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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Doncaster

Doncaster Council has 281 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 281 schools in the Doncaster area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Doncaster council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Doncaster Postcode
Adwick Park Junior School DN6 7SH
Adwick Primary School DN6 7LW
Ambler Junior School DN4 9HU
Anchorage School DN5 7UB
Arksey Primary School DN5 0TE
Armthorpe Academy DN3 2DA
Armthorpe CofE Infant School DN3 3AE
Armthorpe Shaw Wood Academy DN3 2DG
Armthorpe Shaw Wood Junior School DN3 2DG
Armthorpe Southfield Primary School DN3 3BN
Armthorpe Tranmoor Primary School DN3 3DB
Ash Hill Academy DN7 6JH
Askern Moss Road Infant School DN6 0NE
Askern Spa Junior School DN6 0AQ
Athelstane School DN12 3LR
Auckley Junior and Infant School DN9 3JN
Auckley School DN9 3JN
Balby Carr Community Academy DN4 8ND
Balby Carr Community Sports and Science College DN4 8ND
Balby Central Primary School DN4 0LL
Balby Middle School DN4 0NY
Barnburgh Primary School DN5 7EZ
Barnby Dun First School DN3 1BG
Barnby Dun Middle School DN3 1DB
Barnby Dun Primary Academy DN3 1BG
Barnby Dun Primary School DN3 1BG
Bawtry Mayflower Primary School DN10 6PU
Beckett Road Centre DN2 4AA
Bentley High Street First School DN5 0AA
Bentley High Street Middle School DN5 0AA
Bentley High Street Primary School DN5 0AA
Bentley New Village Primary School DN5 0NU
Bessacarr Primary School DN4 7DT
Braithwell First and Middle School S66 7AS
Branton St Wilfrid's Church of England Primary School DN3 3NB
Brodsworth CofE First and Middle School DN5 7XF
Campsmount (A Co-Operative Academy) DN6 9AS
Campsmount Technology College DN6 9AS
Canon Popham Church of England (VA) Primary and Nursery School DN3 2PP
Cantley Sycamore Primary School DN4 6AH
Carcroft First School DN6 8DR
Carcroft Middle School DN6 8DR
Carcroft Primary School DN6 8DR
Carlton Education DN18 5QA
Carr House Middle School DN4 5HF
Carr Lodge Academy DN4 8GA
Castle Academy DN12 3DB
Castle Hills First School DN5 9ED
Castle Hills Middle School DN5 9ED
Cedar Special School DN4 9HT
Chase School DN7 6JH
Communication Specialist College - Doncaster DN2 6AY
Conisbrough Balby Street Primary School DN12 4DX
Conisbrough Ivanhoe Junior and Infant School DN12 3LR
Conisbrough Ivanhoe Primary Academy DN12 3LR
Conisbrough Station Road Primary School DN12 3DB
Copley Junior School DN5 7SD
Coppice School DN7 6JH
Crookesbroom Primary Academy DN7 6JP
Curlew Middle School DN2 4RG
Danum Academy DN2 5QD
Danum School Technology College DN2 5QD
De Warenne Academy DN12 3JY
Denaby Main Infants' School DN12 4HZ
Denaby Main Junior School DN12 4TA
Denaby Main Primary Academy DN12 4HZ
Denaby Main Primary School DN12 4HZ
Don Valley Academy and Performing Arts College DN5 9DD
Don Valley School and Performing Arts College DN5 9DD
Doncaster College DN1 2RF
Doncaster School for the Deaf DN2 6AY
Doncaster St Aidan's CofE Primary and Nursery School DN2 4RW
Dunscroft Abbey CofE Middle School DN7 4EG
Dunsville Primary School DN7 4HX
Dunsville Primary School DN7 4HX
Eastgate First School DN7 5DH
Edenthorpe Hall Primary Academy DN3 2LS
Edenthorpe Hall Primary School DN3 2LS
Edlington Hill Top Infant School DN12 1PL
Edlington Hill Top Junior School DN12 1PL
Edlington Victoria Middle School DN12 1BN
Edlington Victoria Primary School DN12 1BN
Ellers Middle School DN4 5LU
Fernbank School (Severe Learning Difficulties) DN6 7AA
Fieldside First School
Finningley Church of England Primary School DN9 3EQ
Fishlake Endowed First School DN7 5JT
