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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in St Helens

St Helens Council has 137 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 137 schools in the St Helens area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for St Helens council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in St Helens Postcode
Allanson Street Primary School WA9 1PL
Ashtons Green School WA9 2LH
Ashurst Primary School WA11 9QJ
Birchley St Mary's Catholic Primary School WN5 7QJ
Blackbrook RC Infant School WA11 9QY
Blackbrook RC Junior School WA11 9QY
Bleak Hill Primary School WA10 6HG
Broad Oak Community Primary School WA9 2JE
Broadway Community High School WA10 3RY
Bushey Lane CofE Primary School
Carmel College WA10 3AG
Carmel Sixth Form College
Carr Mill Infant and Nursery School WA11 7PT
Carr Mill Junior School WA11 7PQ
Carr Mill Primary School WA11 7PQ
Chapel End Primary School WN5 7TX
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School WA11 8JF
Cowley International College WA10 6PN
Crank Hill CofE Primary School
De La Salle School WA10 4QH
Derbyshire Hill Community Primary School WA9 2QD
District CofE Infant School WA12 9PZ
Earlestown District CofE Junior School WA12 9PZ
Eaves Primary School WA9 3UB
Eccleston Lane Ends Primary School L34 2QN
Eccleston Mere Primary School WA10 5NX
Garswood Primary School WN4 0SF
Gerard RC Infant School WN4 0TT
Grange Park Community High School WA10 3RY
Grange Valley Primary School WA11 0XQ
Hamblett School WA10 6BX
Haydock English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School WA11 0JY
Haydock High School WA11 0JG
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School WA10 1LN
Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School WA9 2JE
Hope Academy WA12 0AQ
Hurst School WA10 6PN
Knowsley Road Primary School WA10 4PN
Lakeside Early Adult Provision - Leap College (Wargrave House Ltd) WA12 8RS
Lansbury Bridge School WA9 1TB
Launchpad Centre WA10 1UH
Legh Vale Primary School WA11 0ER
Longton Lane Community Primary School L35 8PB
Lowe House RC Infant School WA10 2DJ
Lowe House RC Junior School WA10 2DJ
Lyme Community Primary School WA12 9HD
Merton Bank Infant School WA9 1EJ
Merton Bank Junior School WA9 1EJ
Merton Bank Primary School WA9 1EJ
Mill Green School WA9 1BU
Mill House School WA12 8BG
Newton Bank Preparatory School WA12 9SN
Newton Le Willows County Infant School
Newton-le-Willows Community High School WA12 0AQ
Newton-Le-Willows Nursery School WA12 9PZ
Newton-le-Willows Primary School WA12 9UF
Nugent House School WN5 7TT
Nutgrove Methodist Aided Primary School WA9 5NH
Oakdene Primary School L35 0QQ
Orrell School WA11 9RF
Our Lady Mother of God Catholic Primary School WA9 2RN
Pace WA9 2LH
Parish CofE Primary School WA10 1LW
Parr Community High School WA9 2RT
Parr Flat Community Infant School WA9 2JE
Parr Flat Community Junior School WA9 2JF
Penkford School WA12 9XZ
Queen's Park CofE URC Primary School WA10 4NQ
Rainford Brook Lodge Community Primary School WA11 8JX
Rainford CofE Infant School WA11 8AJ
Rainford CofE Junior School WA11 8AJ
Rainford CofE Primary School WA11 8AJ
Rainford High Technology College WA11 8NY
Rainhill Community Nursery L35 4NW
Rainhill High School L35 6NY
Rainhill Park Primary School L35 4NW
Rectory CofE Primary School WN4 0QF
Red Bank - Vardy House WA12 8DE
Red Bank School WA12 8EA
Richard Evans Community Infant School WA11 0BH
Richard Evans Community Junior School WA11 0AH
Richard Evans Community Primary School WA11 0AH
Rivington High School WA10 4ND
Rivington Primary School WA10 6LF
Robins Lane Community Primary School WA9 3NF
Robins Lane County Infant School WA9 3NF
Sherdley Primary School WA9 4HA
St Aelred's Catholic Technology College WA12 9UW
St Aidan's CofE Primary School Billinge WN5 7LS
St Aidan's CofE Aided Primary School WA9 4UG
St Ann's Church of England Primary School L35 0LQ
St Ann's Church of England Primary School L35 0LQ
St Anne's Catholic Primary School WA9 3SP
St Anne's RC Junior School
St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic High School WA11 9BB
St Austin's Catholic Primary School WA9 5NJ
St Austin's RC Infant School WA9 5NJ
St Bartholomew's Catholic Primary School L35 6NN
St Cuthbert's Catholic High School WA9 3HE
St Helens College WA10 1PP
St James' Church of England Primary School WA11 0NL
St James' CofE (Aided) Junior School WA11 0NL
St James's CofE Infant School WA11 0NJ
St John Vianney Catholic Primary School WA9 5BT
St Julie's Catholic Primary School WA10 5HG
St Luke's CofE Primary School WA10 4PT
St Mark's RC Primary School WA9 4LZ
St Mary's and St Thomas' CofE Primary School WA10 2HS
St Mary's and St Thomas' CofE Primary School WA10 2HS
St Mary's Catholic Infant School WA12 9RX
St Mary's Catholic Junior School WA12 9QQ
St Matthew's CofE Primary School WA9 5PA
St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary School WA11 9AT
St Peter's CofE Primary School WA12 9UR
St Teresa's Catholic Primary School, Devon Street WA10 4HX
St Theresa's Catholic Primary School WA9 4XU
St Theresa's RC Primary School WA9 4XU
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School WA10 6BX
St Vincent De Paul Catholic Primary School WA9 2JE
St. Catherine's Secure Centre WA11 9RJ
St. Mary's Catholic Primary Blackbrook WA11 9QY
Sutton CofE Infant School WA9 3QD
Sutton CofE Junior School WA9 3QD
Sutton High Sports College WA9 5AU
Sutton Manor Community Primary School WA9 4AT
Sutton Oak CofE Primary School WA9 3QD
Sutton St Joseph's RC Primary School WA9 1PT
Thatto Heath Community Infant School WA9 5QX
Thatto Heath Community Primary School WA9 5QX
The District CofE Primary School WA12 9PZ
The Manor CofE Junior School WA12 9YY
The Sutton Academy WA9 5AU
Tower College L35 6NE
Wargrave CofE Primary School WA12 8QL
Wargrave House School WA12 8RS
Willow Tree Primary School WA9 4LZ
Windlehurst Community Primary School WA10 6ND