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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Luton

Luton Council has 134 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 134 schools in the Luton area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Luton council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Luton Postcode
Acorn Preparatory School LU3 2QT
Ash-Shams School LU1 5BS
Ashcroft High School LU2 9AG
Avenue Centre for Education LU1 3NJ
Barnfield Business and Enterprise Studio Academy LU2 0EZ
Barnfield College LU2 7BF
Beech Hill Community Primary School LU4 8BW
Beechwood Infant School LU4 9RD
Beechwood Junior School LU4 9RD
Beechwood Primary School LU4 9RD
Bramingham Primary School LU3 4BL
Broadmead School LU1 3RR
Bury Park Educational Institute (Al - Hikmah Secondary School) LU1 1EH
Bushmead Infant School LU2 7EU
Bushmead Junior School LU2 7EU
Bushmead Primary School LU2 7EU
Cardinal Newman Catholic School A Specialist Science College LU2 7AE
Cardinal Newman Catholic School A Specialist Science College LU2 7AE
Challney High School for Boys LU4 9TJ
Challney High School for Boys and Community College LU4 9TJ
Challney High School for Girls LU4 9FJ
Chantry Infant School LU4 0QP
Chantry Junior School LU4 0QP
Chantry Primary Academy LU4 0QP
Chantry Primary School LU4 0QP
Chapel Street Nursery School LU1 5EA
Cheynes Infant School LU3 3EW
Crawley Green Infant School LU2 0RW
Dallow Infant School LU1 1LZ
Dallow Primary School LU1 1LZ
Dallow Primary School LU1 1LZ
Denbigh High School LU3 1HE
Denbigh High School LU3 1HE
Denbigh Infant School LU3 1NS
Denbigh Primary School LU3 1NS
Downside Junior School LU4 8EZ
Downside Primary School LU4 8EZ
Education & Youth Services Ltd (Luton) LU1 5BB
Farley Junior School LU1 5JF
Ferrars Infant School LU4 0LL
Ferrars Junior School LU4 0ES
Focus School LU3 2QG
Foxdell Infant School LU1 1TG
Foxdell Junior School LU1 1UP
Grasmere Nursery School LU3 2BT
Halyard High School LU4 0NE
Hart Hill Nursery School and Childrens Centre LU2 0JS
Hart Hill Primary School LU2 0JP
Hillborough Infant School LU1 5EZ
Hillborough Junior School LU1 5EZ
Icknield High School LU3 2AH
Icknield High School LU3 2AH
Icknield Primary School LU3 2JB
Icknield Primary School LU3 2JB
Jamiatul Uloom Al - Islamia LU3 1RF
Kings House Preparatory School and Nursery LU4 9JY
KWS Educational Services LU1 1LP
Lady Zia Wernher School LU2 9AY
Lea Bank Nursery LU3 3LZ
Lea Manor High School Performing Arts College LU3 3TL
Leagrave Infant School LU4 9ND
Leagrave Junior School LU4 9ND
Leagrave Primary School LU4 9ND
Lealands High School LU3 3AL
Luton Education, Tuition and Guidance Centre LU1 1XL
Luton Pentecostal Church Christian Academy LU1 3JE
Luton Sixth Form College LU2 7EW
Maidenhall Infant School LU4 8LD
Maidenhall Primary School LU4 8LD
Mehria School LU4 8JD
Moorlands Pre-Preparatory School LU4 9LE
Norton Road Primary School LU3 2NX
Oakwood Primary School LU1 3RR
Olive Tree Primary School LU1 1HE
Orchard Centre LU4 9ND
Pastures Way Nursery School LU4 0PE
Pirton Hill Junior School LU4 9EX
Pirton Hill Primary School LU4 9EX
Putteridge High School LU2 8HJ
Putteridge Junior School LU2 8HJ
Putteridge Primary School LU2 8HJ
Rabia Girls' and Boys' School LU4 8AX
Ramridge Infant School LU2 9AB
Ramridge Junior School LU2 9AH
Ramridge Primary School LU2 9AH
Rathbone School LU1 5BB
Richmond Hill School LU2 7JL
River Bank Primary School LU3 1ES
Rothesay Nursery School LU1 1RB
Sacred Heart Primary School LU2 9AJ
Sacred Heart RC Junior School LU2 9AJ
Someries Infant School LU2 8AH
Someries Junior School LU2 8AH
South Luton High School LU1 3NH
Southfield Infant School LU4 0PE
Southfield Primary School LU4 0PE
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School LU3 2NS
St Joseph's RC Infant School LU3 2NS
St Margaret of Scotland Catholic Primary School LU1 5PP
St Margaret of Scotland Primary School LU1 5PP
St Margaret of Scotland RC VA Infant School LU1 5PP
St Martin De Porres Catholic Primary School LU4 0PF
St Martin de Porres Primary School LU4 0PF
St Martin De Porres RC VA Infant School LU4 0PF
St Matthew's Junior School LU2 0NJ
St Matthew's Primary School LU2 0NJ
Stopsley Community Primary School LU2 7UG
Stopsley High School LU2 7UX
Stopsley Infant School LU2 7UG
Sundon Park Junior School LU3 3JU
Surrey Street Primary School LU1 3NJ
Tennyson Road Primary School LU1 3RS
The Chalk Hills Academy LU4 0NE
The Ferrars Academy LU4 0LL
The Gill Blowers Nursery School LU4 9JL
The Linden Academy LU4 9LE
The Meads Primary School LU3 2UE
The Stockwood Park Academy LU1 5PP
The Studio School Luton LU2 0EZ
University of Bedfordshire LU1 3JU
Warden Hill Infant School LU3 2DN
Warden Hill Junior School LU3 2DN
Waulud Infant School LU3 3LZ
Waulud Junior School LU3 3LZ
Waulud Primary School LU3 3LZ
Wenlock CofE Junior School LU2 0RW
Whipperley Infant Academy LU1 5QY
Whipperley Infant School LU1 5QY
Whitefield Infant School LU3 3SS
Whitefield Primary School LU3 3SS
Wigmore Primary School LU2 9TB
William Austin Infant School LU3 1PZ
William Austin Junior School LU3 1UA
Woodlands Secondary School LU3 3SP