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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Enfield

Enfield Council has 162 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 162 schools in the Enfield area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Enfield council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Enfield Postcode
Albany School EN3 5PA
Alma Primary School EN3 4UQ
Applied Educational Solutions EN3 7HG
Ark John Keats Academy EN3 5PA
Aylands School EN3 6NY
Aylward Academy N18 1NB
Behaviour Support Service N14 4AL
Bishop Stopford's School EN1 3PU
Bowes Infant School N11 2HL
Bowes Junior School N11 2HL
Bowes Primary School N11 2HL
Bowes Primary School N11 2HL
Brettenham Infant School N18 2ET
Brettenham Junior School N18 2ET
Brettenham Primary School N18 2ET
Brimsdown Infant School EN3 7NA
Brimsdown Junior School EN3 7NA
Brimsdown Primary School EN3 7NA
Broomfield School N14 7HY
Bush Hill Park Infant School EN1 1DS
Bush Hill Park Junior School EN1 1DS
Bush Hill Park Primary School EN1 1DS
Capel Manor College EN1 4RQ
Capel Manor Primary School EN1 4RL
Carterhatch Infant School EN1 4JY
Carterhatch Junior School EN1 4JY
Chace Community School EN1 3HQ
Chase Side Primary School EN2 6NS
Chesterfield Infant School EN3 6BG
Chesterfield Junior School EN3 6BG
Chesterfield Primary School EN3 6BG
Chesterfield Primary School EN3 6BG
Church of God In Trinity (Orthodox) N18 1DY
Churchfield Primary School N9 9PL
Cuckoo Hall Academy N9 8DR
Cuckoo Hall Primary School N9 8DR
De Bohun Infant School N14 4AD
De Bohun Junior School N14 4AD
De Bohun Primary School N14 4AD
Durants School EN3 5BY
Eastfield Primary School EN3 5UX
Edmonton County School EN1 1HQ
Edmonton County School EN1 1HQ
Eldon Primary School N9 8LG
Enfield College EN3 5HA
Enfield County School EN2 6QG
Enfield Grammar School EN2 6LN
Enfield Grammar School EN2 6LN
Enfield Heights Academy EN3 5BY
Enfield Secondary Tuition Centre N9 8LG
Essential Achievers N21 2RH
Eversley Infant School N21 1PD
Eversley Junior School N21 1PD
Eversley Primary School N21 1PD
Firs Farm Primary School N13 5QP
Fleecefield Primary School N18 2ES
Focus 1st Academy N11 1BA
Forty Hill CofE Primary School EN2 9EY
Freezywater St George's CofE Primary School EN3 6NR
Freshsteps N9 0AH
Galliard Primary School N9 7PE
Garfield Primary School N11 1BH
George Spicer Primary School EN1 1YF
Grange Park Preparatory School N21 2EA
Grange Park Primary School N21 1PP
Hadley Wood Primary School EN4 0HT
Hazelbury Junior School N9 9TT
Hazelbury Primary School N9 9TT
Hazelbury Primary School N9 9TT
Hazelwood Infant School N13 5HE
Hazelwood Junior School N13 5HE
Heron Hall Academy EN3 4SA
Highfield Infant School N21 3HE
Highfield Junior School N21 3HE
Highfield Primary School N21 3HE
Highlands School N21 1QQ
Holy Family Covent RC School EN2 6EN
Home and Hospital Service N14 4HN
Honilands Primary School EN1 4RE
Houndsfield Primary School N9 7RE
Keble Preparatory School N21 1BG
Keys Meadow School EN3 6FB
Kingfisher Hall Primary Academy EN3 7GB
Kingsmead School EN1 1YQ
Kingsmead School EN1 1YQ
Latymer All Saints CofE Primary School N9 9RS
Lavender Primary School EN2 0SX
Lea Valley High School EN3 6TW
Meridian Angel Primary School N18 2DS
Merryhills Primary School EN2 7RE
Middlesex University N14 4YZ
New Rainbow School N13 4RS
Newbury Unit N9 7JR
Newriver Christian School N13 4RS
Nightingale Academy N9 8DQ
North London Hospital School N14 6RA
North London Muslim School N18 2XF
Oakthorpe Infants' School N13 6BY
Oakthorpe Junior School N13 6BY
Oakthorpe Primary School N13 6BY
Oaktree School N14 4HN
Oasis Academy Enfield EN3 7XH
Oasis Academy Hadley EN3 4PX
One Degree Academy EN3 4SA
Orchard Centre EN2 6NS
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School N11 1RD
Palmers Green High School N21 3LJ
Pegasus Centre for Learning N9 0BU
Phoenix Academy N9 8LD
Primary Outreach and Offsite Behaviour Support Team EN2 6NS
Prince of Wales Primary School EN3 6HG
Progress Centre N9 9TT
Raglan Infant School EN1 2NS
Raynham Infant School N18 2JQ
Raynham Junior School N18 2JQ
Raynham Primary School N18 2JQ
Russet House School EN1 4JA
Salcombe School N14 4PL
Secondary Support Centre EN3 4DX
Southbury Primary School EN3 4JG
Southgate College N14 6BS
Southgate School EN4 0BL
Southgate School EN4 0BL
Southover Partnership School N12 0EY
St Andrew's CofE Primary School EN1 3UL
St Andrew's Southgate Primary School (CE) N14 6JA
St Angela's RC School for Girls N13 5TY
St Anne's Catholic High School for Girls N13 5TY
St Edmunds Catholic Primary School N9 7HJ
St George's Catholic Primary School EN2 0QA
St Ignatius College EN1 4NP
St James CofE Primary School EN3 7HH
St John and St James CofE Primary School N18 2TL
St John's CofE Primary School EN2 9BD
St John's Preparatory and Senior School EN6 5QT
St Mary's Catholic Primary School EN3 7DE
St Matthew's CofE Primary School EN3 4LA
St Michael at Bowes CofE Junior School N13 6JB
St Michael's CofE Primary School EN2 0NB
St Monica's RC Primary School N14 7HE
St Nicholas House School
St Paul's CofE Primary School N21 2RA
Starks Field Primary School N9 9SJ
Suffolks Primary School EN1 3PU
The Eldon Federation Eldon Junior School N9 8LG
The Gladys Aylward School N18 1NB
The Hornsey Centre for Children N10 2PT
The Latymer School N9 9TN
The Raglan Junior School EN1 2RG
Tottenhall Infant School N13 6HX
Tuition Service N18 2JQ
Turin Grove School N9 8DQ
Vita Et Pax School N14 4AT
Walker Primary School N14 7EG
Waverley School EN3 7DL
West Grove Primary School N14 4LR
West Lea School N9 9TU
Wilbury Primary School N18 1DE
Winchmore School N21 3HS
Wolfson Hillel Primary School N14 4LG
Woodpecker Hall Primary Academy N9 8BF
Worcesters Primary School EN1 4UF