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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Newham

Newham Council has 182 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 182 schools in the Newham area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Newham council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Newham Postcode
Alif Academy E7 8PJ
Altmore Infant School E6 2BX
Avenue Infant School E12 6AR
Avenue Primary School E12 6AR
Azhar Academy Girls School E7 9HL
Beckton Special School E16 3LQ
Brampton Infant School E6 3LB
Brampton Manor Academy E6 3SQ
Brampton Manor School E6 3SQ
Brampton Primary School E6 3LB
Britannia Village Primary School E16 2AW
Calverton Primary School E16 3ET
Carpenters Primary School E15 2JQ
Central Park Infant School E6 3DW
Central Park Junior School E6 3DW
Central Park Primary School E6 3DW
Chobham Academy E20 1BD
Cleves Primary School E6 1QP
Colegrave Infant School E15 1JY
Colegrave Primary School E15 1JY
Curwen Infant School E13 0AG
Curwen Primary and Nursery School E13 0AG
Dersingham Primary School E12 5QJ
Drew Primary School E16 2DP
Earlham Primary School E7 9AW
East London Independent Special School E15 1HB
East London Science School E3 3DU
Eastlea Community School E16 4NP
Edith Kerrison Nursery School E16 3PB
Education Links E15 4HJ
Education Links E15 1TT
Eleanor Smith School E13 9HN
Elizabeth Fry School E16 3HQ
Ellen Wilkinson Primary School E6 5UP
Elmhurst Infant School E7 9PG
Elmhurst Primary School E7 8JY
Essex Infant School E12 6QX
Essex Junior School E12 6QX
Essex Primary School E12 6QX
Finnish Primary School London IG8 8QJ
Forest Gate Community School E7 9BB
Gainsborough Primary School E15 3AF
Gallions Primary School E6 6WG
Godwin Junior School E7 0JW
Grange Primary School E13 0HE
Grangewood Independent School E7 8QT
Gurney School E7 9HW
Hafs Academy E15 1JW
Hallsville Infant School E16 1LN
Hallsville Primary School E16 1LN
Hartley Infant School E6 1NT
Hartley Primary School E6 1NT
Hartley Primary School E6 1NT
Imam Zakariya Academy E7 8AB
Jamiah Madaniyah Primary School E7 8NN
JMU Islamic Institute Uk E13 8AA
John F Kennedy Special School E15 4RZ
John F Kennedy Special School E15 4RZ
Kaizen Primary School E13 8LH
Kay Rowe Nursery School E7 0PH
Keir Hardie Infant School E16 1PZ
Keir Hardie Primary School E16 1FZ
Kensington Primary School E12 6NN
Kingsford Community School E6 5JG
Langdon Academy E6 2PS
Langdon School E6 2PS
Lansbury School E6 2PN
Lathom Junior School E6 2DU
Laurel Leaf School E7 8BS
Lister Community School E13 9AE
Little Ilford School E12 6ET
London Academy of Excellence E15 1AJ
London Christian Learning Centre E12 5AD
London Design and Engineering UTC E16 2RD
Lyceum Newham E7 0EX
Manor Primary School E15 3BA
Maryland Infant School E15 1SL
Maryland Primary School E15 1SL
Monega Primary School E12 6TT
Nelson Infant School E6 2SE
Nelson Junior School E6 2SE
Nelson Primary School E6 2SE
New City Primary School E13 9PY
New Directions E16 2LS
Newham College of Further Education E6 6ER
Newham Sixth Form College
Newham Sixth Form College E13 8SG
North Beckton Primary School E6 5XG
Oasis Academy Silvertown E16 1TU
Oasis Nursery School E16 1ET
Odessa Infant School E7 9BY
Oliver Thomas Nursery School E6 6BU
Park Infant School E15 4AB
Park Primary School E15 4AE
Plaistow Jamia Islamia E13 8AA
Plaistow Primary School E13 9DQ
Plashet School E6 1DG
Portway Infant School
Portway Junior School E13 0JW
Portway Primary School E13 0JW
Portway Primary School E13 0JW
Promised Land Academy E13 8SR
Quwwat Ul Islam Girls' School E7 9NB
Ranelagh Primary School E15 3DN
Ravenscroft Infant School E16 4BD
Ravenscroft Primary School E16 4BD
Rebecca Cheetham Nursery and Children's Centre E15 3JT
Regent School E16 3HX
Rokeby School E16 4DD
Roman Road Primary School E6 3SQ
Ronald Openshaw Nursery School E15 1JP
Rosetta Infant School E16 3PB
Rosetta Primary School E16 3PB
Salisbury Infant School E12 5AF
Salisbury Primary School E12 6TH
Sandringham Infant School E7 8ED
Sandringham Junior School E7 8ED
Sandringham Primary School E7 8ED
Sarah Bonnell School E15 4LP
School 21 E15 4RZ
Scott Wilkie Primary School E16 3HD
Selwyn Infant School E13 0LX
Selwyn Primary School E13 0LX
Selwyn Primary School E13 0LX
Shaftesbury Primary School E7 8PF
Sheringham Nursery School & Children's Centre E12 5PB
Sheringham Primary School E12 5PB
Sheringham Primary School E12 5PB
Sir John Heron Primary School E12 5PY
Southern Road Infant School E13 9JD
Southern Road Primary School E13 9JH
St Angela's Ursuline School E7 8HU
St Antony's Infant School E7 9QB
St Antony's RC Junior School E7 9QB
St Antony's RC Primary School E7 9PN
St Bonaventure's RC School E7 9QD
St Edward's Catholic Primary School E13 9AX
St Francis' Catholic Primary School E15 1HB
St Francis' RC Infant School E15 1HB
St Francis' RC Junior School E15 1HD
St Helen's Catholic Primary School E13 8DW
St Helen's Catholic Primary School E13 8DW
St James' CofE Junior School E7 9DA
St Joachim's RC Primary School E16 3DT
St Joachim's RC Primary School E16 3DT
St John's Catholic School E13 9AX
St Luke's Primary School E16 1JB
St Mary and St Edward's School
St Michael's Catholic Primary School E6 6EE
St Stephen's Nursery School E6 1AS
St Stephen's Primary School E6 1AS
St Winefride's RC Primary School E12 6HB
Star Infant School E16 4NH
Star Primary School E16 4NH
Storey Primary School E16 2LS
Stratford Circus E15 1BX
Stratford College London E15 4PH
Stratford School E7 9PR
Stratford School E7 9PR
The Cedar School E7 8NL
The Cumberland School E13 8SJ
The Royal Docks Community School E16 3HS
The Service for Deaf and Partially Hearing Children E13 9NB
Three Mills Primary School
Tollgate Infant School E13 8SA
Tollgate Primary School E13 8SA
Trinity School E16 4DD
Tunmarsh School E13 9NB
Tunmarsh School and Centre E13 9NB
UK Community College E15 4QS
University of East London E16 2RD
Upton Cross Primary School E13 0RJ
Upton Cross Primary School E13 0RJ
Vicarage Infant School E6 4AD
Vicarage Junior School E6 4AD
Vicarage Primary School E6 6AD
West Ham Church Primary School E15 3QG
West Silvertown School
William Davies Primary School E7 8NL
Winsor Primary School E6 5NA
Woodgrange Infant School E7 0NJ
Woodside Community School E13 8RX