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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Ealing

Ealing Council has 206 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 206 schools in the Ealing area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Ealing council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Ealing Postcode
Acorn House College UB1 3HF
Acton Green County First and Middle School W4 5AW
Acton High School W3 8EY
Alec Reed Academy UB5 5LQ
Allenby First School UB1 2HX
Allenby Nursery School UB1 2HX
Allenby Primary School UB1 2HX
Ark Byron Primary Academy W3 8NR
Ark Priory Primary Academy W3 8NR
Aston House School W5 2RL
Avenue House School W13 8LS
Ayesha Siddiqa Girls School UB1 1LS
Barantyne Middle School UB5 5EF
Barbara Speake Stage School W3 7EG
Beaconsfield Primary and Nursery School UB1 1DR
Belvue School UB5 6AG
Berrymede Infant School W3 8RN
Berrymede Junior School W3 8SJ
Betham's CofE First School UB6 9JT
Betham's CofE Middle School UB6 9JU
Blair Peach First and Nursery School UB1 1DR
Blair Peach Middle School UB1 1DR
Blair Peach Primary School UB1 1DR
Brentside First School W7 1LB
Brentside High School W7 1JJ
Brentside Middle School W7 1JL
Brentside Primary School W7 1JL
Brentside Primary School W7 1JL
Castlebar School W13 0DH
Cavendish School W13 0JG
Christ Church Church of England Junior School W5 2XA
Christ the Saviour Church of England Primary School W5 2AA
Clifton First School UB2 5QP
Clifton Lodge School W5 5BG
Clifton Middle School UB2 5QH
Clifton Primary School UB2 5QP
Compton First School W13 0JG
Coston Primary School UB6 9JU
Crofton Hill Education Establishment W5 2HP
Dairy Meadow First and Nursery School UB2 4RP
Dairy Meadow Middle School UB2 4RP
Dairy Meadow Primary School UB2 4RP
Derwentwater First School W3 6SA
Derwentwater Middle School W3 6SA
Derwentwater Primary School W3 6SA
Dormers Wells High School UB1 3HZ
Dormers Wells Infant School UB1 3HX
Dormers Wells Junior School UB1 3HX
Downe Manor Primary School UB5 6NW
Drayton Green Primary School W13 0LA
Drayton Manor High School W7 1EU
Drayton Manor High School W7 1EU
Durdans Park First School UB1 2PQ
Durdans Park Middle School UB1 2PQ
Durdans Park Primary School UB1 2PQ
Durston House School W5 2DR
Ealing Alternative Provision W13 0LR
Ealing and Hanwell Preparatory Education Trust W13 8QH
Ealing College Upper School W13 8JS
Ealing Fields High School W7 2AJ
Ealing Green High School W5 5EW
Ealing Independent College W5 5AL
Ealing Primary Centre UB6 8QJ
Ealing Tertiary College W3 8UX
East Acton Primary School W3 7HA
Edward Betham Church of England Primary School UB6 9JU
Elthorne Park High School W7 2AH
Featherstone First School UB2 5AQ
Featherstone High School UB2 5HF
Featherstone High School UB2 5HF
Featherstone Middle School UB2 5AG
Featherstone Primary and Nursery School UB2 5JT
Fielding First School W13 9TE
Fielding Middle School W13 9TE
Fielding Primary School W13 9TE
George Tomlinson First School UB2 4HT
George Tomlinson Middle School UB2 4HT
Gifford First School UB5 6BU
Gifford Middle School UB5 6BU
Gifford Primary School UB5 6BU
Glebe Nursery School UB2 5JT
Grange Infant School W5 4HN
Grange Junior School W5 4HN
Grange Primary School W5 4HN
Greek Primary School of London W3 9JR
Greenfields Childrens Centre UB2 5PF
Greenford High School UB1 2GU
Greenwood First School UB5 4QG
Greenwood Middle School UB5 4QG
Greenwood Primary School UB5 4QG
Grove House Children Centre UB1 2JG
Gurnell Middle School W13 0DH
Hambrough Primary School UB1 1SF
Harvington Prep School W5 2DS
Hathaway Primary School W13 0DH
Havelock First School UB2 4PA
Havelock Middle School UB2 4PA
Havelock Primary School and Nursery UB2 4PA
Hobbayne Primary School W7 1HA
Horsenden First School UB6 0PB
Horsenden Middle School UB6 0PB
