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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Salford

Salford Council has 251 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 251 schools in the Salford area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Salford council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Salford Postcode
Ahavas Torah Boys Academy M7 4QX
Aim Habonim M7 4NX
Alder Brook Primary Partnership Centre M30 8LE
Alder Park Nursery School M30 8LD
Alder Park Primary School M30 8LD
All Hallows RC High School M6 8AA
All Saints CofE School
All Souls RC Primary School M5 5NR
Ascension CofE Primary School M7 1LY
Ash Field School M28 7FG
Ash Lea School M30 9GJ
Barton Moss Community Primary School M30 7PT
Barton Moss Education Centre M30 7RL
Beech Street Community Primary School M30 8GB
Beis Hatalmud School M7 2FD
Beis Malka Belz Girls School M7 2BT
Beis Ruchel Girls School M7 4AJ
Beis Yaakov High School M7 4FF
Beis Yaakov High School M7 4FF
Belvedere Community Nursery Centre M6 5EJ
Birchwood School
Bnos Yisroel School Manchester M7 4DA
Boothstown Methodist Primary School M28 1DG
Bradshaw Community Nursery Centre M7 4RF
Branwood Preparatory School M30 9HN
Brentnall Primary School M7 4RP
Bridgewater Primary School M38 9WD
Bridgewater School M28 2WQ
Broadoak Infant School M27 0EP
Broadoak Junior School M27 0EP
Broadoak Primary School M27 0EP
Broadoak Primary School M27 0EP
Broadwalk Primary School M6 5AN
Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School M7 4RT
Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School M7 4RT
Broughton Park School M7 4RT
Buile Hill Visual Arts College M6 8RD
Buile Hill Visual Arts College M6 8RD
Cadishead Infant School M44 5FF
Cadishead Nursery School M44 5JD
Cadishead Primary School M44 5JD
Cadishead Primary School M44 5JD
Canon Williamson CofE High School M30 7PQ
Charlestown Community Primary School M6 6GL
Chatsworth Futures Limited M30 9DY
Chatsworth High School and Community College M30 9DY
Christ Church CofE Primary School M30 0GZ
Christ The King RC Primary School M28 3DW
Claremont School M6 7RQ
Clarendon Cottage School M30 9BJ
Clarendon Road Community Primary School M30 9BJ
Clifton Primary School M27 6PF
De La Salle College
De La Salle College M6 8QS
Dean Park School M27 0NS
Delamere Forest School M28 7FG
Dorning Street Nursery School M30 0PP
Dukesgate Academy M38 9HF
Dukesgate Primary School M38 9HF
Eccles and Irlam Pupil Referral Unit M30 7RL
Eccles College
Eccles College M30 9FJ
Edstart M6 6DW
Ellenbrook Community Primary School M28 7PS
Ellesmere Park High School M30 9BP
Elmstead School M27 0SS
Etz Chaim School M7 4HL
Fiddlers Lane Community Primary School M44 6QE
Godfrey Ermen Memorial CofE Primary School M30 7BJ
Greengate School M3 7ES
Greenwood School M30 9ED
Grosvenor Community Nursery Centre M7 9UQ
Grosvenor Road County Infant School M27 1LN
Grosvenor Road Junior School M27 1LN
Grosvenor Road Primary School M27 5LN
Halton Bank School
Harrop Fold School M28 0SY
Haysbrook School M28 7FG
High Bank Nursery School M27 1HD
Hilton Lane Primary School M28 0JY
Holy Cross and All Saints RC Primary School M30 0JA
Holy Family VA RC Primary School M6 5WX
Hope High School M6 8GG
Hubert Jewish High School for Girls M7 4NT
Hulme Street Nursery School M5 4PY
Hulton East School
Inscape House M28 7FG
Inscape House Salford M28 7FG
Irlam and Cadishead College M44 5ZR
Irlam and Cadishead College M44 5ZR
Irlam Community Nursery Centre M44 6QE
Irlam Endowed Primary School M44 6EE
Irlam Primary School M44 6NA
James Brindley Community Primary School M28 7HE
Jewish Senior Boys' School M7 4EL
John Bradley School M30 9ED
Joseph Eastham High School M28 0SY
Kara Street Nursery School M6 5GG
Kerem Shloime M7 4DQ
Kersal High School M7 3QD
Kersal Towers M7 4LE
Kol Hatorah School M7 0FJ
Ladywell Community Nursery Centre M5 2AB
Langdon College M7 4HA
Langworthy Road Primary School M6 5PP
Lark Hill Community Primary School M5 4BJ
Lewis Street Primary School M30 0PU
Light Oaks Infant School M6 8LU
Light Oaks Junior School M6 8LU
Little Hulton Community Nursery Centre M28 0BD
Little Hulton Community School M28 0AZ
London Street Nursery School M6 6QT
Lower Kersal Community Primary School M7 3TN
Lowry High School M7 9LY
Magnalls Fold Community Nursery Centre M28 3JF
Manchester Junior Girls' School M7 4JA
Manchester Senior Girls School M7 4GB
Mandley Park School M7 4RP
Margaret Whitehead School M6 5NQ
Markendale Nursery School M5 3DD
Marlborough Road Academy M7 4XD
Marlborough Road Infant School M7 0XW
Marlborough Road Junior School M7 0XW
Marlborough Road Primary School M7 4XU
