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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Leicester

Leicester Council has 189 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 189 schools in the Leicester area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Leicester council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Leicester Postcode
Abbey Primary Community School LE4 5HH
Al-Aqsa Schools Trust LE5 4PP
Al-Ihsaan Community College LE1 2HX
Al-Islamia Institute for Education LE2 0SA
Alderman Newton's School LE3 6DN
Alderman Richard Hallam Primary School LE4 0FQ
All Saints School LE5 0JB
ALP Leicester LE4 4JG
Ash Field Academy LE5 4PY
Ash Field School LE5 4PY
Avenue Infant and Nursery School LE2 3EJ
Avenue Junior School LE2 3EJ
Avenue Primary School LE2 3EJ
Babington Community College LE4 0SZ
Barley Croft Primary School LE4 0UT
Beaumont Leys School LE4 0FL
Beaumont Lodge Primary School LE4 1DT
Belgrave St Peter's CofE Primary School LE4 5PG
Bendbow Rise Infant School LE3 1SB
Braunstone Community Primary School LE3 1QH
Braunstone Frith Junior School LE3 6NF
Braunstone Frith Primary School LE3 6NF
Bridge Junior School LE5 3HH
Buswells Lodge Primary School LE4 0PT
Caldecote Community Primary School LE3 1FF
Caldecote Infant School LE3 1GJ
Caldecote Junior School LE3 1GJ
Catherine Infant School LE4 6BY
Catherine Junior School LE4 6AZ
Charles Keene College of Further Education LE1 3WA
Charnwood Primary School LE2 0HE
Cherryleas Assessment Centre LE3 0QU
Christ The King Catholic Primary School LE3 6DF
Coleman Primary School LE5 5FS
Continuum School - Leicester LE4 5EX
Crescent Junior School LE3 1RG
Crown Hills Community College LE5 5FT
Darul Uloom Leicester LE4 5LN
De Montfort University LE1 9BH
Dovelands Primary School LE3 0TJ
Ellesmere College LE3 2FD
Emily Fortey School LE3 6DG
Emmanuel Christian School LE3 1QP
English Martyrs Catholic School LE4 0FJ
Evington Park School LE5 5UD
Evington Valley Primary School LE5 5LL
Eyres Monsell Primary School LE2 9AH
Falcons Primary School LE5 0TA
Folville Junior School LE3 1EE
Forest Lodge Community Primary School LE3 6LH
Fosse Primary School LE3 5EA
Fullhurst Community College LE3 1AH
Gateway Sixth Form College LE5 1GA
Glebelands Primary School LE4 2WF
Granby Primary School LE2 8LP
Green Lane Infant School LE5 3GG
Gryphon School LE12 8BQ
Hamilton College LE5 1RT
Hazel Community Primary School LE2 7JN
Heatherbrook Primary School LE4 1BE
Herrick Primary School LE4 7NJ
Highfields Boys' Secondary School LE2 2PJ
Highfields Primary School LE2 0UU
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School LE2 6TY
Hope Hamilton CofE Primary School LE5 1LU
Humberstone Infant Academy LE5 1AE
Humberstone Infant School LE5 1AE
Humberstone Junior School LE5 1AE
Humberstone Junior School LE5 1AE
Imam Ghazali Academy LE2 0GU
Imperial Avenue Infant School LE3 1AH
Inglehurst Infant School LE3 9FS
Inglehurst Junior School LE3 9FS
Irwin College LE2 1ND
Islamic Dawah Academy LE2 0DT
Islamic Girls' School Leicester LE2 0GU
Jameah Academy LE5 3SD
John Ellis Community College LE4 5PW
Judgemeadow Community College LE5 6HP
Kestrels' Field Primary School LE5 1TG
Keyham Lodge School LE5 1FG
King Richard Infant and Nursery School LE3 5PA
Knighton Fields Primary Academy LE2 6LG
Knighton Fields Primary School and Community Centre LE2 6LG
Krishna Avanti Primary School LE5 6HN
Land of Learning Primary School LE5 5PF
Leicester City Primary PRU LE5 2EG
Leicester College co Freemen's Park Campus LE2 7LW
Leicester Community Academy LE5 0JA
Leicester High School for Girls LE2 2PP
Leicester International School LE2 0AA
