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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Hammersmith and Fulham

Hammersmith and Fulham Council has 146 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 146 schools in the Hammersmith and Fulham area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Hammersmith and Fulham council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Hammersmith and Fulham Postcode
Addison Primary School W14 0DT
Al-Muntada Islamic School SW6 4HW
All Saints CofE Primary School SW6 6ED
Ark Bentworth Primary Academy W12 7AJ
Ark Burlington Danes Academy W12 0HR
Ark Conway Primary Academy W12 0QT
Ark Swift Primary Academy W12 7PT
Avonmore Primary School W14 8SH
Bayonne Nursery School W6 8PF
Beaufort House School SW6 1UF
Bellerbys College London W14 9RY
Bentworth Primary School W12 7AJ
Bloomsbury College SW6 1QR
Brackenbury Primary School W6 0BA
Bridge Academy W6 9JJ
Burlington Danes CofE School W12 0HR
Bute House Preparatory School W6 7EA
Cambridge School W12 0SP
Canberra Infant School W12 7PT
Canberra Primary School W12 7PT
Carroll School W14 9BU
Chelsea Independent College SW6 1HD
Courtyard AP Academy SW6 2LL
Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College W14 9BL
Earl's Court Free School Primary W6 0LB
Ecole Fran W6 7BE
Elizabeth Burgwin School W6 0LB
Ellerslie Primary School W12 7BP
Fernhurst School SL6 6NX
Flora Gardens Primary School W6 0UD
Fulham Boys School W14 9LY
Fulham College Boys' School SW6 6SN
Fulham College Boys' School SW6 6SN
Fulham Cross Girls' School and Language College SW6 6BP
Fulham Cross Girls' School and Language College SW6 6BP
Fulham Primary School SW6 1JU
Fulham Sixth Form Centre W6 8EA
Gibbs Green School W14 9LY
Good Shepherd RC Primary School W12 9BY
Greenside Primary School W12 9PT
Greenside Primary School W12 9PT
Halford School SW6 1JU
Hammersmith Academy W12 9JD
Harwood School SW6 2HL
Heathermount School SL5 9PG
Heathland School SW19 5NJ
Holborn College SE7 8LN
Holborn College W14 9RY
Holy Cross RC School SW6 4BL
Horder Nursery School SW6 5ED
Hurlingham and Chelsea Secondary School SW6 3ED
Jack Tizard School W12 7PA
James Lee Nursery School W14 9BH
John Aird School W12 9LB
John Betts Primary School W6 0UA
Kenmont Primary School NW10 6AL
Kensington Prep School SW6 5PA
L'Ecole des Petits School SW6 2NB
Lady Margaret School SW6 4UN
Lady Margaret School SW6 4UN
Langford Primary School SW6 2LG
Langford Primary School SW6 2LG
Larmenier & Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School W6 7BL
Larmenier RC Infants' School W6 8DH
Latymer Preparatory School W6 9TA
Latymer Upper School W6 9LR
Le Herisson School W6 9JT
Lena Gardens Primary School W6 7PZ
Lena Gardens Primary School W6 7PZ
March Hare Montessori School SW6 7EU
Marist Convent School SW6 5NU
Marshcroft Early Years Centre W14 9PA
Melcombe Primary School W6 9ER
Miles Coverdale Primary School W12 8JJ
Muhammad School of Islam W12 9DL
Munster School SW6 6AS
New King's Primary School SW6 4LY
Normand Croft Community School for Early Years and Primary Education W14 9PA
Normand Park Primary School SW6 7SR
North Croft School W12 9QG
Old Oak Primary School W12 0AS
One World Montessori Nursery and Pre-Preparartory School W6 7BE
One World Preparatory School W6 0EU
Parayhouse School SW6 4LY
Parsons Green Prep School SW6 4LJ
Peterborough Primary School SW6 3AA
Phoenix High School W12 0RQ
Phoenix High School W12 0RQ
Pine End School RH2 9JB
Primary Pupil Referral Unit SW6 2LG
Queen's Manor School and Special Needs Unit SW6 6ND
Queensmill School W12 0NW
Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre W12 7PH
Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School W6 0SL
Sacred Heart High School W6 7DG
Sacred Heart High School W6 7DG
Sacred Heart Junior School W6 7JP
Sherbrooke School SW6 7QN
Sinclair House School SW6 6DA
Sir John Lillie Primary School SW6 7LN
Special Learning Centre Secondary Base W6 9JJ
St Augustine's RC Primary School W6 8QE
St Edmund's School W6 8RB
St James Independent School for Boys (Junior Department) W14 8SH
St James Junior School W14 8SH
St James Senior Girls' School W14 8SH
St John XXIII Catholic Primary School W12 7QR
St Johns Walham Green Church of England Primary School SW6 6AS
St Mark's CofE School SW6 6ED
St Mary's Catholic Primary School W14 0LT
St Paul's CofE Primary School W6 9BP
St Paul's Girls' School W6 7BS
St Peter's Primary School W6 9BA
St Stephen's CofE Primary School W12 8LH
St Thoma's RC Infant School SW6 7HB
St Thoma's RC Junior School SW6 7HB
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School SW6 7HB
Stamford House W12 9NT
Sulivan Primary School SW6 3BN
TBAP 16-19 Academic AP Academy SW6 6HB
The Blue Sky Academy of Education and Arts W12 0RH
The Bridge Academy SW6 6HB
The Bridge AP Academy SW6 6HB
The Fulham Preparatory School Limited W14 9SD
The Godolphin and Latymer School W6 0PG
The Hurlingham Academy SW6 3ED
The Independent School W6 9AR
The London Oratory School SW6 1RX
The London Oratory School SW6 1RX
The Moat School SW6 6EG
The William Morris Academy W6 8RB
Thomas's Academy SW6 4LY
Thomas's Fulham SW6 3ES
TLG West London W6 9JJ
Twynholm School SW6 7PP
Vanessa Nursery School W12 9JA
Wedgwood School W14 9LY
Wendell Park Primary School W12 9LB
West London Free School W6 9LP
West London Free School Primary W6 0LB
Westside Academy Trust W6 0LT
Wharf Study Centre SW6 3LF
William Morris Sixth Form W6 8RB
Woodlane High School W12 0TN
Wormholt Park Primary School W12 0SR
Young Dancers Academy W12 8AR