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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in North East Lincolnshire

North East Lincolnshire Council has 166 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 166 schools in the North East Lincolnshire area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for North East Lincolnshire council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in North East Lincolnshire Postcode
Alice House DN33 1AN
Allerton Infants' School DN40 2HP
Allerton Junior School DN40 2HP
Allerton Primary School DN40 2HP
Bradley Park Infant and Nursery School DN33 1RJ
Bradley Park Junior School DN33 1RJ
Bursar Primary Academy DN35 8DS
Bursar Primary School DN35 8DS
Cambridge Park Academy DN34 5EB
Cambridge Park Maths & Computing College DN34 5EB
Cleethorpes Academy DN35 9NX
Cleethorpes Sixth Form
Coomb Briggs Primary School DN40 2DY
East Ravendale CofE Primary School DN37 0RX
East Ravendale CofE Primary School Academy DN37 0RX
Eastfield Infants' School DN40 1LD
Eastfield Junior School DN40 1LD
Eastfield Primary Academy DN40 1LD
Eastfield Primary School DN40 1LD
Edward Heneage Primary Academy DN32 9HL
Edward Heneage Primary School DN32 9HL
Elliston Infants' School DN35 7QU
Elliston Junior School DN35 7HT
Elliston Primary Academy DN35 7HT
Elliston Primary School DN35 7HT
Enfield (New Waltham) Primary School DN36 4RB
Enfield Academy of New Waltham DN36 4RB
Fairfield Primary School DN33 3AE
Fairfield Primary School DN33 3AE
Franklin College DN34 5BY
Freshney Park Infant School DN34 4HE
Grange Infant and Nursery School DN34 5TA
Grange Junior School DN34 5TA
Grange Primary School DN34 5TA
Great Coates Primary School DN37 9EN
Great Coates Primary School DN37 9EN
Great Coates Village Nursery School DN37 9NN
Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education DN34 5BQ
Havelock Academy DN32 8JH
Havelock School DN32 8JL
Healing Primary Academy DN41 7RS
Healing Primary School DN41 7RS
Healing School, A Specialist Science and Foundation College DN41 7QD
Healing Science Academy DN41 7QD
Hereford Technology School DN34 5AH
Holy Family Catholic Academy DN35 9NF
Humberston Academy DN36 4TF
Humberston Cloverfields Academy DN36 4HS
Humberston Cloverfields Primary School DN36 4HS
Humberston Maths and Computing College DN36 4TF
Humberston Park School DN36 4HS
Humberston Park School DN36 4HS
Immingham St Andrew's CofE Junior School DN40 1JS
John Whitgift Academy DN37 9EH
Laceby Acres Primary Academy DN34 5QN
Laceby Acres Primary School DN34 5QN
Linkage Community Trust PE23 5AE
Lisle Marsden Church of England Primary Academy DN32 0DF
Lisle Marsden CofE (VA) Infant School DN32 0DF
Lisle Marsden CofE (VA) Junior School DN32 0DF
Lisle Marsden CofE Aided Primary School DN32 0DF
Littlecoates Primary Academy DN31 2QX
Littlecoates Primary School DN31 2QX
Macaulay Infants' School DN31 2ES
Macaulay Junior School DN31 2ES
Macaulay Primary Academy DN31 2ES
Macaulay School DN31 2ES
Matthew Humberstone Church of England School DN35 9NF
Middlethorpe Primary Academy DN35 9PY
Middlethorpe Primary School DN35 9PY
New Waltham Academy DN36 4NH
New Waltham Primary School DN36 4NH
North East Lincolnshire Sixth Form Partnership
Nunsthorpe Community School DN33 1AW
Nunsthorpe Infants' School DN33 1AN
Nunsthorpe Junior School DN33 1AW
