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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Lambeth

Lambeth Council has 197 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 197 schools in the Lambeth area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Lambeth council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Lambeth Postcode
Allen Edwards Primary School SW4 6RP
Archbishop Sumner Church of England Primary School SE11 4PH
Archbishop Tenison's School SE11 5SR
Ark Evelyn Grace Academy SE24 0QN
Ashby Mill Primary School SW2 5EB
Ashmole Primary School SW8 1NT
Aspen House School SE11 4AN
Bbi School SE11 5LG
Beechwood School SW16 2NJ
Bishop Thomas Grant Catholic Secondary School SW16 2HY
Bonneville Infant School SW4 9LB
Bonneville Junior School SW4 9LB
Bonneville Primary School SW4 9LB
Bright Sparks Stage School SW16 2BP
Brixton College for Further Education SW2 1QS
Brockwell Infant School SW2 2JE
Brockwell Junior School SW2 2JE
Brockwell Primary School SW2 2EH
Caldecot Primary School SE5 9RN
Carmena Christian Preparatory School SW16 6NW
Charles Edward Brooke Refugee Centre Co Charles Edward Brooke CofE School SW9 6UL
Chartswood Education Centre SE24 9DE
Christ Church , Streatham Church of England Primary School SW2 3NF
Christ Church Primary SW9 SW9 6HN
City Heights E-ACT Academy SW2 3PW
Clapham Manor Primary School SW4 0BZ
Clapham Park School SW4 9PA
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School SW2 5BL
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School SW2 5BL
Crown Lane Primary School SW16 3HX
Dick Sheppard School SW2 2QA
DLD College London SE1 7RW
Dolphin School 2 SE11 4PW
Dunraven School SW16 2QB
Dunraven School SW16 2QB
Durand Academy SW9 0RD
Durand Primary School SW9 0RD
Ecole Du Parc SW11 5PN
Effra Nursery School and Early Years Centre SW2 1PL
Effra Primary School SW2 1PL
Elm Court School SW2 2EF
Elm Wood School SE27 9RR
Enborne Lodge School RG14 6RL
Ethelred Nursery School and Children's Centre SE11 4UG
Fenstanton Junior School SW2 3PW
Fenstanton Primary School SW2 3PW
Five Bridges SE11 5QY
Flames Academy SW16 2BP
Futures Ahead Independent School SW16 6NW
George Rainey School TN37 6AS
Glenbrook Primary School SW4 8LD
Glenbrook Primary School SW4 8LD
Granton Primary School SW16 5AN
Grove House School for the Hearing Impaired SE27 9BZ
Haselrigge School SW4 7EP
Heathbrook Primary School SW8 3EH
Henry Cavendish Primary School SW12 0JA
Henry Fawcett Infant School SE11 5BZ
Henry Fawcett Junior School SE11 5BZ
Henry Fawcett Primary School SE11 5BZ
Herbert Morrison Primary School SW8 2HP
Hill Mead Infant School SW9 8ND
Hill Mead Junior School SW9 8QJ
Hill Mead Primary School SW9 8UE
Hitherfield Infant School SW16 2JQ
Hitherfield Junior School SW16 2JQ
Hitherfield Primary School SW16 2JQ
Holmewood Nursery School SW2 2RW
Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School SW2 2RL
Hyde Farm School SW12 0HW
Immanuel and St Andrew Church of England Primary School SW16 5SL
Iqra Independent School SW9 7PH
Iqra Independent School (Girls') SW9 7PH
Iqra Primary School SW4 9PA
Jessop Primary School SE24 0BJ
Johanna Primary School SE1 7RH
Jubilee Primary School SW2 2JE
Julian's School SE27 0JF
Kennington Park Academy SE11 4AX
Kennington Park Bridge To School SE11 4AX
King's Acre Primary School SW4 8BQ
King's College London SE1 8WA
King's College London Maths School SE11 6NJ
Kings Avenue School SW4 8BQ
Kingswood Primary School SE27 9RD
La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School SW12 0AB
Lambeth Academy SW4 9ET
Lambeth College SW4 9BL
Lansdowne School SW9 9QL
Lark Hall Junior School and Centre for Pupils With Autism SW4 6PH
Lark Hall Primary School (Including Lark Hall Centre for Pupils with Autism) SW4 6PH
Lilian Baylis Technology School SE11 5QY
London Nautical School SE1 9NA
