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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Bradford

Bradford Council has 436 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 436 schools in the Bradford area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Bradford council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Bradford Postcode
Abbey Green Nursery School & Children's Centre BD8 8HT
Addingham Middle School LS29 0NR
Addingham Primary School LS29 0NR
Aire Valley School BD16 1TZ
Aire View Infant School BD20 0AW
Airview Pre-Assessment Centre BD18 3JE
Al Mumin Primary and Secondary School BD8 7DA
Al-Bilal Academy for Girls BD8 8DA
Al-Markaz Academy BD7 2JX
All Saints Church of England Primary School BD5 0NG
All Saints' CofE Primary School LS29 9BE
Allerton Middle School BD15 7HB
Allerton Primary School BD15 7HB
Allerton Primary School BD15 7HB
Appleton Academy BD12 8AL
Ashfield School BD10 0TD
Ashlands Primary School LS29 8JY
Atlas Community Primary School BD8 8DL
Baildon CofE Primary School BD17 6TE
Bankfoot Primary School BD5 9NR
Barkerend Academy BD3 0QT
Barkerend Primary School BD3 0QT
Beckfoot School BD16 1EE
Beckfoot School BD16 1EE
Beckfoot Upper Heaton BD9 6ND
Beechcliffe Special School BD20 6ED
Belle Vue Boys' School BD9 6ND
Belle Vue First School BD8 7RZ
Belle Vue Girls' School BD9 6NA
Belle Vue Girls' School BD9 6NA
Belmont Middle School BD17 5DH
Ben Rhydding Primary School LS29 8QH
Bierley CofE First School BD4 6AA
Bingley CofE First School BD16 4BQ
Bingley Grammar School BD16 2RS
Blakehill Primary School BD10 8QN
Bolling Special School BD4 7SY
Bolton Lane First School BD2 4AA
Bolton Woods First School BD2 1BT
Bowling Community College BD4 7QT
Bowling Park Primary School BD5 8BT
Brackenhill Primary School BD7 4HA
Bradford Academy BD4 7QJ
Bradford Cathedral Community College BD4 7QT
Bradford Central PRU BD18 3JE
Bradford Christian School BD2 1BT
Bradford College BD7 1AY
Bradford District PRU BD4 7SY
Bradford Forster Academy BD4 8RG
Bradford Girls' Grammar School BD9 6RB
Bradford Girls' Grammar School BD9 6RB
Bradford Grammar School BD9 4JP
Bradford Moor Community Primary School BD3 8QQ
Bradford Studio School BD1 2DX
Braithwaite Special School BD22 6PR
Branshaw School BD21 1QX
Bronte Middle School BD22 7LU
Brookfield First School BD10 0DP
Broomwood Middle School BD4 6JF
Burley and Woodhead CofE Primary School LS29 7RQ
Burley CofE First School LS29 7JY
Burley Middle School LS29 7EJ
Burley Oaks Primary School LS29 7EJ
Buttershaw Business & Enterprise College Academy BD6 3PX
Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College BD6 3PX
Buttershaw Middle School BD6 2BS
Byron Primary School BD3 0AB
Calversyke Middle School BD22 6JG
Canterbury Nursery School and Centre for Children and Families BD5 9HL
Carlton Bolling College BD3 0DU
Carrwood Primary School BD4 0EQ
Cavendish Primary School BD2 2DU
Chapel Grange School BD8 0DQ
Chellow Dene Middle School BD8 0DH
Chellow Heights Special School BD9 6AL
Christ Church Church of England Academy BD18 2NT
Clayton CofE Primary School BD14 6DD
Clayton Middle School BD14 6AD
Clayton Village Primary School BD14 6AD
Clevedon House Preparatory School LS29 8BJ
Cooper Lane Primary School BD6 3NJ
Copthorne Primary School BD7 3AY
Coral College for Girls BD8 7HP
Cottingley Manor RC Middle School BD16 1TZ
Cottingley Village Primary School BD16 1SY
Crossflatts Primary School BD16 2EP
Crossley Hall Primary School BD8 0HJ
Crystal Gardens Primary School BD5 7PE
Cullingworth Village Primary School BD13 5DA
Daisy Hill Middle School BD8 0DH
Darul Uloom Dawatul Imaan BD4 9PH
Delf Hill Middle School BD12 0TN
Delius Special School BD3 8QX
Denholme Primary School BD13 4AY
Dixons Allerton Academy BD8 0DH
Dixons City Academy BD5 7RR
Dixons City Technology College BD5 7RR
Dixons Kings Academy BD7 2AN
Dixons Manningham Academy BD8 8HY
Dixons Marchbank Primary BD3 8QQ
Dixons McMillan Academy BD5 0JE
Dixons Music Primary BD5 0BE
Dixons Trinity Academy BD5 0BE
Drummond Middle School BD8 8DA
Dudley Hill First School BD4 9PH
East Morton CofE Primary School BD20 5SE
Eastburn Junior and Infant School BD20 8UX
Eastwood Primary School BD21 3JL
Eccleshill North Middle School BD10 0EF
Eccleshill Upper School BD10 0JE
Education In Hospital 1 (Airedale) BD18 2LU
