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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Islington

Islington Council has 127 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 127 schools in the Islington area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Islington council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Islington Postcode
Ambler Primary School and Children's Centre N4 2DR
Angel Primary School N1 0EH
Arts and Media School Islington N4 3LS
Ashmount Infant School N19 3BH
Ashmount Primary School N8 9EG
Beehive School N19 3SZ
Blessed Sacrament RC Primary School N1 0UF
Canonbury Infants' School N1 2UT
Canonbury Junior School N1 2UT
Canonbury Primary School N1 2UT
Central Foundation Boys' School EC2A 4SH
Charles Lamb Primary School N1 8RF
Christ The King RC Primary School N4 3QW
City and Islington College N7 0RN
City of London Academy Islington N1 8PQ
City University EC1V 0HB
Classes Francophones De Londres N19 3SZ
Clerkenwell Parochial CofE Primary School EC1R 1UN
Colebrooke Pupil Referral Unit N1 8AF
Colebrooke School N1 8AF
Coombe Hall School RH19 4NA
Copenhagen Primary School N1 0WF
Dallington School EC1V 0BW
Dania School EC1R 0HU
Drayton Park Primary School N5 1PJ
Duncombe Primary School N19 4JA
Ecclesbourne Class Base (East) N1 3AG
Ecclesbourne Primary School N1 3AG
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School N1 9QG
George Orwell School N4 3LS
Gillespie Primary School N5 1LH
Grafton Primary School N7 6AR
Hanover Primary School N1 8BD
Harborough Aut School N19 4AB
Hargrave Park Primary School N19 5BS
Highbury Fields School N5 1AR
Highbury Grove School N5 2EQ
Highbury Quadrant Primary School N5 2DP
Holloway School N7 0JG
Holly Park Montessori School N4 4BY
Hugh Myddelton Infant School
Hugh Myddelton Junior School EC1R 1YR
Hugh Myddelton Primary School EC1R 1YJ
Hungerford Infant School N7 9EB
Hungerford Junior School N7 9LF
Hungerford Primary School and Children's Centre N7 9LF
Islington Green School N1 8PQ
Islington Sixth Form Consortium EC2A 4SH
Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts EC1M 7AJ
Kate Greenaway Nursery School and Children's Centre N1 0UH
Laycock Primary School N1 1SW
London Meridian Primary and Secondary School N7 6BU
Lough Road Class Base (Central) N7 8RH
Margaret McMillan Nursery School N19 3SF
Montem Infant School N7 7QT
Montem Junior School N7 7QT
Montem Primary School N7 7QT
Moorfields Primary School EC1Y 8RX
Moreland Primary School EC1V 8BB
Mount Carmel Catholic College for Girls N19 3EU
Mulberry Bush Kindergarten of St Paul's Steiner Programme N1 2QH
New Directions N1 8AF
New North Community School N1 8SJ
New River College KS3 N7 8RH
New River College Medical N19 5NF
New River College Primary EC1Y 0TZ
New River College Secondary N7 8RH
Newcourt Centre Christian School N4 3PT
Newington Green Infant School N16 8NP
Newington Green Junior School N16 8NP
Newington Green Primary School N16 8NP
North Bridge House Senior Canonbury N1 2NQ
North Islington Nursery School N4 3RB
Pakeman Primary School N7 6DU
Poole's Park Infant School N4 3NW
Poole's Park Junior School N4 3NW
Poole's Park Primary School N4 3NW
Primrose Independent School N5 2TE
Prior Weston Primary School and Children's Centre EC1Y 8JA
Richard Cloudesley School N1 8RE
Ring Cross Primary School N7 8EE
Robert Blair Primary School N7 9QJ
Rosemary Sld School N1 8PW
Rotherfield Infant School N1 3EE
Rotherfield Junior School N1 3EE
Rotherfield Primary School N1 3EE
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School N7 8JN
Samuel Rhodes MLD School N5 2EG
Sol Ecole EC1V 3QS
Special Learning Centre N7 9QJ
Special Learning Centre (Secondary Base) N7 9QJ
St Aloysius RC College N6 5LY
St Andrew's (Barnsbury) Church of England Primary School N1 0LB
St Joan of Arc RC Primary School N5 2UX
St John Evangelist RC Primary School N1 8BL
St John's Highbury Vale CofE Primary School N5 1DL
St John's Upper Holloway CofE Primary School N19 5RR
St Joseph's RC Primary School N19 5NE
St Jude and St Paul's CofE Primary School N1 4AZ
St Luke's CofE Primary School EC1V 3SJ
St Mark's CofE Primary School N19 4JF
St Mary Magdalene Academy N7 8PG
St Mary Magdalene Academy: the Courtyard N7 8LT
St Mary Magdalene CofE Primary School N7 8PG
St Mary's CofE Primary School N1 2EP
St Paul's Steiner School N1 2QH
St Peter and St Paul RC Primary School EC1V 0EU
Tech City College EC1V 1JX
The Bridge Integrated Learning Space N7 9LD
The Bridge School N7 0EQ
The Children's House Upper School N1 4PB
The Family School London N1 9PN
The Gower School N1 9JF
The Metropolitan Theatre School N1 7QG
The New North Academy N1 8SJ
Thornhill Class Base (West) N1 1HX
Thornhill Primary School N1 1HX
Tufnell Park Primary School N7 0HJ
University of North London N7 8DB
Vittoria Primary School N1 0TJ
Whitehall Park School N19 3BH
William Tyndale Class Base (South) N1 2AQ
William Tyndale Primary School N1 2GG
William Tyndale Primary School N1 2GG
Winton Primary School N1 9AZ
Yerbury Class Base (North) N19 4RR
Yerbury Primary School N19 4RR