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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Isle of Man Offshore Establishments

Isle of Man Offshore Establishments Council has 47 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 47 schools in the Isle of Man Offshore Establishments area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Isle of Man Offshore Establishments council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Isle of Man Offshore Establishments Postcode
Albert Road Junior School IM8 1JB
Anagh Coar School IM2 2BX
Andreas School IM7 4EZ
Arbory Primary School IM9 4LH
Ashley Hill Primary School IM3 3LA
Auldyn Infant School IM8 2PA
Ballacottier School IM2 2ST
Ballakermeen High School IM1 4BE
Ballasalla Primary School IM9 2LA
Ballaugh Primary School IM7 5AH
Braddan Primary School IM4 4TQ
Bride Infants School IM7 4BN
Castle Rushen High School IM9 1RE
Cronk-Y-Berry School IM2 7PA
Dhoon Primary School IM7 1HA
Foxdale Primary School IM4 3EX
Glencrutchery Special School IM2 6EB
Henry Bloom Noble Infants IM1 3DX
Henry Bloom Noble Juniors IM1 1BE
Isle of Man College IM2 6RB
Jurby Community Primary School IM7 3BJ
Kewaigue Primary School IM2 1QH
King Williams College IM9 1TP
Laxey Primary School IM4 7DU
Manor Park Primary Junior Mixed and Infant School IM2 1AT
Market Square Preparatory School
Marown Primary School IM4 4RD
Michael School IM6 1AJ
Noble's Hospital School IM1 4QA
Onchan Primary School IM3 4PD
Peel Clothworkers Primary School IM5 1HP
Queen Elizabeth II High School IM5 1RD
Ramsey Grammar School IM8 2RG
Rushen Primary School IM9 5LW
Scoill Phurt Le Moirrey IM9 5RB
Scoill Vallajeelt IM2 1NN
Scoill yn Jubilee - Infants IM2 5EE
Scoill yn Jubilee - Juniors IM2 3BR
St John's Primary School IM4 3RD
St Mary's RC School IM2 5RB
St Ninian's High School IM2 5RA
St Thoma's CofE School IM1 2PL
Sulby Primary School IM7 2HP
The Buchan School IM9 1RD
The Buchan School IM9 1RD
Victoria Road Primary School IM9 1BA
Willaston Primary School IM2 6RD