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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Council has 182 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 182 schools in the Milton Keynes area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Milton Keynes council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Milton Keynes Postcode
Abbeys Primary School MK3 6PS
Alex Campbell Middle School MK3 5EN
Ashbrook School MK8 8NA
Barleyhurst Park Primary MK3 7NA
Bishop Parker Catholic School MK2 3BT
Bow Brickhill CofE VA Primary School MK17 9JT
Bow Brickhill First School MK17 9JT
Bradwell Village School MK13 9AZ
Bridge Academy MK14 6AX
Brooklands Farm Primary School MK10 7EU
Brooksward First School MK14 6JZ
Brooksward Middle School MK14 6JZ
Brooksward School MK14 6JZ
Broughton Fields Primary School MK10 9LS
Broughton Manor Preparatory School MK10 9AA
Broughton Manor Preparatory School MK10 9AA
Bushfield School MK12 5JG
Cambian Bletchley Park School MK3 7EB
Caroline Haslett Primary School MK5 7DF
Castles First School MK3 6BA
Castlethorpe First School MK19 7EW
Cedars Primary School MK16 0DT
Central PEC MK6 5DE
Charles Warren Academy MK6 3AZ
Chestnuts Primary School MK3 5EN
Christ the Sower Ecumenical Primary School (VA) MK8 0PZ
Citischool MK9 1EJ
Cold Harbour Church of England School MK3 7PD
Copperfield Middle School MK6 5EA
Cornhill First School MK6 5DT
Denbigh School MK5 6EX
Denbigh School MK5 6EX
Downs Barn School MK14 7NA
Drayton Park School MK2 3HJ
Eaton Mill Primary School MK2 3AH
Emberton School MK46 5BX
Emerson Valley School MK4 2JR
Extended Training MK12 5HX
Falconhurst School MK6 5AX
Filgrave School MK16 9ET
Germander Park School MK14 7DU
Giffard Park Primary School MK14 5PY
Giles Brook Primary School MK4 3GB
Glastonbury Thorn School MK5 6BX
Great Linford Primary School MK14 5BL
Green Park School MK16 0NH
Greenleys Infant School MK12 6AT
Greenleys Junior School MK12 5DE
Gyosei International School Uk MK15 9JX
Hanslope Primary School MK19 7BL
Haversham Village School MK19 7AN
Hazeley School MK8 0PT
Heelands School MK13 7QL
Heronsgate School MK7 7BW
Heronsgate School MK7 7BW
Heronshaw School MK7 7PG
Holmwood School MK8 9AB
Holne Chase Primary School MK3 5HP
Howe Park School MK4 2SH
Include - Milton Keynes MK2 2HB
Jubilee Wood Primary School MK6 2LB
Kents Hill School MK7 6HD
Kents Hill School MK7 6HD
Knowles Infant School MK2 2HB
Knowles Junior School MK2 2HB
Knowles Nursery School MK2 2HB
Knowles Primary School MK2 2HB
Langland Community School MK6 4HA
Lavendon School MK46 4HA
Leon School and Sports College MK2 3HQ
Long Meadow School MK5 7XX
Lord Grey School MK3 6EW
Loughton Manor First School MK5 8FA
Loughton School MK5 8DN
Loughton School MK5 8DN
Lovat School MK16 9DH
Manor Road Resource Centre MK2 2HP
Meadfurlong School MK6 2LB
Merebrook Infant School MK4 1EZ
Middleton Primary School MK10 9EN
Middleton Primary School MK10 9EN
Milton Keynes College MK6 5LP
Milton Keynes Islamia School
Milton Keynes Preparatory School MK3 7EG
Milton Keynes Primary Pupil Referral Unit MK3 7AW
Milton Keynes Secure Training Centre MK5 6AH
Milton Keynes Wheelright Motor Project MK12 6HT
