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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Sandwell

Sandwell Council has 238 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 238 schools in the Sandwell area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Sandwell council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Sandwell Postcode
Abbey Infant School B67 5LR
Abbey Junior School B67 5LT
Al Khair School B68 8LA
Albert Bradford School B66 1QN
Albert Pritchard Infant School WS10 9QG
Albion Junior School B66 1BA
Alexandra High School and Sixth Form Centre DY4 7NR
All Saints CofE Primary School B71 1QN
Annie Lennard Primary School B67 6LE
Arden School B67 6AL
Batmans Hill Nursery School DY4 9LJ
Batmans Hill Unit DY4 9LJ
Bearwood Primary School B66 4HB
Beeches Infant and Nursery School B70 6JA
Birchley Pupil Referral Unit B65 9JP
Birchley School B65 9JP
Blackheath Infant and Nursery School B65 0AB
Blackheath Junior School B65 0AB
Blackheath Primary School B65 9NF
Blakeley School B69 3BU
Bleakhouse Junior School B68 9DS
Bloomfield School DY4 9ER
Brandhall Primary School B68 0SH
Brasshouse Infant School B66 1BA
Brickhouse Primary School B65 8HS
Bristnall Hall Academy B68 9PA
Bristnall Hall Technology College B68 9PA
Britannia High School B65 9NF
Burnt Tree Primary School B69 2LN
Cape Primary School B66 4SH
Causeway Green Infant School B68 8LX
Causeway Green Junior School B68 8LX
Causeway Green Primary School B68 8LX
Charlemont Junior and Infant School B71 3DL
Christ Church CofE Primary School B69 4DE
Churchfields High School B71 4DR
Corbett Infant School B66 3PX
Corngreaves Academy B64 6EZ
Corngreaves Primary School B64 6EZ
Cradley Heath Nursery School B64 6AH
Crocketts Community Primary School B67 7DW
Dartmouth High School B43 7SD
Devonshire Infant Academy B67 7AT
Devonshire Infant School B67 7AT
Devonshire Junior School B67 7AT
Devonshire Junior School B67 7AT
Eaton Valley Primary School B71 4BU
Edith Sands Nursery School B66 2HY
Ferndale Primary School B43 5QF
Fir Tree Primary School WS5 4BW
Firs School B67 7DW
Fitzwarren School DY4 9PF
Galton Valley Primary School B66 1BA
George Betts Primary Academy B66 1RE
George Betts Primary School B66 1RF
George Collegiate Academy B70 9UW
George Salter Academy B70 9UW
Glebefields Primary School DY4 0SX
Glenvale School B70 9LZ
Gorse Farm Primary School B43 5QF
Grace Mary Primary School B69 1LD
Great Bridge Primary School DY4 7DE
Grove Vale Primary School B43 6AL
Guns Village Infant School B70 9HH
Guns Village Junior School B70 9NT
Guns Village Primary School B70 9NT
Haden Hill School B64 7EX
Hall Green Infant School B71 2JQ
Hall Green Junior School B71 2JQ
Hall Green Primary School B71 2JQ
Hallam Junior School B71 4BU
Hamstead Infant School B43 5AS
Hamstead Junior School B43 5BE
Hargate Primary School B71 1PG
Harvills Hawthorn Infant and Nursery School B70 0NG
Harvills Hawthorn Junior School B70 0NG
Harvills Hawthorn Primary School B70 0NG
Hateley Heath Infant School B71 2RP
Hateley Heath Junior School B71 2RP
Hateley Heath Primary School B71 2RP
Health Futures UTC B70 8DJ
Highfields Primary School B65 0DA
Hill Top High School B70 0RX
Holly Lodge High School B67 7JG
Holly Lodge High School College of Science B67 7JG
Hollyhedge Primary School B71 3DJ
Holy Name Catholic Primary School B43 6LN
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School B70 6NF
Holyhead Primary School WS10 7PZ
Homeschool WS10 0GB
Impact Education and Training Ltd WS10 0JS
Jalaliah Educational Institution DY4 8RS
Joseph Edward Cox Infant School WS10 0JG
Joseph Edward Cox Junior School WS10 0JG
Joseph Turner Primary School DY4 0RN
Jubilee Park Academy DY4 0QS
Jubilee Park Primary School DY4 0QS
Kent Close Junior and Infant School B71 2SL
King George V Primary School B70 6JA
Knowle School B65 8JY
Langley High School B68 8ED
Langley Infant School B69 4QB
Langley Junior School B69 4QB
Langley Primary School B69 4QB
Leasowes Primary School B66 1JA
Lightwoods Primary School B68 9BG
Locarno Infant School DY4 9RY
Locarno Junior School DY4 9RY
Locarno Primary School DY4 9RY
Lodge Primary School B70 8PN
Lyng Primary School B70 7SQ
Manor Foundation Business, Enterprise & Sports College WS10 0JS
Menzies High School Science College B71 2BX
Merry Hill Infant School B66 2LL
Mesty Croft Academy WS10 0QY
Mesty Croft Primary School WS10 0QY
Midland Oak School DY4 9AH
Millfield School B71 2JN
Moat Farm Infant School B68 9QR
