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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Jersey Offshore Establishments

Jersey Offshore Establishments Council has 47 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 47 schools in the Jersey Offshore Establishments area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Jersey Offshore Establishments council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Jersey Offshore Establishments Postcode
Alternative Curriculum JE2 7GS
Beaulieu Convent School JE2 4RJ
Bel Royal Primary School JE3 1JQ
Blacks Academy JE3 1EX
D'Auvergne School JE2 3GF
d'Hautree House School JE2 7LF
De La Salle College JE2 7TH
De La Salle Primary School JE2 7TH
FCJ Primary School JE2 7XB
First Tower School JE2 3SD
Grainville School JE2 7XB
Grands Vaux School JE2 7NZ
Grouville School JE3 9DL
Haute Vallee School JE2 3HA
Hautlieu School JE2 7TH
Helvetia House School JE2 3PN
Janvrin School JE2 3ZN
Jersey College for Girls JE2 7YB
Jersey College for Girls Preparatory School JE2 7RT
La Moye School JE3 8GQ
La Pouquelaye School JE2 3FU
Le Rocquier School JE2 6QP
Les Landes School JE3 2BJ
Les Quennevais School JE3 8JW
Mont l'Abbe School JE2 3FN
Mont Nicolle School JE3 8DB
Plat Douet School JE2 7PN
Rouge Bouillon School JE2 3YN
Samares School JE2 6TG
Springfield School JE2 7LD
St Christopher's School JE2 4LB
St Christopher's School JE2 4LB
St Clement's School JE2 6LN
St George's Prep School JE3 7DB
St James School JE2 4QN
St John's School JE3 4EJ
St Lawrence's School JE3 1NG
St Luke's School JE2 7PG
St Mark's School JE2 7NT
St Martin's School JE3 6HW
St Mary's School JE3 3DA
St Michael's School JE2 7UG
St Peter's School JE3 7ZH
St Saviour's School JE2 7TY
Trinity School JE3 5JP
Victoria College JE1 4HT
Victoria College Preparatory School JE2 4RR