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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne Council has 206 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 206 schools in the Newcastle upon Tyne area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Newcastle upon Tyne council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Newcastle upon Tyne Postcode
Akhurst Private School NE2 2PN
All Saints College NE5 2SZ
Archbishop Runcie CofE First School NE3 1US
Archibald First School NE3 1EB
Ascham House School NE3 4ES
Ashfield Nursery School NE4 6JR
Ashlyns Unit NE5 2DX
Atkinson Road Nursery School NE4 8XT
Atkinson Road Primary Academy NE4 8XT
Atkinson Road Primary School NE4 8XT
Bahr Academy NE4 6PR
Beech Hill Primary School NE5 2LW
Benfield School NE6 4NU
Benton Park Primary School NE7 7SS
Blakelaw School NE5 3HU
Bolam Street Primary School NE6 2BH
Bridgewater Primary School NE15 6NL
Broadway East First School NE3 5JQ
Broadwood Infant School NE15 7TB
Broadwood Primary School NE15 7TB
Brunswick Beech School NE13 7DR
Brunswick Beech Special School NE13 7DT
Brunton First School NE13 9BD
Byker Primary School NE6 2AT
Canning Street Primary School NE4 8PA
Castle Dene School NE3 1SZ
Castle Dene Special School NE3 1SZ
Central Newcastle High School NE2 4DS
Central Walker Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School NE6 2NP
Chapel House Middle School NE5 1EL
Chapel Park Middle School NE5 1SH
Cheviot Primary School NE5 4EB
Chevyside Middle School NE5 4EB
Chillingham Road Primary School NE6 5XX
Christ Church CofE Primary School NE2 1XA
Condercum House School NE4 8XJ
Cowgate Primary School NE4 9SJ
Cragside Primary School NE7 7EL
Cruddas Park Early Years Centre NE4 7NL
Dame Allan's Girls' School NE4 9YJ
Dame Allan's Junior School NE2 4NG
Dame Allan's Schools Centre NE4 9YJ
Dame Allan's Senior School NE4 9YJ
Delaval Infant and Nursery School NE15 6NR
Dene House School
Denewood Pupil Referral Unit NE4 7NL
Denton Park Middle School NE5 2NW
Denton Road Infant School NE15 6AE
Denton Road Primary School NE15 6AJ
Dinnington First School NE13 7JY
Discovery School NE1 3BT
Eastcliffe School NE3 1NE
Eastview School NE6 2DB
English Martyrs' RC Primary School NE5 2SA
Excelsior Academy NE15 6AF
Farne Primary School NE5 4AP
Feversham School NE15 8HW
Firfield Community School NE5 3HU
Freeman Hospital School NE7 7DN
Gefrin Midgard School NE13 7ER
Gosforth Academy NE3 2JH
Gosforth Central Middle School NE3 1UN
Gosforth East Middle School NE3 5JT
Gosforth High School NE3 2JH
Gosforth Junior High Academy NE3 1EE
Gosforth Junior High School NE3 1DY
Gosforth Park First School NE3 5JQ
Grainger Grammar School NE4 8SA
Grange First School NE3 2NP
Hadrian School NE15 6PY
Hawthorn Primary School NE4 6SB
Heaton Manor School NE7 7DP
Hillsview Infant School NE3 3RL
Hillsview Junior School NE3 3RL
Hillsview Primary School NE3 3RL
Hilton Primary Academy NE5 3RN
Hilton Primary School NE5 3RN
Hotspur Primary School NE6 5PA
Jesmond Dene House School NE2 2EY
Kenton Bar Primary School NE3 3YF
Kenton Lodge School NE3 4PD
Kenton Lodge School NE3 4PD
Kenton School NE3 3RU
Kenton School NE3 3RU
King David School NE3 4BH
Kingston Park Primary School NE3 2EL
Knop Law Primary School NE5 1DS
La Sagesse School NE2 3RJ
Lemington Middle School NE15 7LS
Lemington Riverside Primary School NE15 8RR
Linhope PRU NE5 2LW
Mary Trevelyan Primary School NE4 7NL
Milecastle Primary School NE5 1LH
Monkchester Road Nursery School NE6 2LJ
Montagu Community Full Service School NE5 3HY
Montagu Infant School NE5 3HY
Moorside Community Primary School NE4 5AW
Mountfield Infant School NE3 3AT
Mountfield Junior School NE3 3AT
Mountfield Primary School NE3 3AT
Newburn Manor Nursery School NE15 8PY