Moat Farm Junior School B68 9QR
Moorlands Primary School B71 2NZ
Newtown Primary School B70 0ES
Oakham Primary School B69 1SG
Ocker Hill Academy DY4 0DS
Ocker Hill Infant School DY4 0DS
Ocker Hill Junior School DY4 0DS
Old Hill Primary School B64 6DR
Old Park Primary School WS10 9LX
Oldbury Academy B68 8NE
Oldbury College of Sport B68 8NE
Ormiston Forge Academy B64 6QU
Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy B69 2HE
Our Lady and St Hubert's Catholic Primary School B68 0LP
Park Hill Primary School WS10 0TJ
Pennyhill Primary School B71 3BU
Perryfields High School Specialist Maths and Computing College B68 0RG
Perryfields Primary School B68 0QY
Princes End Primary School DY4 9QJ
Q3 Academy B43 7SD
Q3 Academy Langley B68 8ED
Rathbone Choices DY4 8AH
Reddal Hill Primary School B64 6HT
Regent School B69 1TP
Rood End Infant School B68 8SB
Rood End Junior School B68 8SQ
Rood End Primary School B68 8SQ
Rounds Green Infant School B69 2DP
Rounds Green Junior School B69 2DP
Rounds Green Primary School B69 2DP
Rowley Hall Primary School B65 9HU
Rowley Regis College
Rowley Regis College B65 9AH
RSA Academy DY4 0BZ
Ruskin House Pupil Referral Unit B67 7JB
Ryders Green Infant School B70 9UJ
Ryders Green Junior School B70 9UJ
Ryders Green Primary School B70 9UJ
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School DY4 8SW
Sacred Heart Primary School DY4 8SW
Sandwell Academy B71 4LG
Sandwell College B70 6AW
Sandwell Community School B71 2JN
Shenstone Lodge School WS14 0LB
Shireland Collegiate Academy B66 4ND
Shireland Hall Primary Academy B66 4PW
Shireland Hall Primary School B66 4QU
Shireland Language College B66 4ND
Silvertrees Academy Trust DY4 8NH
Smethwick Hall Boys' School B67 7AY
Smethwick Hall Girls' School B67 7AZ
Springfield Infant and Nursery School B65 8JY
Springfield Junior School B65 8JW
Springfield Primary School B65 8JY
St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School B69 4BA
St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School B69 4BA
St Gregory's Catholic Primary School B67 5HX
St Gregory's Catholic Primary School B67 5HX
St Hubert's Catholic Primary School B68 0LP
St James' CofE Primary School B69 1BG
St James's CofE Junior School B69 1BG
St John Bosco Catholic Primary School B71 2ST
St John's Church of England Primary Academy WS10 9AR
St John's CofE Primary School WS10 7AL
St Margaret's CofE Primary School B43 7AP
St Martin's CofE Primary School DY4 7PG
St Mary Magdalene CofE Voluntary Controlled Primary School B71 1RP
St Mary's Catholic Primary School WS10 9PN
St Matthew's CofE Primary School B66 3LX
St Michael's CE High School B65 9AN
St Paul's CofE (C) Primary School DY4 9BH
St Pauls Church of England Academy DY4 9BH
St Philip's Catholic Primary School B66 3DU
St Philip's Catholic Primary School B66 3DU
Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School College of Performing Arts WS10 9QS
Summerhill Primary School DY4 9PF
Tameside Infant School WS10 0EX
Tameside Junior School WS10 0EX
Tameside Primary School WS10 0EZ
Tanhouse Primary School B43 5EL
Temple Meadow Primary School B64 6RH
The ACE Academy DY4 7NR
The Bridge Centre (KS4 Unit) B71 2JN
The Heathfield Foundation Technology College B64 6QU
The Meadows Sports College B69 3BU
The Oakham Centre B69 1SG
The Orchard School B68 8LD
The Phoenix Collegiate B71 2BX
The Primrose Centre B65 9JP
The Priory Primary School WS10 0JG
The Westminster School B65 9AN
Timbertree Academy B64 7LT
Timbertree Primary School B64 7LT
Tipton Green Junior School DY4 8PR
Tividale Community Arts College B69 2HE
Tividale Community Primary School B69 2HT
Tividale Community Primary School B69 2HT
Tividale Hall Primary School B69 1TR
Uplands Infant School B67 6HT
Uplands Junior School B67 6HT
Uplands Manor Primary School B67 6HT
Victoria Infant School DY4 8NH
Victoria Park Primary B66 3HH
Victoria Park Primary B66 3HH
Warley Infant School B68 9DS
Wednesbury Oak Academy DY4 0AR
Wednesbury Oak Primary School DY4 0AR
West Park College B67 7JF
Whitecrest Primary School B43 6HQ
Whiteheath Education Centre B65 9AL
Whiteheath Infant School B69 1BG
Whittington Grange School WS14 9NU
Willingsworth High School DY4 0BZ
Wodensborough Community Technology College WS10 0DR
Wodensborough Ormiston Academy WS10 0DR
Wood Green Academy WS10 9QU
Wood Green High School College of Sport, Maths and Computing WS10 9QU
Wood Green Junior School WS10 9BW
Yew Tree Primary School WS5 4DX