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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Merton

Merton Council has 128 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 128 schools in the Merton area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Merton council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Merton Postcode
Abbotsbury Primary School SM4 5JS
Alfred Mizen First School CR4 1JW
All Saints' CofE Primary School SW19 1AR
Aragon Primary School SM4 4QU
Beecholme Primary School CR4 2HZ
Beecholme Primary School CR4 2HZ
Benedict Primary School CR4 3BE
Benedict Primary School CR4 3BE
Bishop Gilpin CofE Primary School SW19 7EP
Bishopsford Arts College SM4 6DU
Blossom House School KT3 6JJ
Bond Primary School CR4 3HG
Bushey County Middle School SW20 0BZ
Bushey First School KT3 4PN
Cambridge House School SW20 8NP
Canterbury County Primary School
Cranmer County Middle School CR4 4XU
Cranmer Primary School CR4 4XU
Cricket Green School CR4 3AF
Date Valley School CR4 4LB
Donhead Preparatory School SW19 4ND
Dundonald Primary School SW19 3QH
Eagle House School CR4 3HD
Eastfields High School CR4 1SF
Elms Independent School CR4 4EL
Emmanuel Home School SW19 3QR
Face Youth Therapeutic School SW19 1JN
Futures Ahead Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory School SW19 4ED
Garden Primary School CR4 1JW
Garfield Primary School SW19 8SB
Gorringe Park Middle School CR4 2HD
Gorringe Park Primary School CR4 2YA
Greenwood First School CR4 1PF
Harland First School SW19 2UN
Harris Academy Merton CR4 1BP
Harris Academy Morden SM4 6DU
Harris Federation SE19 2BH
Harris Primary Academy Merton CR4 1JW
Haslemere Primary School CR4 3PQ
Hatfeild Primary School SM4 4SJ
Hazelhurst School for Girls SW20 8HF
Hillcross County Middle School SM4 4ED
Hillcross Primary School SM4 4EE
Hollymount School SW20 0SQ
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School SW19 8PW
Joseph Hood Primary School SW20 9NS
Jus'T'Learn CR4 2QA
King's College School SW19 4TT
Liberty County Middle School CR4 3EB
Liberty Primary CR4 3EB
Links Primary School SW17 9EH
Lonesome Primary School CR4 1SD
Malmesbury County Middle School SM4 6HG
Malmesbury First School SM4 6HG
Malmesbury Middle School SM4 6HG
Malmesbury Primary School SM4 6HG
Melrose School CR4 3BE
Merton Abbey Primary School SW19 2JY
Merton College SM4 5QX
Merton Park Primary School SW19 3HQ
Merton Sixth Form College
Mitcham Vale School CR4 1SF
Morden Farm Middle School SM4 4QU
Morden Farm Middle School SM4 4QU
Morden Primary School SM4 5PX
Moreton Green First School SM4 6DX
Oldridge Preparatory School CR4 3BN
Park Community School SW19 3EF
Park House Middle School SW19 7DZ
Park House Middle School SW19 7DZ
Pelham Primary School SW19 1NU
Perseid School SM4 5LT
Phoenix College SM4 5SE
Poplar Primary School SW19 3JZ
Priory CofE Middle School
Ravensbury School CR4 3AF
Raynes Park High School SW20 0JL
Ricards Lodge High School SW19 7HB
RISE Education CR4 3ED
Rowan High School SW16 5JF
RR6 SW19 7HB
Rutlish School SW20 9AD
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School KT3 4ND
Singlegate Primary School SW19 2NT
St Catherine's Catholic Middle School SW20 9NA
St John Fisher RC Primary School SW20 9NA
St Mark's Church of England Academy CR4 1SF
St Mark's Primary School CR4 2LF
St Mary's Catholic Primary School SW19 1QL
St Matthew's CofE Primary School SW20 0SX
St Matthew's Montessori School SW20 0QN
St Matthew's Montessori School SW20 0QN
St Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School CR4 4LA
St Teresa's Catholic Primary School SM4 6RL
St Thoma's of Canterbury Catholic Middle School CR4 1YG
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School CR4 1YG
Stanford County Middle School SW16 5HB
Stanford Primary School SW16 5HB
Tamworth Manor High School CR4 1BP
The Base
The London Acorn School SM4 5JD
The Norwegian Kindergarten In London SW20 8AH
The Norwegian School in London SW20 8AH
The Pre-Preparatory School SW19 7PR
The Priory CofE School SW19 8LX
The Rowans School SW20 0EG
The Sherwood School CR4 1JP
The Smart Centre SM4 6PT
The Study Preparatory School SW19 4UN
Tudor First School SM4 4QU
University of the Arts London SW19 3QA
Ursuline High School Wimbledon SW20 8HA
Ursuline Preparatory School SW20 8HR
Watermeads High School SM4 6DU
West Wimbledon Primary School SW20 0BZ
William Morris Middle School CR4 1PJ
William Morris Primary School CR4 1PJ
William Wilberforce School SW19 4UN
Willington School SW19 7QQ
Willows County High School SM4 5SE
Wimbledon Chase County Middle School SW19 3QB
Wimbledon Chase Primary School SW19 3QB
Wimbledon College SW19 4NS
Wimbledon Common Preparatory School SW19 4TA
Wimbledon High School SW19 4AB
Wimbledon House School SW19 3EY
Wimbledon Park Primary School SW19 8EJ
Wimbledon School of Art SW19 3QA