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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in South Tyneside

South Tyneside Council has 128 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 128 schools in the South Tyneside area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for South Tyneside council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in South Tyneside Postcode
Albert Elliott Primary School NE34 8RZ
All Saints CofE Infants' School NE34 0LN
All Saints' Church of England Primary School NE34 0TS
All Saints' CofE Junior School NE34 0TS
Alternative Education Service - The Beacon Centre NE34 0QA
Ashley Primary School NE34 0QA
Bamburgh School NE34 7TD
Bede Burn Primary School NE32 5NJ
Bedewell County Infant School NE31 1QD
Bedewell County Junior School NE31 1QD
Bedewell Primary School NE31 1QD
Biddick Hall Infants' School NE34 9JD
Biddick Hall Junior School NE34 9SP
Boldon CofE Primary School NE36 0QG
Boldon Nursery School NE35 9DG
Boldon School NE35 9DZ
Brancepeth Road Nursery School NE31 1SJ
Brinkburn School NE34 0PJ
Cheviot Junior School NE34 7TD
Chuter Ede Comprehensive School NE34 9UG
Cleadon Church of England Academy SR6 7RP
Cleadon Park Nursery School NE34 8QL
Cleadon Village Church of England VA Primary School SR6 7RP
Cleadon Village CofE Infants School SR6 7UU
Cleadon Village Junior School SR6 7RP
Clervaux Nursery School NE32 5UP
Downhill Infants' and Nursery School NE34 7JA
Downhill Nursery School NE34 7JA
Dunn Street Nursery School NE32 3QH
Dunn Street Primary School NE32 3QL
East Boldon Infants' School NE36 0SW
East Boldon Junior School NE36 0DL
Elizabeth Diamond Nursery School NE34 0NH
Ellison CofE Junior Mixed and Infants School NE32 5UW
Epinay Business and Enterprise School NE32 5UP
Fellgate Infant School NE32 4XA
Fellgate Junior School NE32 4XA
Fellgate Primary School NE32 4XA
Forest View Primary NE34 8RZ
Greenfields School NE31 1YQ
Groundwork South Tyneside and Newcastle NE31 1HG
Hadrian Primary School NE33 2BB
Harton Infants' School NE34 6NX
Harton Junior School NE34 6PF
Harton Primary School NE34 6PF
Harton Technology College NE34 6DL
Hebburn Comprehensive School NE31 2QU
Hebburn Lakes Primary School NE31 2SL
Hedworth Lane Primary School NE35 9JB
Hedworthfield Comprehensive School NE32 4QD
Hedworthfield Primary School NE32 4QF
Helen Gibson Nursery School NE36 0DL
Highfield Infants' School NE34 6SU
Holy Trinity Church of England Academy (South Shields) NE34 0TS
Holy Trinity CofE VA Primary School NE34 0TS
Jarrow Cross CofE Primary School NE32 5UW
Jarrow School NE32 5PR
John Paul Nursery School NE34 8NS
Keelman's Way School NE31 1QY
King George V School NE34 8BT
Laygate Community School NE33 4JJ
Laygate Nursery School NE33 5RU
Lord Blyton Primary School NE34 9BN
Lukes Lane Community School NE31 2AX
Lukes Lane County Infant School NE31 2AX
Lukes Lane County Junior School NE31 2AX
Margaret Sutton School NE34 0PF
Marine Park Primary School NE33 2RD
Marsden Primary School SR6 7HJ
Monkton Infants' School NE34 9SD
Monkton Infants' School NE34 9SD
Monkton Junior School NE34 9RD
Monkton Junior School NE34 9RD
Mortimer Community College NE33 4UG
Mortimer Primary School NE34 0RW
Mortimer Road Infant School NE34 0RW
Mowbray Junior Mixed School NE33 3BL
Oakleigh Gardens School SR6 7PT
Park View School NE34 0QA
Quay County Infants' School NE31 1SJ
Redwell Comprehensive School NE34 7QT
Ridgeway Primary Academy NE34 8AB
Ridgeway Primary School NE34 8AB
Sea View Primary School NE34 7TD
Simonside Primary School NE32 4AU
South Shields Community School NE34 8BT
South Tyneside College NE34 6ET
Springfield School NE32 5PR
SS Peter and Paul RC Voluntary Aided Primary School NE33 4RD
St Aloysius RC Voluntary Aided Infant School NE31 1RZ
St Aloysius' RC Voluntary Aided Junior School NE31 1BQ
St Anne's High School NE34 0SW
St Bede's Infant School NE32 3AJ
St Bede's Junior School NE32 3AJ
St Bede's RC Primary School, Jarrow NE32 3AJ
St Bede's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School, South Shields NE33 4PG
St Gregory's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School NE34 6DZ
St James' RC Voluntary Aided Primary School NE31 2BP
St Joseph's Catholic Academy NE31 2ET
St Joseph's RC Voluntary Aided Comprehensive School NE31 2ET
St Joseph's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School NE32 4PJ
St Mary's CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School NE33 5LZ
St Mary's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School NE32 4AW
St Matthew's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School NE32 5YT
St Oswald's CofE Aided Primary School NE31 1HT
St Oswald's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School NE34 8NS
St Peter's CofE Primary School NE32 3PB
St Wilfrid's RC College NE34 0QA
St Wilfrid's RC College NE34 0QA
Stanhope Primary School NE33 4SZ
Temple Park Infants' School NE34 8JU
Temple Park Junior School NE34 8LU
The Galsworthy Centre NE34 9UG
The Sue Hedley Nursery School NE31 1QY
Toner Avenue County Infant School NE31 2PG
Toner Avenue County Junior School NE31 2LJ
Toner Avenue Primary School NE31 2LJ
Valley View Primary School NE32 5QY
West Boldon Primary School NE36 0HX
Westoe Crown Primary School NE33 3NS
Westoe Infants' School NE33 3AB
Wharfedale Drive Nursery School NE33 5LA
Whitburn Church of England Academy SR6 7EF
Whitburn Church of England School SR6 7EF
Whitburn County Infants' School SR6 7AH
Whitburn County Junior Mixed School SR6 7NS
Whitburn School SR6 7EX
Whitburn Village Primary School SR6 7NS