Nunsthorpe Nursery and Early Excellence Centre DN33 1AN
Oasis Academy Immingham DN40 1JU
Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe DN33 1AW
Oasis Academy Wintringham DN32 0AZ
Old Clee Infants' School DN32 8EN
Old Clee Junior School DN32 8EN
Old Clee Primary Academy DN32 8EN
Old Clee Primary School DN32 8EN
Ormiston Maritime Academy DN34 5AH
Ormiston South Parade Academy DN31 1TU
Pelham Infants' School DN40 1JR
Phoenix House Pupil Referral Unit DN32 7NQ
Phoenix Park Academy DN32 7NQ
Queen Mary Avenue Infant School DN35 7SY
Reynolds Infants' School DN35 7TS
Reynolds Junior School DN35 7LJ
Reynolds Primary Academy DN35 7LJ
Reynolds Primary School DN35 7LJ
Saint Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy DN32 7JX
Scartho Infants' School and Nursery DN33 2DH
Scartho Junior Academy DN33 2DH
Scartho Junior School DN33 2DH
Scartho Nursery School DN33 2EW
Sevenhills Academy DN33 1NU
Signhills Academy DN35 0DN
Signhills Infant Academy DN35 0DN
Signhills Infants' School DN35 0DN
Signhills Junior School DN35 0DN
South Parade Infant School DN31 1TU
South Parade Junior School DN31 1TX
South Parade Primary School DN31 1TU
Special Educational Needs Support Service (Senss) DN32 7DZ
Springfield Primary Academy DN33 3HG
Springfield Primary School DN33 3HG
St Andrew's College, North East Lincolnshire DN35 9NF
St James' School DN34 4SY
St Joseph's Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy DN35 9DL
St Joseph's RC Primary School DN35 9DL
St Martin's Preparatory School DN34 5AA
St Mary's Catholic Primary School DN32 7JX
St Mary's Catholic School DN33 1HE
St Peter's CofE Primary School DN35 8LW
St Peter's CofE Primary School DN35 8LW
Stallingborough CofE Primary School DN41 8AP
Stanford Junior and Infant School DN37 7AX
Strand Community School DN32 7BE
Strand Infants' School DN32 7DL
Strand Junior School DN32 7BE
Strand Primary Academy DN32 7BE
Sunrise Personal Development Centres Ltd DN31 1SF
The Canon Peter Hall CofE Primary School DN40 1JS
The Canon Peter Hall CofE Primary School DN40 1JS
The Humberston CofE Primary School DN36 4HZ
The Immingham School DN40 1JT
The Leas Infants' School DN37 0NU
The Leas Junior School DN37 0NU
The Lindsey School and Community Arts College DN35 9NX
The Tuition Centre DN32 0BZ
The Tuition Centre DN32 0BZ
The Western Technology School DN34 5TD
Thrunscoe Infants' School DN35 8NX
Thrunscoe Junior School DN35 8TJ
Thrunscoe Primary and Nursery Academy DN35 8UL
Thrunscoe Primary School DN35 8UL
Tollbar Academy DN36 4RZ
Tollbar Business and Enterprise College DN36 4RZ
Waltham Leas Primary Academy DN37 0NU
Waltham Leas Primary School DN37 0NU
Weelsby Academy DN32 7PF
Weelsby Primary School DN32 7PF
Welholme Academy DN32 9JD
Welholme Infants' School DN32 9JD
Welholme Junior School DN32 9JD
Welholme Primary School DN32 9JD
Western Primary School DN34 5RS
Whitgift School DN37 9EH
William Barcroft Junior School DN35 7SU
Willows Academy DN37 9AT
Willows Primary School DN37 9AT
Wintringham School DN32 0AZ
Woodlands Academy DN33 1RJ
Woodlands Primary School DN33 1RJ
Wybers Wood Academy DN37 9QZ
Wybers Wood Infant School DN37 9QZ
Wybers Wood Junior School DN37 9QZ
Wybers Wood Primary School DN37 9QZ
Yarborough Academy DN34 4JU
Yarborough Junior School DN34 4HE
Yarborough Primary School DN34 4JU
Young People's Centre DN34 5TD