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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Hackney

Hackney Council has 191 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 191 schools in the Hackney area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Hackney council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Hackney Postcode
Al-Falah Primary School E5 8BY
Amherst Infant School E8 1AS
Amherst Junior School E8 1AS
Amherst Primary School E8 1AS
Avigdor Primary School N16 0QJ
Baden-Powell School E5 8DN
Beis Ahaion School N16 5ED
Beis Aharon School N16 5ED
Beis Chinuch Lebonos Girls School N4 2SH
Beis Malka Girls' School N16 6XD
Beis Rochel d'Satmar Girls' School N16 5DL
Beis Ruchel D'Satmar London N16 5RS
Beis Trana Girls' School E5 9DH
Beis Yaakov Girls School N16 0QJ
Benthal Primary School N16 7AU
Benthal Primary School Infant Department N16 7AU
Berger Infant School E9 6HB
Berger Junior School E9 6HB
Berger Primary School E9 6HB
Betty Layward Primary School N16 9EX
Bnei Zion Community School N16 6TJ
Bnois Jerusalem Girls School N16 5DL
Bnos Zion of Bobov N16 6TJ
Brook Community Primary School E8 1AS
Burbage Infants' School N1 5JD
Burbage Junior School N1 5JD
Cardinal Pole Roman Catholic School E9 6LG
Christian School of London N1 5DJ
Clapton Girls' Academy E5 0RB
Clapton Girls' Technology College E5 0RB
Clissold Park School N16 9EX
Colvestone Primary School E8 2LG
Comet Nursery School and Children's Centre N1 5RF
Cordwainers College E8 3RE
Craven Park School N16 6DH
Crusoe House School N1 7RD
Daniel House Pupil Referral Unit N16 9EX
Daubeney Infant School E5 0EG
Daubeney Primary School E5 0EG
De Beauvoir Infant School N1 4BZ
De Beauvoir Junior School N1 4BZ
De Beauvoir Primary School N1 4BZ
Downsview School E5 8QP
East London Christian Choir School E8 4AE
Gainsborough Primary School E9 5ND
Gayhurst Community School E8 3EN
Gayhurst Infants' School E8 3EN
Gayhurst Junior School E8 3EN
Getters Talmud Torah N16 5AR
Grasmere Primary School N16 9PD
Grazebrook Primary School N16 0QP
Great Stony School CM5 0AD
Hackney City Farm E2 8QA
Hackney Community College N1 6HQ
Hackney Downs School E5 8NP
Hackney Free and Parochial Infant School E9 6DU
Hackney Free and Parochial Junior School E9 6DX
Hackney New Primary School N1 5AA
Hackney New School E8 4DL
Hackney Sixth Form Centre E9 5BX
Hackney University Technical College N1 6HQ
Haggerston School E2 8LS
Halley House School E8 2DJ
Harrington Hill Primary School E5 9EY
Holmleigh Primary School N16 5PU
Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School E8 3HY
Home School of Stoke Newington N16 7AA
Homerton College of Technology E9 6EB
Hoxton Garden Primary N1 5JD
Hyderabad Islamic School
Ickburgh School E9 5RB
Inspired Directions School E8 2NG
Jubilee Primary School N16 6NR
Kingsland School E8 2EY
Kingsmead Primary School E9 5PP
Laburnum Primary School E2 8BA
Lauriston School E9 7JS
Leaways School E5 9NZ
Lennox Lewis College E5 9NA
London Fields Primary School E8 3RL
Lubavitch House Junior School N16 5RP
Lubavitch House School (Junior Boys) E5 9AE
Lubavitch House School (Junior Girls') N16 5RP
Lubavitch House School (Senior Girls) N16 5RP
Lubavitch House School (Senior Girls) N16 5RP
Lubavitch House Senior School N16 5RP
Lubavitch Junior Boys E5 9AE
Lubavitch Ruth Lunzer Girls Primary School N16 5RP
Mandeville Primary School E5 0BT
Mechinah Liyeshivah Zichron Moshe N16 5AR
Mesifta Talmudical College N16 6AB
Millfields Community School E5 0SH
Millfields Infant School E5 0SH
Millfields Junior School E5 0SH
Morningside Primary School E9 6LL
Mossbourne Community Academy E5 8JY
Mossbourne Parkside Academy E8 1AS