Martindale Preparatory School M6 5RA
Mechinoh School M7 4HY
Mesne Lea Primary School M28 7FG
Monton Green Primary School M30 9JP
Monton Village School M30 9PR
Moorfield Community Primary School M44 6GX
Moorside High School M27 0BH
Moorside Primary School M27 0LN
Mossfield Infant School M27 2EQ
Mossfield Junior School M27 2EQ
Mossfield Primary School M27 6EH
New Harvest Learning Centre M3 6BY
New Park School M30 0RW
North Grecian Street Primary School M7 2JR
North Walkden Primary School M28 3QD
Oakwood Academy M30 9DY
Oakwood High School M30 9DY
Oasis Academy MediaCityUK M50 3UQ
Ohelei Yossef Yitzchok School M7 4ET
Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch Boys' School M7 4NB
Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch Schools M7 4JD
Ordsall Community Nursery Centre M5 3LT
Our Lady and Lancashire Martyrs' RC Primary School M28 0HF
Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC High School M5 2JH
Park Lane High School M7 2AU
Parkes Field School M7 4RP
Parklands School M27 5LP
Peel Hall Primary School M38 0BZ
Pendlebury High School M27 2DU
Pendleton College
Pope John Paul II RC High School M6 6FX
Primrose Hill Primary School and Children's Centre M5 3PJ
Radclyffe Community Primary School M5 3PH
River View Community Primary School M7 1QZ
Royal Manchester Children Hospital School M27 4HA
Salford City Academy M30 7PQ
Salford City College M50 3SR
Salford College M28 7QD
Salford Education Inclusion Services at Halton House M6 8RA
Salford Home Tuition Services M27 8GW
Seedley Primary School M6 5GY
Silverdale Community Primary School M27 8QP
Springwood Primary School M27 5LP
St Ambrose Barlow RC High School M27 9QP
St Andrew's CofE Primary School M28 1HS
St Andrew's CofE Primary School M30 0FL
St Andrew's Methodist Primary School M28 0ZA
St Augustine's CofE Primary School M27 8UX
St Boniface RC Primary School M7 2HL
St Charles' RC Primary School M27 9PD
St Clement's Egerton CofE Primary School M5 3WW
St Edmund's RC Primary School M38 9ND
St Edmund's RC Primary School M38 0WH
St George's CofE Primary School M6 6SU
St George's RC High School M28 3SH
St Gilbert's RC Primary School M30 8LZ
St James RC Infant School
St James RC Junior School
St James' RC Primary School M6 5JG
St John's CofE Primary School M27 5FU
St John's Ellesmere CofE School
St Joseph the Worker RC Primary School M44 6GX
St Joseph's RC Infant School
St Joseph's RC Primary School M38 9RU
St Joseph's RC Primary School M5 3JP
St Luke's CofE Primary School M5 5NX
St Luke's RC Primary School M6 7WR
St Mark's CofE Primary School M28 2WF
St Mark's RC Primary School M27 8QE
St Mary's CofE Primary School M44 5HG
St Mary's RC Primary School M30 0FJ
St Mary's RC Primary School M27 4AS
St Patrick's RC High School and Arts College M30 7JJ
St Paul's CofE Primary School M7 3PT
St Paul's CofE Primary School M28 3NZ
St Paul's CofE Primary School M5 4AL
St Paul's CofE Primary School M28 3HP
St Paul's Peel CofE Infant School M38 9RB
St Paul's Peel CofE Junior School M38 9RB
St Paul's Peel CofE Primary School M38 9RB
St Peter's CofE Primary School M27 0WA
St Philip's CofE Primary School M3 5LF
St Philip's RC Primary School M7 4WP
St Sebastian's RC Primary School M6 6ET
St Teresa's RC Primary School M44 5LH
St Thoma's RC Infant School M7 0XL
St Thoma's RC Junior School M7 0XG
St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School M7 4XG
Stott Lane Nursery School M6 8FJ
Stowell Memorial CofE School
Summerhill School M6 7DZ
Summerville Primary School M6 7HB
Talmud Torah Chinuch Norim School M7 2AU
Talmud Torah Yetev Lev M7 2BT
Tashbar of Manchester M7 4HL
The Albion Academy M6 6QT
The Albion High School M6 6QT
The Canterbury Centre M5 5AG
The Cathedral School of St Peter and St John RC Primary M3 6LU
The Clifton Centre M27 8GW
The Clifton Centre M27 8GW
The Deans Primary School M27 0WA
The Friars Primary School M3 7EU
The Grosvenor Centre M7 1QT
The Lakes Nursery School M27 5WW
The New Broadwalk PRU M6 5EJ
The Swinton High School M27 6JU
The Swinton High School M27 6JU
Tiferes M7 2JR
Tiferes Samuel School M7 0LE
Tootal Drive Primary School M6 8DP
Toras Emes M7 2FR
University of Salford M5 4WT
UTC@MediacityUK M50 2UW
Walkden High School M28 7JB
Wardley CofE Primary School M27 9XB
Wardley High School M27 3QP
West Dene Community Nursery Centre M27 4HD
West Liverpool Street Community Primary School M5 4BJ
Westwood Park Community Primary School M30 8DH
Westwood Park Nursery School M30 8DN
Wharton Primary School M38 9XA
Willow Tree Primary School M6 5TJ
Windsor Community High School M6 5BH
Winton Community Nursery Centre M30 8AB
Yeshivah Ohr Torah School M7 4FX
Yeshivas Ezras Torah M7 4DQ