Leicester Islamic Academy LE2 2PJ
Leicester Montessori School LE2 2BN
Leicester Montessori Sixth Form College LE1 7PA
Leicester Partnership School LE2 3PR
Leicester Preparatory School LE2 2AA
Leicester South Fields College LE2 7LW
Linden Primary School LE5 6AD
Madani Boys School LE5 5LL
Madani Girls' School LE5 5LL
Manorbrooke School LE2 3PB
Marriott Primary School LE2 6NE
Mary Linwood School LE2 6UA
Mayflower Primary School LE5 5PH
Medway Community Primary School LE2 1GH
Mellor Community Primary School LE4 5EQ
Merrydale Infant School LE5 0PL
Merrydale Junior School LE5 0PL
Millgate School LE2 6DW
Moat Community College LE2 0TU
Montrose School LE2 8TN
Mowmacre Hill Primary School LE4 2NG
Mowmacre Hill Primary School LE4 2NG
Mundella Community College LE5 0PR
Nether Hall School LE5 1RT
New College Leicester LE3 6DN
New Parks Community College LE3 6RN
Newry Junior School LE2 6ST
Northfield House Primary Academy LE4 9DL
Northfield House Primary School LE4 9DL
Oakham House LE5 0TD
Oaklands School LE5 6GJ
Overdale Infant School LE2 3YA
Overdale Junior School LE2 3YA
Parkfield Nursery School LE3 9RN
Parks Primary School LE3 9NZ
Piper Way School LE3 6DN
Queensmead Community Primary School LE3 1PF
Queensmead Infant School LE3 1PF
Queensmead Junior School LE3 1JP
Queensmead Primary Academy LE3 1PF
Regent College LE1 7LW
Riverside Business and Enterprise College LE3 2EL
Rolleston Infant School LE2 9PT
Rolleston Junior School and Special Unit LE2 9PT
Rolleston Primary School LE2 9PT
Rowlatts Hill Primary School LE5 4ES
Rushey Mead Academy LE4 7AN
Rushey Mead Primary School LE4 6RB
Rushey Mead School LE4 7AN
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School LE5 3HH
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School LE5 3HH
Saint Patrick's Catholic Primary School LE4 6QN
Saint Paul's Catholic School LE5 6HN
Sandfield Close Primary School LE4 7RE
Sathya Sai School LE3 0BT
Scraptoft Valley Primary School LE5 1NG
Shaftesbury Junior School LE3 0QE
Shenton Primary School LE5 3FP
Short Course Centre LE2 8TN
Sir Jonathan North Community College LE2 6FU
Slater Primary School LE3 5AS
Soar Valley College LE4 7GY
Southfields Infant School LE2 6QT
Sparkenhoe Community Primary School LE2 0TD
Spinney Hill Primary School and Community Centre LE5 5EZ
St Barnabas CofE Primary School LE5 4BD
St Crispin's School LE2 1XA
St John the Baptist CofE Primary School LE2 1TE
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School LE5 1HF
St Joseph's Catholic Voluntary Academy LE5 1HF
St Mary's Fields Primary School LE3 2DA
St Thomas More Catholic Primary School LE2 3TA
St Thomas More Catholic Voluntary Academy LE2 3TA
Stokes Wood Primary School LE3 9BX
Taylor Road Primary School LE1 2JP
The Children's Hospital School LE1 5WW
The City of Leicester College LE5 6LN
The Coleman Centre LE5 4PP
The Imam Muhammad Adam Institute Secondary School LE5 5AY
The Key Way Centre LE2 3PB
The Lancaster School LE2 6FU
Thurnby Lodge Primary Academy LE5 2EG
Thurnby Lodge Primary School and Speech and Language Unit LE5 2EG
Tudor Grange Samworth Academy, A Church of England School LE2 6UA
University of Leicester LE1 7RH
Uplands Infant School LE2 0DR
Uplands Junior L.E.A.D Academy LE2 0DR
Uplands Junior School LE2 0DR
West Gate School LE3 6DG
Western Park School LE3 6HX
Whitehall Primary School LE5 6GJ
Willowbrook Primary Academy LE5 2NA
Willowbrook Primary School LE5 2NA
Wolsey House Primary School LE4 2BB
Woodstock Primary School LE4 2GZ
Wycliffe Community College LE3 1JN
Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College LE1 7RJ
Wyvern Primary School LE4 7HH