Mossbourne Riverside Academy E8 1AS
Mossbourne Victoria Park Academy E9 7HD
Mustard School N1 5LR
New Regent's College E5 8AD
New River Pupil Referral Unit N16 9EX
Nightingale Primary School E5 8PH
Northwold Infants' School E5 8RN
Northwold Junior School E5 8RN
Northwold Primary School E5 8RN
Northwold Primary School E5 8RN
Orchard Primary School E9 7BB
Our Lady and St Joseph Catholic Primary School N1 4DG
Our Lady's Convent Roman Catholic High School N16 5AF
Paragon Christian Academy E5 0JP
Parkwood Primary School N4 2HQ
People's Trust Preparatory School N16 8BY
Princess May Infants' School N16 8AJ
Princess May Junior School N16 8AJ
Princess May Primary School N16 8DF
Queensbridge Primary School E8 4ET
Rams Episcopal Church of England Primary School E9 6DU
Randal Cremer Primary School E2 8JG
Rosemary Works School N1 5PH
Rosemary Works School N1 5PH
Rushmore Infants' School E5 0EY
Rushmore Junior School E5 0EY
Rushmore Primary School E5 0LE
Saint Dominic Roman Catholic Infant School E9 5SR
Saint Dominic Roman Catholic Junior School E9 5SR
Sebright School E2 8QH
Shacklewell Infants' School E8 2EA
Shacklewell Junior School E8 2EA
Shacklewell Primary School E8 2EA
Shaftesbury House School SG8 9ED
Shawcroft School BR5 4ES
Side By Side Nursery N16 6UA
Side By Side School E5 9HH
Simon Marks Jewish Primary School N16 6PD
Sir Thomas Abney School N16 5ED
Skinners' Academy N4 1SY
Southwold Primary School E5 9NL
Springfield Community Primary School N16 6DH
St John and St James CofE Primary School E9 6DX
St John of Jerusalem Church of England Primary School E9 7JF
St John the Baptist Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary School N1 6JG
St John's Education Centre N16 9EX
St Mary's Church of England Primary School, Stoke Newington N16 0JT
St Matthias Church of England Primary School N16 8DD
St Monica's Roman Catholic Primary School N1 6QN
St Paul's with St Michael's Primary School E8 4PB
St Scholastica's Catholic Primary School E5 8BS
St Thomas's Church of England Primary School N16 6XJ
St. Dominic's Catholic Primary School E9 5SR
Stoke Newington Mission Paradigm Primary School N16 7NY
Stoke Newington Mission Paradigm School N16 7NY
Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form N16 9EX
Stormont House School E5 8NP
T T T Y Y School N16 5NH
Ta - Leem Academy E12 6QN
Talmud Torah Bobov Primary School N16 6UE
Talmud Torah Chaim Meirim Wiznitz School N16 6XB
Talmud Torah London E5 9DH
Talmud Torah Machzikei Hadass School E5 9SN
Talmud Torah School N16 5DU
Talmud Torah Yetev Lev N16 6AX
Tawhid Boys School, Tawhid Educational Trust N16 6PA
Tayyibah Girls' School N16 6JJ
The Boxing Academy E8 3NR
The Bridge Academy E2 8BA
The Brooke House Sixth Form College E5 8BP
The City Academy, Hackney E9 6EA
The Garden School N16 8BZ
The Home School of Stoke Newington N16 7AA
The Learning Trust E8 1GQ
The Lyceum EC2A 4JH
The Olive School Hackney N16 6AA
The Petchey Academy E8 2EY
The Skinners' Company's School for Girls N16 5RS
The Supplementary School of Secondary Education E8 3DL
The Urswick School - A Church of England Secondary School E9 6NR
Thomas Fairchild Community School N1 7HA
TTD Gur School N16 6UX
Tyssen Community Primary School N16 6QA
Vishnitz Girls School N16 5DL
Wentworth Nursery School and Children's Centre E9 5BY
Whitmore Primary School N1 5JN
William Patten Infants' School N16 0NX
William Patten Junior School N16 0NX
William Patten Primary School N16 0NX
Wiznitz Cheder School N16 6QT
Woodberry Down Community Primary School N4 1SY
Woodberry Down Community Primary School N4 1SY
Yesodey Hatorah School N16 5AE
Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School N16 6UB