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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Knowsley

Knowsley Council has 130 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 130 schools in the Knowsley area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Knowsley council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Knowsley Postcode
Activate L32 9PW
Albert Hambleton School L36 7SY
All Saints Catholic High School L32 9PQ
All Saints Catholic High School L33 8XF
Alt Bridge School L36 7TA
Arncliffe School L25 9QE
Beechwood Primary School L36 8EQ
Blacklow Brow Primary School L36 5XW
Bluebell Park School L32 3XP
Bowring Community Sports College L36 4PR
Brookfield High School L32 9PP
Brookside Community Primary School L28 3QA
Camberley School L25 9PB
Cartbridge Residential School L26 6LH
Cherryfield Primary School L32 3YE
Christ The King Catholic and Church of England (VA) Centre for Learning L36 3SD
Cronton CofE Primary School WA8 5DF
Eastcroft Park School L33 1EB
English Martyrs' Primary School L33 2DG
Evelyn Community Primary School L34 2SP
Finch Woods Academy L26 0TY
Halewood Academy L26 1UU
Halewood Centre for Learning (Community) L26 1UU
Halewood CofE Primary School L26 6LB
Halewood College L26 1UU
Halsnead Community Primary School L35 3TX
Higher Side Community Comprehensive School L35 2XG
Highfield School L26 0TY
Holy Angels Infant School
Holy Family Catholic Primary School WA8 5DW
Holy Family Catholic Primary School L25 9PA
Hope Primary School - A Joint Catholic and Church of England Primary School L14 8UD
Huyton Arts & Sports Centre for Learning (Community) L36 6DG
Huyton College L36 5XQ
Huyton-With-Roby CofE (Aided) Infant School L36 9TF
Huyton-with-Roby CofE Primary School L36 9TF
Kirkby CofE Primary School L32 1TZ
Kirkby High School L32 9PP
Kirkby Sports College Centre for Learning L32 9PP
Knowsley Central School L36 7SY
Knowsley Community College L36 9TD
Knowsley Hey Arts College L36 6DG
Knowsley Lane Primary School L36 8DB
Knowsley Northern Primary Support Centre L33 9UR
Knowsley Southern Primary Support Centre L25 9QE
Knowsley Village School L34 0ER
Knowsley Virtual Pathways L36 5YH
Lawrence House School L36 5SJ
Longview Community School L36 8DB
Lord Derby Academy L36 6DG
Mackets Primary School L25 9PB
Malvern County Infant School
Malvern Primary School L14 6XA
Meadow Park School L28 1RX
Millbridge School L32 2AX
Millbrook Community Primary School L32 0TG
Mosscroft Primary School L36 1XH
New Hutte Community Primary School L26 1TT
New Hutte Infant School L26 1TT
New Hutte Junior School L26 1TT
Newlands Hey L36 5SE
Nine Tree Primary School L28 4ED
Northfield School L33 9UR
Northwood Community Primary School L33 8XD
Our Lady's Catholic Primary School L34 6JJ
Overdale County Junior School L33 9UW
Overdale Primary School L33 9UW
Park Brow Community Primary School L32 6QH
Park View Academy L36 2LL
Park View Infant School L36 2LL
Park View Primary School L36 2LL
Parkfield School L32 9PW
Plantation Primary School L26 0TH
Prescot Primary School L34 2TA
Prescot School L34 3NB
Ravenscroft Community Primary School L33 1XT
Roby Park Primary School L36 4NY
Roseheath Community Primary School L26 1XQ
Roseheath County Infant School L26 1XQ
Ruffwood School L33 8XF
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School L33 0XN
Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School L33 1DZ
Simonswood Primary School L33 0XN
Southmead Community Primary School L35 3JY
Spencer House School L35 1QE
Springfield/Elms Federation At Bluebell Park L32 3XP
St Agnes Catholic Primary School L36 0UX
St Aidan's Catholic Primary School L36 7XR
St Albert's Catholic Primary School L28 8AJ
St Aloysiu's RC Infant School L36 2LF
St Aloysiu's RC Junior School L36 2LF
St Aloysius Catholic Primary School L36 2LF
St Andrew the Apostle Catholic Primary School L26 1TD
St Anne's Catholic Primary School L36 5XL
St Brigid's Catholic Primary School L28 7RE
St Columba's Catholic Primary School L36 8BL
St Dominic's Catholic Junior School L14 8UL
St Dominic's RC Infant School L14 8UL
St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Centre for Learning (VA) L35 2XG
St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School, A Specialist Technology College L35 7JD
St Edmund of Canterbury Catholic High School L14 8UD
St Gabriel's CofE Primary School L36 6BH
St John Fisher Catholic Primary School L34 0HA
St Joseph the Worker Catholic Primary School L32 9PF
St Joseph's (Kirkby) RC Infant School L32 9PF
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School L36 6DS
St Joseph's RC Junior School L32 9PF
St Laurence's Catholic Primary School L32 9QX
St Leo's and Southmead Catholic Primary School Serving the Community L35 3SR
St Luke's Catholic Primary School L35 5AT
St Luke's RC Infants' School L35 5AT
St Margaret Mary's Catholic Infant School L14 0JG
St Margaret Mary's Catholic Junior School L14 0JG
St Marie's Catholic Primary School L33 6XL
St Marie's RC Junior and Infant School
St Mark's Catholic Primary School L26 0XR
St Mark's RC Infant School
St Mary and St Paul's CofE Primary School L35 5DN
St Michael and All Angels Catholic Primary School L32 0TP
St Michael's RC Primary School L32 0TZ
St Paul's High School L26 0TA
St Thoma's Becket Catholic High School L36 6EG
Stockbridge Village Primary School L28 1AB
Stockbridge Village School L28 5RL
The Prescot School L34 3NB
The Prescot School L34 3NB
The Sylvester Primary School L36 0UX
Westvale Primary School L32 0RQ
Whiston Willis Community Primary School L35 2XY
Yew Tree Community Primary School (With Designated Special Provision) L26 1UU