4 2JF
Meadows Primary School and Nursery TF1 5HF
Millbrook Primary School TF1 6UJ
Moorfield Primary School TF10 7QU
Mount Gilbert School TF4 3PP
Muxton Primary School TF2 8SA
New College Telford TF1 1NY
Newdale Primary School & Nursery TF3 5HA
Newport Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School TF10 7EA
Newport Girls' High School TF10 7HL
Newport Girls' High School Academy Trust TF10 7HL
Newport Infant School TF10 7DX
Oakengates Childrens Centre TF2 6EP
Old Park Primary School TF3 2BF
Orleton Lane Infant School TF1 2AA
Overley Hall School TF6 5HE
Park Junior School TF1 3ES
Pathways (the Glebe Centre) TF1 1JP
Priorslee Primary School TF2 9RS
Priorslee Primary School TF2 9RS
Queenswood Primary School and Nursery TF2 0AZ
Randlay Primary School TF3 2LR
Redhill Primary School TF2 9GZ
Revolution (KS3 PRU) TF3 3BJ
School Name To Be Decided
Short Wood Primary School TF1 2JA
Sir Alexander Fleming Primary School TF7 4HG
Southall School TF4 3PX
St George's Church of England Primary School TF2 9LJ
St Lawrence Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School TF6 6DH
St Leonard's Infant School TF4 2ED
St Luke's Catholic Primary School TF2 7HG
St Mary's Catholic Primary School TF7 5EJ
St Matthew's Church of England Aided Primary School and Nursery Centre TF2 7PZ
St Patrick's Catholic Primary School TF1 3ER
St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary School TF10 7HU
St Peter's Church of England Controlled Primary School TF10 8JQ
St Peter's Church of England Controlled Primary School, Bratton TF5 0NT
Stirchley Primary School TF3 1FD
Sutherland Business and Enterprise College TF2 7JR
Sutherland Business and Enterprise College TF2 7JR
Teagues Bridge Primary School TF2 6RE
Telford College of Arts and Technology TF1 2NP
The Bridge at HLC TF1 5NQ
The Burton Borough School TF10 7DS
The Charles Darwin School TF1 3ET
The Endeavour Centre TF1 3ET
The Ercall Junior School TF1 2JB
The Linden Centre TF3 5BT
The Lord Silkin School TF3 1FA
The Old Hall School TF1 3LB
The Orleton Park School TF1 2AD
The Phoenix School TF4 3DZ
The Telford Langley School TF4 3JS
The Telford Park School TF3 1FA
The Telford Priory School TF2 7AB
Thomas Telford School TF3 4NW
Three Oaks Primary School TF3 1YQ
Tibberton Church of England Primary School TF10 8NN
William Reynolds Infant School TF7 5QW
William Reynolds Primary School TF7 5QW
Windmill Primary School TF3 1LG
Wombridge Primary School TF2 6AN
Woodlands Primary School TF7 5HX
Woodside Infant School TF7 5NW
Woodside Junior School TF7 5NW
Wrekin College TF1 3BH
Wrekin View Primary School TF1 3ES
Wrockwardine Wood Arts Academy TF2 6JZ
Wrockwardine Wood Arts College TF2 6JZ
Wrockwardine Wood Church of England Junior School TF2 7HG
Wrockwardine Wood Infant School and Nursery TF2 7AH