Newburn Manor Primary School NE15 8PD
Newcastle Bridges School NE6 4NW
Newcastle College NE4 7SA
Newcastle High School for Girls NE2 4DS
Newcastle Preparatory School NE2 4RH
Newcastle School for Boys NE3 4ES
Newcastle Sixth Form College NE4 7SA
North Fawdon Primary School NE3 2SL
Northern Counties College NE2 3BB
Northern Counties School NE2 3BB
Oakfield College NE4 8XJ
Oakfield College NE4 8XJ
Oakwood Pupil Referral Unit NE4 8XJ
Our Lady and St Anne's RC Primary School NE4 6EB
Parkway School NE5 1DP
Pendower Hall School NE15 6PY
Pendower Primary School NE15 6PE
Percy Hedley College NE2 3BB
Raby Street Primary School NE6 1QH
Ravenswood Infant School NE6 5TU
Ravenswood Primary School NE6 5TU
Redewood School NE5 2ST
Regent Farm First School NE3 3PE
Royal Grammar School NE2 4DX
Rutherford School NE4 9LU
Sacred Heart Catholic High School NE4 9YH
Sacred Heart High School NE4 9YH
Sacred Heart RC Primary School NE4 9XZ
Sheriff Leas School NE5 3DS
Simonside Primary School NE5 4LG
Sir Charles Parsons School NE6 4ED
South Gosforth First School NE3 1YF
St Aidan's School NE5 1DP
St Alban's RC Primary School NE6 4HQ
St Anthony's CofE Primary School NE6 3SU
St Bede's RC Primary School NE15 7HS
St Catherine's RC Primary School NE2 1PS
St Charles' RC Primary School NE3 3HE
St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School NE3 3QR
St Cuthbert's High School NE15 7PX
St Cuthbert's High School NE15 7PX
St Cuthbert's RC Primary School NE15 8JL
St George's RC Primary School NE15 6XX
St John Vianney RC Primary School NE5 1DN
St Johns Primary School NE4 8HE
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School NE15 6JB
St Lawrence's RC Primary School NE6 2JX
St Mark's RC Primary School NE5 4BT
St Mary's Catholic Comprehensive School NE7 7PE
St Mary's Catholic School NE7 7PE
St Michael's RC Junior School NE4 6XH
St Michael's RC Primary School NE4 7RE
St Oswald's RC Primary School NE3 5LE
St Paul's CofE Primary School NE4 7JU
St Peter's School NE3 1SZ
St Peter's Special School NE3 1SZ
St Teresa's Catholic Primary School NE6 5HN
St Vincent's RC Primary School NE6 2TX
Stocksfield Avenue Primary School NE5 2DQ
Studio West NE5 2SZ
Talbot House Trust, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE15 8HW
The Silverhill School NE5 2DX
Thomas Bewick School NE5 2LW
Thomas Walling Primary Academy NE5 3PL
Thomas Walling Primary School NE5 3PL
Throckley Middle School NE15 9DY
Throckley Primary School NE15 9DY
Trinity Academy Newcastle NE4 8XJ
Trinity Post 16 Solutions Ltd. NE4 8XJ
Trinity School NE4 8XJ
Trinity Solutions Academy NE4 8XJ
Tyneview Primary School NE6 3QP
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 7RU
University of Northumbria At Newcastle NE1 8ST
Valley View Nursery School NE15 6NR
Walbottle Campus NE15 9TP
Walbottle Village Primary School NE15 8JL
Walker Technology College NE6 4LA
Walkerdene School NE6 4ED
Walkergate Early Years Centre NE6 4XW
Walkergate Infant School NE6 4SD
Walkergate Primary School NE6 4SD
Waverley Primary School NE15 7QZ
Welbeck Academy NE6 2QL
Welbeck Primary School NE6 2QL
West Denton High School NE5 2SZ
West Denton Primary School NE5 1DN
West Gate Community College NE4 9LU
West Jesmond Infant School NE2 3DA
West Jesmond Junior School NE2 3DA
West Jesmond Primary School NE2 3AJ
West Newcastle Academy NE4 8XT
West Walker Primary School NE6 3XW
Westerhope Primary School NE5 1NE
Westfield School NE3 4HS
Westgate Hill Infant School NE4 6NY
Westgate Hill Primary School NE4 5JN
Westlands School NE5 1DS
Westlands School NE5 1DS
Wharrier Street Infant School NE6 3EY
Wharrier Street Primary School NE6 3EY
Wingrove Infant School NE4 9HP
Wingrove Primary School NE4 9HN
Wyndham Primary School NE3 4QP