Fishlake Endowed First School
Fullerton House School DN12 4AR
Grange Lane Infant Academy DN11 0QY
Grange Lane Infant School DN11 0QY
Green Lane Middle School DN8 5PQ
Green Top First School DN8 5NS
Hall Cross Academy DN1 2HY
Hall Cross School DN1 2HY
Hatchell Wood Primary School DN4 6SL
Hatfield Ash Hill Middle School DN7 6JJ
Hatfield Crookesbroom Primary School DN7 6JP
Hatfield Manor CofE Junior School DN7 6QE
Hatfield Sheep Dip Lane Primary School DN7 4AU
Hatfield Visual Arts College DN7 6JH
Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School DN7 6NH
Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School DN7 6NH
Hawthorn Primary School DN4 6LQ
Hayfield Lane Primary School DN9 3NB
Heatherwood School DN2 6HQ
Hesley Hall School DN11 9HH
Hesley Holdings Limited DN11 9HH
Hexthorpe Centre DN4 0DH
Hexthorpe First School DN4 0EP
Hexthorpe Middle School DN4 0HH
Hexthorpe Primary School DN4 0HH
Hexthorpe Primary School DN4 0HH
Highfields Primary Academy DN6 7JE
Highfields Primary School DN6 7JE
Hill House School DN9 3GG
Hill House St Mary's School DN4 7AD
Hill Top Primary School DN12 1PL
Hillside Academy DN12 4DX
Holy Family Catholic Primary School DN7 5BL
Holy Family Catholic Primary School DN7 5BL
Hooton Pagnell All Saints Church of England Primary School DN5 7BT
Hospital and Interim Tuition Service DN12 1PT
Hospital Teaching Service DN2 5LT
Hungerhill School DN3 2JY
Hungerhill School A Specialist Centre for Science, Mathematics and Computing DN3 2JY
Intake Middle School DN2 6JL
Intake Primary School DN2 6EW
King Edward First School
Kingfisher Primary School DN2 4PY
Kirk Sandall Infant School DN3 1JT
Kirk Sandall Infant School DN3 1JT
Kirk Sandall Junior School DN3 1JG
Kirk Sandall Junior School DN3 1JG
Kirkby Avenue Infant School DN5 9TF
Kirkby Avenue Junior School DN5 9TF
Kirkby Avenue Primary School DN5 9TF
Lakeside Primary School DN4 5ES
Littlemoor Children's Centre and School DN6 0PZ
Long Toft Primary School DN7 5AB
Mallard Primary School DN4 9HU
Manor Middle School DN7 6QE
Maple Medical PRU DN4 9HT
Marshland Primary School DN8 4SB
Mexborough Academy S64 9SD
Mexborough Doncaster Road Junior School S64 0LU
Mexborough Highwoods Primary School S64 9ES
Mexborough Park Road Infant School S64 9PH
Mexborough School S64 9SD
Mexborough St John the Baptist CofE Primary School S64 0BE
Montagu Academy S64 9PH
Montagu Primary School S64 9PH
Morley Place Academy DN12 3LZ
Morley Place Junior School DN12 3LZ
New Pastures Primary School S64 0LT
New Village First School DN5 0NU
New Village Middle School DN5 0NU
Nexus Centre DN4 9EY
Nightingale Infant School DN4 9EY
North Bridge Enterprise College DN5 8AF
North Doncaster Technology College DN6 7SF
North Ridge Community School DN6 7EF
Northcliffe School DN12 3JY
Northfield Middle School DN8 4BQ
Norton Infant School DN6 9DG
Norton Junior School DN6 9DG
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School DN2 5JG
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Primary School DN5 0RP
Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Primary School DN3 2DB
Outwood Academy Adwick DN6 7SF
Owston Park Primary DN6 8PU
Owston Skellow Infant School DN6 8PU
Owston Skellow Junior School DN6 8PU
Park Primary School DN2 4JP
Pennine View School DN12 3LR
Pheasant Bank Academy DN11 0PQ
Plover Primary School DN2 6JL
Private Tutorial Studies DN1 2TB
Private Tutorial Studies DN1 2TB
Richmond Hill Primary Academy DN5 7SB
Richmond Hill Primary School DN5 7SB
Ridgewood School DN5 7UB
Ridgewood School DN5 7UB
Rosedale Road First School DN5 8SU
Rossington All Saints Academy DN11 0BZ
