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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in North Tyneside

North Tyneside Council has 132 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 132 schools in the North Tyneside area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for North Tyneside council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in North Tyneside Postcode
Accelerated Learning Service NE28 9RT
Amberley Primary School NE12 6SQ
Annitsford First School NE23 7RE
Appletree Gardens First School NE25 8XS
Ashleigh School NE30 1BP
Backworth Park Primary School NE27 0AH
Bailey Green Primary School NE12 6QL
Balliol Primary School NE12 8QP
Battle Hill Nursery School NE28 9DH
Battle Hill Primary School NE28 9DH
Beacon Hill School NE28 9JW
Benton Dene Primary School NE12 8FD
Benton Dene School NE12 8FD
Bewicke First School NE28 0AL
Burnside Business and Enterprise College NE28 7LQ
Burradon Community Primary School NE23 7NG
Burradon First School NE23 7NG
Carville Primary School NE28 6AX
Central Middle School NE28 7LQ
Christ Church CofE Primary School NE30 2AD
Churchill Community College NE28 7TN
Collingwood Primary School NE29 7JQ
Coquet Park First School NE26 1TQ
Cullercoats Primary School NE30 4PB
Day Tutorial Unit NE25 8AD
Denbigh Community Primary School NE28 0DS
Dudley First School NE23 7HT
Dudley Middle School NE23 7AL
Fordley Primary School NE23 7AL
Forest Hall Primary School NE12 9BA
George Stephenson High School NE12 6SA
Grasmere Academy NE12 6TS
Greenfields Community Primary School NE13 6NB
Hadrian Park First School NE28 9RT
Hadrian Park Middle School NE28 9RT
Hadrian Park Primary School NE28 9RT
Hazlerigg First School NE13 7DJ
Hazlewood Community Primary School NE13 6JJ
High Farm Middle School NE28 9JW
Holystone Primary School NE27 0DA
Ivy Road Primary School NE12 9AP
John Spence Community High School NE29 9PU
Killingworth Middle School NE12 7BH
King Edward Primary School NE30 2BD
Kings Priory School NE30 4RF
Langdale Community Middle School NE28 0HG
Langley First School NE25 9DL
Longbenton High School NE12 8ER
Marden Bridge Middle School NE25 8RW
Marden High School - A Specialist Maths, Science and Media Arts College NE30 3RZ
Marine Park First School NE26 1LT
Monkhouse Primary School NE30 3SH
Monkseaton High School NE25 9EQ
Monkseaton Middle School NE25 8JN
Monkseaton Village First School NE25 8BN
Moor Edge Community Primary School NE12 6TS
Moorbridge NE27 0HJ
Moorhouse Primary School NE29 8DP
Murton Primary School NE29 8DS
New York Primary School NE29 8DP
Norham High School NE29 7BU
North Shields Nursery School NE29 6HS
North Tyneside College NE28 9NJ
Nty03 - North Tyneside Primary C.O.Suit 1.6 NE30 1NT
Parkside House School NE27 0AB
Parkside House School NE27 0AB
Parkside School NE28 9HA
Percy Hedley School NE12 8YY
Percy Main Primary School NE29 6JA
Percy St John's CofE Aided Primary School NE29 6HS
Preston Grange Primary School NE29 9QL
Primary Resource Provision NE28 9RT
Priory Primary School NE30 4LS
Ralph Gardner Community High School NE29 0JN
Redesdale Primary School NE28 8TS
Richardson Dees Primary School NE28 7RT
Riverside Primary School NE29 6DQ
Rockcliffe First School NE26 2NR
Sacred Heart RC Primary School NE13 7HQ
Seaton Burn College, A Specialist Business and Enterprise School NE13 6EJ
Seaton Burn Community High School NE13 6EJ
Seaton Burn First School NE13 6EJ
Secondary Accelerated Learning Service NE28 9RT
Senior Tutorial Centre NE28 7LQ
Shiremoor Middle School NE27 0HJ
Shiremoor Primary School NE27 0PW
Silverdale School NE28 0HG
Sir James Knott Memorial Nursery School NE30 4AG
South Wellfield First School NE25 9QL
Southlands School NE30 2QR
Southridge First School NE25 9UD
Spring Gardens Primary School NE29 0HP
St Aidan's RC High School
St Aidan's Roman Catholic Primary School NE28 0EP
St Bartholomew's Church of England Primary School (Aided) NE12 8FA
St Bernadettes Roman Catholic Primary School Aided NE28 9JW
St Columbas Roman Catholic Primary School Aided NE28 8EN
St Cuthberts Roman Catholic Primary School Aided NE29 0BU
St Josephs Roman Catholic Primary School Aided NE29 7BT
St Marys Roman Catholic Primary School Aided NE30 3EY
St Marys Roman Catholic Primary School Aided NE12 7AB
St Stephens Roman Catholic Primary School Aided NE12 8FA
St Thomas More Roman Catholic Academy NE29 8LF
St Thomas More Roman Catholic High School Aided NE29 8LF
Star of the Sea RC VA Primary NE25 9EG
Stephenson Memorial Middle School NE28 0JQ
Stephenson Memorial Primary School NE28 0AG
The King's School NE30 4RF
The Young Mothers Unit NE29 9BZ
Tyne Metropolitan College NE28 9NL
Tynemouth College
Tynemouth College NE29 9BZ
Valley Gardens Middle School NE25 9AQ
Wallsend CofE First School
Wallsend CofE School
Wallsend Jubilee Primary School NE28 9HA
Wallsend St Peter's CofE Aided Primary School NE28 6PY
Waterville Primary School NE29 6SL
Wellfield Middle School NE25 9QW
Western Community Primary School NE28 8QL
Western First School NE28 8PY
Western Middle School NE28 8PY
Westmoor Middle School NE12 7PT
Westmoor Primary School NE12 6SA
Whitehouse Primary School NE29 8PE
Whitley Bay High School NE25 9AS
Whitley Lodge First School NE26 3HW
Wideopen Middle School NE13 6NB
Willington First School NE28 0DS
Willington Middle School NE28 0PP
Woodlands First School NE13 6JJ
Woodlawn School NE25 9DL