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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Newport

Newport Council has 89 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 89 schools in the Newport area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Newport council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Newport Postcode
Alway Junior School NP9 9QP
Alway Infant School NP9 9QP
Alway Primary NP9 9QP
Bassaleg School NP10 8NF
Bridge Achievement Centre NP19 0RB
Brynglas Primary School NP9 5QS
Caerleon (Lodge Hill) Infants School NP18 3DY
Caerleon (Lodge Hill) Junior School NP18 3DY
Caerleon Comprehensive School NP18 1NF
Caerleon Endowed Infant school NP18 1AZ
Caerleon Endowed Junior School NP18 1AZ
Caerleon Lodge Hill Primary School NP18 3BY
Charles Williams Church in Wales Primary School NP18 1AZ
Clytha Primary School NP20 4JT
Crindau Junior & Infant School NP20 5ND
Cylchdroi Centre NP20 5XN
Don Close Nursery NP9 6RT
Duffryn High School NP10 8YD
Duffryn Infant School
Duffryn Junior School NP10 8WP
Durham Road Infant School NP19 7DS
Durham Road Junior School NP9 7DS
Eveswell Primary School NP19 8GX
Fairoak Nursery School NP19 7EJ
Gaer Infant School NP9 3FP
Gaer Junior School NP9 3GY
Gaer Primary school NP20 3GY
Glan Usk Primary School NP19 7DS
Glasllwch C.P. School NP20 3RH
Greenfields School NP20 4FN
High Cross Primary NP10 9AB
Kimberley Nursery School NP20 5QB
Langstone Primary School NP18 2JU
Learning Support Progress Centre (EOTAS) NP20 5QU
Llanmartin Primary School NP18 2HB
Llanwern High School NP18 2YE
Lliswerry High School NP19 4RP
Lliswerry Infant School NP9 0NG
Lliswerry Junior School NP9 0NG
Lliswerry Primary School NP19 4NG
Maes Ebbw School NP20 3DG
Maesglas C.P. School NP20 3DG
Maindee C.P. School NP19 0AP
Malpas C.I.W. Infant School NP20 6WJ
Malpas C.I.W. Junior School NP20 6WJ
Malpas Court Primary School NP20 6NS
Malpas Park Primary School NP20 6LE
Marshfield Primary School CF3 2UW
Millbrook Infant School NP9 6DG
Millbrook Junior School NP9 6DG
Millbrook Primary School
Milton Infants School NP9 9HB
Milton Junior School NP19 9HB
Monnow Infant School NP9 6SQ
Monnow Junior School NP9 6SQ
Monnow Primary School NP20 7SQ
Mount Pleasant Primary NP10 0AB
Newport High School NP20 7YB
Pentrepoeth C.P. School NP10 8JN
Pillgwenlly C.P. School NP20 2FT
Queen's Hill PRU NP20 5XN
Ringland Infant School NP9 9LU
Ringland Junior School NP9 9LU
Ringland Primary NP9 9LU
Rockfield Nursery School NP19 7DG
Rogerstone Primary School NP10 9YX
Rougemont School NP20 6QB
Somerton Primary School NP19 9AB
St Andrew's Infant School NP9 0GS
St Andrew's Junior School NP9 0GP
St Andrew's Primary School NP19 0GS
St David Lewis RC Primary School NP9 6DU
St David's R.C. Junior & Infants School NP20 3AQ
St Gabriel's R.C. Primary School NP19 9PQ
St Joseph's R.C.High School NP10 8XH
St Joseph's R.C. Primary School NP19 8FW
St Julian's School NP9 7XU
St Julians Infant School NP9 7PB
St Julians Junior School NP19 7PB
St Julians Primary NP19 7UB
St Mary's R.C. Primary School NP20 5HJ
St Michael's R.C. Primary School NP20 2LW
St Patrick's R.C. Primary School NP19 0HR
St Woolos Primary School NP20 4DW
Trinity House NP20 3PU
Ysgol Gyfun Gwent Is Coed NP20 5QS
Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Teyrnon NP20 5QS
Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd NP18 2LN
Ysgol Gymraeg Ifor Hael