Horsenden Primary School UB6 0PB
Insights Independent School W13 0NP
Islamic Education and Recreational Institute UB1 1LS
Islip Manor First School UB5 5DY
Islip Manor Middle School UB5 5DY
John Chilton School UB5 5LD
John Perryn Primary School W3 7PD
Khalsa VA Primary School UB2 4LA
King Fahad Academy W3 7HD
La Chouette School W5 2PJ
Lady Margaret First School UB1 2NH
Lady Margaret Middle School UB1 2HN
Lady Margaret Primary School UB1 2NH
Leap Service - the National Autistics Society W3 8RR
Little Ealing First School W5 4EA
Little Ealing Middle School W5 4EA
Little Ealing Primary School W5 4EA
London Bunka Yochien School W3 0BP
Longfield Tutorial Centre W5 2DH
Lower Boston Road Tutorial Centre W7 2NR
Mandeville School UB6 0PA
Manor House School W7 3EG
Maples Children's Centre W3 7LL
Mayfield Primary School W7 3RT
Montpelier First School W5 2RA
Montpelier Middle School W5 2RA
Montpelier Primary School W5 2QT
Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School W5 4EA
North Ealing Primary School W5 1RP
North Primary School UB1 2JE
North West London Independent Special School W3 7DD
Northolt High School UB5 4HP
Northolt Park Infant School UB5 4HB
Northolt Primary School UB5 5LE
Notting Hill and Ealing High School W13 8AX
Oaklands First School W7 2DP
Oaklands Middle School W7 2DP
Oaklands Primary School W7 2DP
Oldfield Primary School UB6 8PR
Orchard House School W4 1LB
Our Lady of the Visitation Catholic Primary School UB6 9AN
Park Tutorial Centre UB2 5PE
Perivale First School UB6 7AF
Perivale Middle School UB6 7AF
Perivale Primary School UB6 7AP
Perivale Study Centre UB6 7LH
Petts Hill Primary School UB5 4HB
Ravenor Primary School UB6 9TT
Red House School
Rock Small School W5 2UP
Selborne Primary School UB6 8JD
South Acton Childrens Centre W3 8RX
Southfield Primary School W4 1BD
Springhallow School W13 0JG
St Angelo Preparatory School W5 2QP
St Ann's School W7 3JP
St Anselm's Catholic Primary School UB2 4BH
St Augustine's Priory W5 2JL
St Benedict's Junior School W5 2XP
St Benedict's School W5 2ES
St Gregory's Catholic Primary School W5 1SL
St John Fisher Catholic Primary School UB6 7AF
St John's Primary School W13 0NY
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School W7 3HU
St Mark's Primary School W7 2NR
St Mary's Church of England Primary Norwood Green UB2 4LA
St Raphael's Catholic Primary School UB5 6NL
St Saviour's Church of England Infant and Nursery School W5 5DX
St Vincent's Catholic Primary School W3 9JR
Stanhope First School UB6 9EG
Stanhope Middle School UB6 9EG
Stanhope Primary School UB6 9EG
The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School UB6 9AW
The Compton High School and Sports College UB5 5LQ
The Ealing Dean Anglo-French School W5 5BG
The Eden School (SDA) W3 8JY
The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls W3 0HW
The Greek School In London
The Holy Family Catholic Primary School W3 0DY
The Japanese School W3 9PU
The Sybil Elgar School UB2 4NY
Three Bridges Primary School UB2 4HT
Tudor First School UB1 1NX
Tudor Middle School UB1 1NX
Tudor Primary School UB1 1NX
Twyford Church of England High School W3 9PP
Twyford Church of England High School W3 9PP
University of West London W5 5RF
Vicar's Green Primary School HA0 1DP
Viking First School UB5 6HW
Viking Middle School UB5 6HW
Viking Primary School UB5 6HW
Villiers High School UB1 3BT
West Acton Primary School W3 0JL
West Twyford Primary School NW10 7DN
William Perkin Church of England High School UB6 8PR
Willow Tree Primary School UB5 5FE
Wolf Fields First School UB2 4JS
Wolf Fields Middle School UB2 4JS
Wolf Fields Primary School UB2 4JS
Wood End Academy UB6 0EQ
Wood End Infant School UB5 4LB
Wood End Junior School UB6 0EQ
Woodlands Academy W13 0DH
Ysgol Gymraeg Llundain, The Welsh School London W7 1PD