Rossington All Saints Church of England (VA) School - A Sports College DN11 0BZ
Rossington Hall School DN11 0HS
Rossington High School DN11 0BZ
Rossington Holmescarr Junior School DN11 0LP
Rossington Pheasant Bank Junior School DN11 0PQ
Rossington St Michael's CofE Primary School DN11 0EZ
Rossington Tornedale Infant School DN11 0NQ
Rowena Academy DN12 3JY
Rowena Nursery and Infant School DN12 3JY
Sandall Wood School DN2 6HQ
Sandringham Primary School DN2 5LS
Scawsby Rosedale Primary School DN5 8RL
Scawsby Saltersgate Infant School DN5 8NQ
Scawsby Saltersgate Junior School DN5 8NQ
Scawthorpe Castle Hills Primary School DN5 9ED
Scawthorpe Sunnyfields Primary School DN5 9EW
Shaw Wood Infant School DN3 2DG
Shaw Wood Primary School DN3 2DG
Sir Thomas Wharton Community College DN12 1HH
Sir Thomas Wharton Community College DN12 1HH
South Cantley First School DN4 6SA
South Cantley Middle School DN4 6SL
South Common First School DN8 5LZ
Springboard Centre DN4 0DH
Sprotbrough Orchard Infant School DN5 7RN
Sprotbrough Richmond Hill Infant School DN5 7SB
Sprotbrough Richmond Hill Junior School DN5 7SB
St Alban's Catholic Primary School DN12 4AQ
St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School DN4 0JN
St George's CofE First School DN2 4RW
St Joseph and St Teresa's Catholic Primary School DN6 7QN
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School DN11 0NB
St Joseph's School, a Catholic Voluntary Academy DN11 0NB
St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Edlington DN12 1DL
St Oswald's CofE Academy DN9 3EQ
St Peter's Catholic Primary School DN4 5EP
St Wilfrid's Academy, Doncaster DN4 6AH
Stainforth Infant School DN7 5DH
Stainforth Junior School DN7 5AB
Stainforth Kirton Lane Primary School DN7 5BG
Stainforth Middle School DN7 5AB
Stirling Primary School DN1 3QP
Stone Hill School DN5 7UB
Sycamore Hall Preparatory School DN4 8PT
Sykehouse First School DN14 9AS
The Armthorpe School DN3 2DA
The Gateway Centre DN2 4RG
The Hayfield School DN9 3HG
The Hayfield School DN9 3HG
The Hesley Village College DN11 9HH
The Levett School DN5 7SB
The Long Sandall Centre DN2 4RG
The McAuley Catholic High School DN3 3QF
The McAuley Catholic High School DN3 3QF
The Ridge Employability College DN6 7FE
The Woodlands Primary School DN6 7RG
Thorne Brooke Primary School DN8 5PQ
Thorne Grammar School DN8 5BQ
Thorne Green Top Primary School DN8 5LB
Thorne King Edward Primary School DN8 4BY
Thorne Marshland Middle School DN8 4SB
Thorne Moorends West Road Primary School DN8 4LH
Thorne South Common Primary School DN8 5LZ
Tickhill CofE Middle School DN11 9LZ
Tickhill Estfeld Primary School DN11 9JA
Tickhill First School DN11 9LZ
Tickhill St Mary's Church of England Primary and Nursery School DN11 9LZ
Toll Bar Primary School DN5 0QR
Town Field Primary School DN1 2JS
Tranmoor Junior School DN3 3BU
Tranmoor Lane Infant School DN3 3DB
Travis St Lawrence CofE Primary School DN7 6QE
Trinity Academy DN8 5BY
Victoria First School DN12 1BN
Wadworth Primary School DN11 9AP
Warmsworth First School DN4 9RG
Warmsworth Middle School DN4 9RG
Warmsworth Primary School DN4 9RG
Warmsworth St Peter CofE First School DN4 9LJ
Waverley Academy DN4 0UB
Waverley Primary School DN4 0UB
Westgate First School DN7 5DH
Wheatley Hills Middle School DN2 5RW
Wheatley Middle School DN2 4AL
Wilby Carr Middle School DN4 6LD
Willow Academy DN4 7EZ
Willow Primary School DN4 7EZ
Wilsic Hall School DN11 9AG
Windhill Primary School S64 0PQ
Woodfield Middle School DN4 9HU
Woodfield Primary School DN4 8LA
Woodlands Infant School DN6 7RG
Woodlands Junior School DN6 7RG
XP School DN4 5NG
York House NN14 6BQ
Young Parents Centre DN4 6LQ