London Steiner School SW12 0LT
Loughborough Infant School SW9 7UA
Loughborough Junior School SW9 7UA
Loughborough Primary School SW9 7UA
Macaulay Church of England Primary School SW4 0NU
Maytree Nursery School SW4 8LN
Morley College SE1 7HT
Mortimer School SW16 1AU
Mostyn Gardens Primary School SW9 6HF
New Mind School SW9 7JP
Noah's Ark School SE27 9BZ
North Lambeth Sixth Form Centre
Norwood Park School SE27 9TG
Norwood School SE19 3NY
Norwood Secondary Centre SE27 9BZ
Oakdale Preparatory School SW16 2HL
Oakfield Preparatory School SE21 8HP
Oasis Academy Johanna SE1 7RH
Oasis Academy South Bank SE1 7HS
Octavia House Schools SE11 6AU
Oleander Preparatory School SW2 1NR
One World Pre-School SW9 6HY
Orchard Centre SW2 2ES
Orchard Primary School SW2 3ES
Park Campus SE27 9NP
Park Campus Academy SE27 9NP
Paxton Primary School SE19 1PA
Platanos College SW9 0AL
Rann Horizon School SW4 7JR
Reay Primary School SW9 0EN
Rhoda Reid School SW2 3BL
Richard Atkins Primary School SW2 4JP
Rosemead Preparatory School SE21 8HZ
Rosendale Infant School SE21 8LX
Rosendale Junior School SE21 8LX
Rosendale Primary School SE21 8LR
Saint Gabriel's College SW9 6UL
Santley Primary School SW4 7QD
Schiller International School SE1 8TX
Shelley School SE11 4UG
Silburn Reid SW16 3JE
Somerville School SW2 3SJ
South Bank Engineering UTC SW2 1QS
South London College SE27 0TX
St Andrew's Catholic Primary School SW16 2ET
St Andrew's Church of England Primary School SW9 9DE
St Anne's Catholic Primary School SE11 5JA
St Bede's Catholic Infant School SW12 0LF
St Bernadette Catholic Junior School SW12 0AB
St Helen's Catholic School SW9 0TQ
St John the Divine Church of England Primary School SE5 0SX
St John's Angell Town Church of England Primary School SW9 7HH
St Jude's Church of England Primary School SE24 0EL
St Leonard's Church of England Primary School SW16 6NP
St Luke's Church of England Primary School SE27 0DZ
St Mark's Church of England Primary School SE11 5SL
St Martin in the Fields High School for Girls SW2 3UP
St Martin in the Fields High School for Girls SW2 3UP
St Mary's RC Junior Boys' School SW4 7AS
St Mary's RC Junior Girls' and Mixed Infant School SW4 9QJ
St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School SW4 9QJ
St Saviour's Church of England Primary School SE24 0AY
St Stephen's Church of England Primary School SW8 1EJ
Stockwell Infants' School SW9 9TG
Stockwell Junior School SW9 9TG
Stockwell Park School SW9 0AL
Stockwell Primary School SW9 9TG
Streatham and Clapham High School SW16 1AW
Streatham Modern School SW16 3QB
Streatham Wells Primary School SW2 3NJ
Sudbourne Primary School SW2 5AP
Sunnyhill Primary School SW16 2UW
Telferscot Primary School SW12 0HW
The Elmgreen School SE27 9BZ
The Family School At Larkhall SW2 5NR
The Laurels School SW12 0AN
The Lighthouse Group (TLG) Centre SE11 5SY
The Livity School SW16 2PW
The Marine Society College of the Sea SE1 7JW
The Michael Tippett School SE24 0HZ
The Nea Project SW16 2PG
The Olive School SW9 8ND
The Orchard School SW2 3ES
The Rectory Centre SW4 0EL
The Theodore McLeary Primary School SE22 8PW
The White House Preparatory School & Woodentops Kindergarten SW12 0LF
The Woodfield Centre SW16 1AU
Thomas Francis Academy SW9 8RP
Thomas Francis Independent School SW9 8RP
Thomas Francis School SW9 8RP
Thomas Francis School SW9 8RP
Thurlow Park Special School SE27 9DA
Triangle Nursery School SW4 7JQ
Trinity Academy SW2 1QS
Turney Primary and Secondary Special School SE21 8LX
Vauxhall College of Building and Further Education SW8 2JY
Vauxhall Primary School SE11 5LG
Walnut Tree Walk Primary School SE11 6DS
Warnham Court School RH12 3RX
Willowfield School SE24 0HY
Windmill School SW2 5DW
Woodmansterne Primary School SW16 5XE
Wyvil Primary School and Centres for Children With Speech and Language Impairment and Autism SW8 2TJ