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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Greenwich

Greenwich Council has 181 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 181 schools in the Greenwich area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Greenwich council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Greenwich Postcode
Abbey Wood Nursery School SE2 0SX
Abbey Wood School SE2 9AJ
Alderwood Primary School SE9 2JH
Alexander McLeod Infant School SE2 0QS
Alexander McLeod Junior School SE2 0QS
Alexander McLeod Primary School SE2 0QS
ASD Learning Centre - Woolwich SE18 6SW
Bannockburn Primary School SE18 1HE
Belcanto London Academy Theatre School SE9 5DQ
Bellerbys College London SE8 3DE
Bishop John Robinson Church of England Primary School SE28 8LW
Blackheath Bluecoat Church of England School SE3 8SY
Blackheath High School SE3 7AG
Blackheath Preparatory School SE3 0NJ
Boxgrove Primary School SE2 9JP
Brantridge School RH17 6EQ
Briset Centre SE9 6HN
Briset Primary School SE9 6HN
Brooklands Primary School SE3 9AB
Brooklands Primary School SE3 9AB
Cardwell Primary School SE18 5LP
Charlotte Turner Primary School SE8 3HD
Charlton Athletic Community Trust Youth SE9 2JR
Charlton Manor Infant School SE7 7BE
Charlton Manor Junior School SE7 7BE
Charlton Manor Primary School SE7 7EF
Charlton Park Academy SE7 8HX
Charlton Park School SE7 8HX
Charlton School SE7 8HX
Cherry Orchard Primary School SE7 7DG
Christ Church Church of England Primary School SE10 0DZ
Christ Church Church of England Primary School, Shooters Hill SE18 3RS
Churchfield School SE2 0HY
Colfes School SE12 8AW
Conway Infant School SE18 1QY
Conway Junior School SE18 1QY
Conway Primary School SE18 1QY
Corelli College SE3 8EP
Crown Woods College SE9 2QN
Cyril Henry Nursery School SE18 5AP
De Lucy Primary School SE2 9PD
Deansfield Infant School SE9 1RD
Deansfield Junior School SE9 1RD
Deansfield Primary School SE9 1XP
Discovery Primary School SE28 0JN
Eaglesfield School SE18 4LD
Ealdham Primary School SE9 6BP
Eglinton Infant School SE18 3PY
Eglinton Junior School SE18 3SX
Eglinton Primary School SE18 3PY
Eltham Church of England Primary School SE9 1TR
Eltham Hill School SE9 5EE
Eltham Sixth Form Centre
First Steps Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory School SE3 9JL
Fossdene Primary School SE7 7NQ
Foxfield Infant School SE18 7EX
Foxfield Primary School SE18 7EX
Foxhill Centre SE18 3AT
Frant Court Ch (E)
Full Circle Education SE3 8ND
Gallions Mount Primary School SE18 1JR
Gordon Primary School SE9 1QG
Greenacres Primary School and Language Impairment Unit SE9 3JN
Greenacres Tutorial Class SE9 3JN
Greenslade Primary School SE18 2QQ
Greenwich Community College at Plumstead Centre SE18 7DQ
Greenwich Steiner School SE3 7SE
Greenwood School SE18 2JD
Griffin Manor School SE18 2JD
Haimo Primary School SE9 6DY
Halstow Primary School SE10 0LD
Harris Academy Greenwich SE9 5EQ
Hatchford Park School KT11 1LR
Hawksmoor School SE28 8AS
Hawthorn Cottage School SE18 2JD
Henwick Primary School SE9 6NZ
Heronsgate Primary School SE28 0EA
Holy Family Catholic Primary School SE3 9YX
Horn Park Infant School SE12 9BT
Horn Park Primary School SE12 9BT
Hughes Fields Primary School SE8 3HD
Invicta Primary School SE3 7HE
James Wolfe Infant School SE10 9LA
James Wolfe Junior School SE10 9LA
James Wolfe Primary School and Centre for the Deaf SE10 9LA
Kidbrooke Park Primary School SE3 8HS
Kidbrooke School SE3 8EP
Kings Park Centre SE9 5LX
Linton Mead Primary School SE28 8DT