Monkston Primary School MK10 9LA
Moorland Centre Nursery School MK6 4LP
Moorland Primary School MK6 4ND
New Bradwell School MK13 0BQ
New Chapter Primary School MK6 5EA
New Chapter School MK6 5EA
Newton Blossomville Church of England School MK43 8AL
Newton Leys Primary School MK3 5GG
North Crawley CofE School MK16 9LL
North Personalised Education Centre (NPEC) MK14 6AX
Oakgrove School MK10 9JQ
Oakgrove School MK10 9JQ
Oakhill Secure Training Centre MK5 6AJ
Oldbrook First School MK6 2NH
Olney Infant Academy MK46 5AD
Olney Infant School MK46 5AD
Olney Middle School MK46 5DZ
Orchard Academy MK6 3HW
Orchard School MK6 3HW
Ousedale School MK16 0BJ
Ousedale School MK16 0BJ
Oxley Park Academy MK4 4TA
Oxley Park Primary School MK4 4TA
Penwith School MK6 2LB
Pepper Hill School MK13 7BQ
Portfields County Middle School MK16 8PS
Portfields First School MK16 8PS
Portfields Primary School MK16 8PS
Priory Common School MK13 9EZ
Priory Rise School MK4 3GE
Queen Eleanor Primary School MK11 1PA
Rathbone Milton Keynes Youth Choices MK1 1QT
Rickley Junior School MK3 6EW
Rickley Park Primary School MK3 6EW
Rickley Park Primary School MK3 6EW
Rivers Infant School MK3 7BB
Riverside First School MK16 9EH
Romans Field School MK3 7AW
Russell Street School MK11 1BT
Shenley Brook End School MK5 7ZT
Shenley Brook End School MK5 7ZT
Shepherdswell Academy MK6 3NP
Shepherdswell School MK6 3NP
Sherington Church of England School MK16 9NF
Simpson School MK6 3AZ
Sir Frank Markham Community School MK6 5EH
Sir Herbert Leon Academy MK2 3HQ
Slated Row School MK12 5NJ
Southwood School MK14 7AR
St Andrew's CofE Infant School MK14 5AX
St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School MK10 9PH
St Mary and St Giles Church of England Junior School MK11 1EF
St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School MK12 6AY
St Mary's Wavendon CofE Primary MK17 8LH
St Monica's Catholic Primary School MK14 6HB
St Paul's Catholic School MK6 5EN
St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School MK3 5DT
Stanton School MK13 7BE
Stantonbury Campus MK14 6BN
Stantonbury Campus MK14 6BN
Stantonbury Campus South MK14 6BN
Stephenson Academy MK14 6AX
Stoke Goldington Church of England School MK16 8NP
Summerfield School MK13 8PG
The Bridge MK3 7HE
The Gatehouse School MK14 6AX
The Grove Independent School MK5 8HD
The Hazeley Academy MK8 0PT
The Milton Keynes Academy MK6 5LA
The Open University MK7 6AA
The Premier Academy MK2 3AH
The Radcliffe School MK12 5BT
The Redway School MK6 4HG
The Walnuts School MK8 0PU
The Webber Independent School MK14 6DP
The Willows School and Early Years Centre MK6 2LP
Tickford Park Primary School MK16 9DH
Two Mile Ash School MK8 8LH
Two Mile Ash School MK8 8LH
Walton High MK7 7WH
Walton High MK7 7WH
Walton Pre-Prep School & Nursery MK7 6BB
Water Hall Primary School MK2 3QF
Water Hall Primary School MK2 3QF
Watling Way First School MK11 1PA
Watling Way Middle School MK11 1PA
Wavendon Gate School MK7 7HL
Wellsmead Junior School MK3 7NA
White Spire School MK3 6EW
Whitehouse Primary School MK8 1AG
Willen Primary School MK15 9HN
Wood End First School MK14 6BB
Wyvern School MK12 5HU
Young People Out of School Project MK2 2HB