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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Halton

Halton Council has 106 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 106 schools in the Halton area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Halton council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Halton Postcode
All Saints Upton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School WA8 4PG
Ashley School WA8 7HG
Astmoor Primary School WA7 2JE
Beechwood Primary School WA7 2TT
Birchfield Nursery School WA8 7TH
Bridgewater Park Primary School WA7 2LW
Brookfields School WA8 3JA
Brookvale Comprehensive School WA7 6EP
Brookvale Infant School WA7 6BZ
Brookvale Junior School WA7 6BZ
Brookvale Primary School WA7 6BZ
Cambian - Liverpool Road M29 8BS
Cambian 110 Peelhouse M29 8BS
Cambian 62 Peelhouse M29 8BS
Cambian Greenway M29 8BS
Cambian Halton View M29 8BS
Cambian Lower House Lane M29 8BS
Cambian Lunts Heath M29 8BS
Castle View Primary School WA7 2DZ
Cavendish High School WA7 4YX
Chesnut Lodge Special School WA8 7HF
Daresbury Primary School WA4 4AJ
Ditton Nursery School WA8 8DF
Ditton Primary School WA8 7HD
Fair Holme WA7 4NN
Fairfield High School WA8 6TE
Fairfield Infant School WA8 6TH
Fairfield Primary School WA8 6TH
Farnworth Church of England Controlled Primary School WA8 9HS
Gorsewood Primary School WA7 6ES
Grange Nursery School WA7 5XB
Hale Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School L24 4AN
Halebank CofE (VC) Primary School WA8 8UZ
Hallwood Park Primary School and Nursery WA7 2FL
Halton High School WA7 6EP
Halton House School WA7 3EW
Halton Lodge Primary School WA7 5LU
Halton School WA7 2AN
Hillview Primary School WA7 3HB
Hope Corner Academy WA7 4TD
Lunts Heath Primary School WA8 9RJ
Middleton Lodge WA8 8SZ
Moore Primary School WA4 6UG
Moorfield Primary School WA8 3HJ
Murdishaw West Community Primary School WA7 6EP
Norton Priory High School WA7 2NT
Oakfield Community Infant School WA8 8BQ
Oakfield Community Primary School WA8 8BQ
Oakfield Junior School WA8 8BQ
Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy WA7 6EP
Ormiston Chadwick Academy WA8 7HU
Our Lady Mother of the Saviour Catholic Primary School WA7 2TP
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Infant School WA8 7XE
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Junior School WA8 8JN
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary School WA8 8JN
Palace Fields Primary Academy WA7 2QW
Palace Fields Primary School WA7 2QW
Pewithall Primary School WA7 4XQ
Riverside College Halton WA8 7QQ
Runcorn All Saints CofE Primary School WA7 1LD
Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College WA8 7DW
Sandymoor WA7 1QU
Saxon Road Green Corns OL16 1BH
Simms Cross Primary School WA8 7QS
South Parade Green Corns OL16 1BH
Spinney Avenue Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School WA8 8LD
St Augustine's Catholic Primary School WA7 2JJ
St Augustine's Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy WA7 2JJ
St Basil's Catholic Primary School WA8 4SZ
St Bede's Catholic Infant School WA8 6EL
St Bede's Catholic Junior School WA8 6EL
St Berteline's CofE Primary School WA7 6QN
St Chad's Catholic High School WA7 5YH
St Chads Catholic and Church of England High School WA7 5YH
St Clement's Catholic Primary School WA7 4NX
St Edward's Catholic Primary School WA7 1RZ
St Gerard's Catholic Primary and Nursery School WA8 6DD
St John Fisher Catholic Primary School WA8 0BW
St Martin's Catholic Primary School WA7 6HZ
St Mary's Church of England Primary School WA7 2NR
St Michaels Catholic Primary School WA8 8TD
The Bankfield School WA8 7HU
The Bridge School WA7 1PW
The Brow Community Primary School WA7 2HB
The Cavendish High Academy WA7 4YX
The Grange Infant School WA7 5XB
The Grange Junior School WA7 5DX
The Grange School WA7 5DX
The Heath School WA7 4SY
The Heath School WA7 4SY
The Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School WA7 2NL
The Park Primary School WA7 2LW
Victoria Road Primary School WA7 5BN
Wade Deacon High School WA8 7TD
Wade Deacon High School WA8 7TD
Warrington Road Nursery School WA8 0BS
West Bank Primary School WA8 0EL
Westfield Primary School WA7 4TR
Weston Point College WA7 4UN
Weston Point Community Primary School WA7 4EQ
Weston Primary School WA7 4RA
Widnes Academy WA8 0EL
Widnes and Runcorn Sixth Form College WA8 5WA
Windmill Hill Primary School WA7 6QE
Woodside Primary School WA7 5YP