Lollipops School (At Bramble House) SE9 3QT
Main Office and Primary Resource
Manormead School SE2 0HY
Mayflower Independant School SE13 7QY
Maze Hill School SE10 9UP
Meridian Primary School SE10 9NY
Middle Park Infant School SE9 5RX
Middle Park Junior School SE9 5RX
Middle Park Primary School SE9 5RX
Millennium Primary School SE10 0BG
Millennium Primary School SE10 0BG
Moatbridge School SE9 5LX
Montbelle Primary School SE9 3EY
Morden Mount Primary School SE13 7QP
Mulgrave Infant and Nursery School SE18 5DA
Mulgrave Junior School SE18 7QA
Mulgrave Primary School SE18 5DL
Negus Sixth Form Centre SE18 1QF
Newhaven Pupil Referral Unit SE9 6HR
Nightingale Primary School SE18 7JJ
Nine Acres School SE18 7NB
Notre Dame Catholic Primary School SE18 3SJ
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary School SE7 7EZ
Plumcroft Primary School SE18 3HW
Plumstead Manor School SE18 1QF
Pound Park Nursery School SE7 8AF
Pulse and Water College SE18 6PF
Rachel McMillan Nursery School and Children's Centre SE8 3EH
Ravensbourne SE10 0EW
Revitalise SE10 0RA
Right Choice Independent Special School SE18 6BB
RIMU Music Preparatory School and Nursery SE3 8JS
Riverston School SE12 8UF
Robert Owen Nursery School SE10 0EA
Rockliffe Manor Primary School SE18 2NP
Rose Cottage School SE18 2JD
Ruxley Manor Primary School SE9 3EY
Saint Mary Magdalene Church of England All Through School SE18 5PW
Schoolhouse Education SE2 9LZ
Sherington Primary School SE7 7JP
Shooters Hill Post-16 Campus SE18 4LD
Shooters Hill Post-16 Campus SE18 4LD
South Rise Infant School SE18 7PX
South Rise Junior School SE18 7PX
South Rise Primary School SE18 7PX
St Alfege with St Peter's Church of England Primary School SE10 9RB
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School SE10 9AN
St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School SE28 8GB
St Margaret's Church of England Primary School SE18 7RL
St Mary's Catholic Primary School SE9 1UF
St Olave's Preparatory School SE9 3QS
St Patrick's Catholic Primary School SE18 7QG
St Paul's Academy SE2 9PX
St Paul's Catholic School SE2 0XX
St Peter's Catholic Primary School SE18 7BN
St Thomas A Becket Roman Catholic Primary School SE2 9LY
St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School SE9 2SU
St Thomas More Catholic Primary School SE9 6NS
St Thomas More Roman Catholic Comprehensive School SE9 2SU
St Ursula's Convent School SE10 8HN
Stationers Crown Woods Academy SE9 2PT
StreetVibes Media Academy SE9 1DA
The Eltham Foundation School SE9 5EQ
The Greenwich Free School SE18 4LH
The International Academy of Greenwich SE3 9DU
The John Roan School SE3 7UD
The Pointer School SE3 7TH
The Triangle Sixth Form Centre
Thomas Tallis School SE3 9PX
Thorntree Primary School SE7 8AE
Timbercroft Infant School SE18 2SG
Timbercroft Junior School SE18 2SG
Timbercroft Primary School SE18 2SG
Timbercroft Primary School SE18 2SG
Trinity Laban SE8 3DZ
University of Greenwich SE10 9LS
University Technical College, Royal Borough of Greenwich SE7 8LJ
Waterfield School SE28 8AT
Waterside School SE18 7NB
Westcombe Centre SE10 0JY
Wildwood Montessori School SE3 7PA
Willow Dene School SE18 2JD
Windrush Primary School SE28 8AR
Windrush Primary School SE28 8AR
Wingfield Primary School SE3 9XU
Wize Up SE9 6DN
Woodhill Primary School SE18 5JE
Woolwich Common Nursery School SE18 4DJ
Woolwich Polytechnic School SE28 8AT
Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys SE28 8AT
Wyborne Infant School SE9 2EH
Wyborne Primary School SE9 2EH