Education In Hospital 2 (BRI) BD18 2LU
Eldwick Primary School BD16 3LE
Elite Grammar School BD5 0HT
Ellar Carr BD10 0TD
Ellar Carr School BD10 0TD
Eternal Light Secondary School BD5 9DH
Fagley Primary School BD2 3PU
Fairweather Green Middle School BD8 0HJ
Farfield Primary and Nursery School BD6 2BS
Farnham Primary School BD7 3HU
Fearnville Primary School BD4 8DX
Fenby Middle School BD4 7PS
Ferniehurst First School BD17 5QP
Feversham College BD3 9QL
Feversham College BD3 0LT
Feversham College BD3 0LT
Feversham Primary Academy BD3 9EG
Feversham Primary School BD3 9EG
Fox's School of Commerce BD7 1BG
Foxhill Primary School BD13 1LN
Frizinghall Middle School BD9 4HW
Frizinghall Primary School BD9 4HP
Ghyll Royd School and Pre-School LS29 7HW
Gilstead Middle School BD16 3LE
Girlington Primary School BD8 9NR
Glenaire Primary School BD17 7LY
Grange Middle School BD20 5AB
Grange Technology College BD5 9ET
Grange Technology College BD5 9ET
Great Horton Middle School BD7 3JT
Green Lane Primary School BD8 8HT
Greenfield School BD10 8LU
Greengates Primary School BD10 9AX
Greenhead High School BD20 6EB
Gregory Middle School BD4 6AF
Grosvenor First School BD8 7SG
Grove House Primary School BD2 4ED
Hainsworth Moor Middle School BD13 2ND
Hambledon First School BD4 6BU
Hanson Academy BD2 1JP
Hanson School BD2 1JP
Harden Primary School BD16 1LJ
Harden Primary School BD16 1LJ
Hartington Middle School BD22 8DW
Haworth Primary School BD22 8DW
Haworth Primary School BD22 8DW
Haycliffe School BD5 9ET
Hazelbeck Special School BD16 1EE
Hazelbeck Special School BD16 1EE
Heaton Middle School BD9 6LL
Heaton Primary School BD9 6LL
Heaton Royds School BD18 3AZ
Heaton St Barnabas' CofE Aided Primary School BD9 4DA
High Crags Primary School BD18 2ES
High Crags Primary School BD18 2ES
High Fernley Primary School BD12 8EX
High Park School BD9 6RY
High Trees School BD6 3NL
Highfield Middle School BD21 2QQ
Hill Top CofE Primary School BD12 0TL
Hirst Wood Nursery School & Children's Centre BD18 4NJ
Hollingwood Primary School BD7 4BE
Holme Middle School BD4 9AE
Holybrook Primary School BD10 0EF
Holycroft Primary School BD21 1JF
Home Farm Primary School BD6 3NR
Horton Grange Primary School BD7 2EU
Horton Park Primary School BD5 9LQ
Hothfield Junior School BD20 0BB
Hoyle Court Primary School BD17 6DN
Hutton Middle School BD2 2DW
Idle CofE Primary School BD10 8LU
Ilkley Grammar School LS29 8TR
Ilkley Grammar School LS29 8TR
Ilkley Middle School LS29 8PA
Immanuel College BD10 9AQ
Immanuel College BD10 9AQ
Ingrow Primary School BD21 1BW
Iqra Academy Education Trust BD8 8DA
Iqra Community Primary School BD8 8DA
Islamic Tarbiyah Preparatory School BD8 8AW
Jaamiatul Imaam Muhammad Zakaria BD14 6JX
Jesse Street Pre-Admission Centre BD8 0JQ
Keelham Primary School BD13 4HH
Keighley College BD21 3DF
Keighley Preparatory School BD21 2TA
Keighley St Andrew's CofE Primary School and Nursery BD21 2ND
Killinghall Primary School BD3 7JF
Knowleswood Primary School BD4 9AE
Ladderbanks Middle School BD17 6TE
Lady Lane Park School BD16 4AP
Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College BD3 8HE
Laisterdyke Leadership Academy BD3 8HE
Langley School BD17 6SD
Lapage Middle School BD3 8QX
Lapage Primary School and Nursery BD3 8QX
Laycock Primary School BD22 0PP
Leaventhorpe Middle School BD15 7YD
Lees Primary School BD22 9DL
Lees Primary School BD22 9DL
Ley Top Primary School BD15 7PQ
Lidget Green Middle School BD7 2PY
Lidget Green Primary School BD7 2QN
Lilycroft Nursery School BD9 5AD
Lilycroft Primary School BD9 5AD
Lindley House School BD4 7SY
Lister Lane School BD2 4LL
Lister Primary School BD9 5AT
Long Lee Primary School BD21 4RU
Lorne First School BD4 7PS
Low Ash Primary School BD18 1AA
Low Moor CofE Primary School BD12 0NN
Lower Fields Middle School BD4 8RG
Lower Fields Primary School BD4 8RG
M A Girls School BD8 7RZ
Mandale Middle School BD6 3NN
Manningham Middle School BD8 7HS
Margaret McMillan Primary School BD9 5DF
Marshfield Primary School BD5 9DS
McMillan School BD10 0TD
Menston Infant School LS29 6LF
Menston Junior School LS29 6LF
Menston Primary School LS29 6LF
Merlin Top Primary Academy BD22 6HZ
Merlin Top Primary School BD22 6HZ
Midland Road Nursery School BD8 7DJ
Miriam Lord Community Primary School BD8 8RG
Moorfield School LS29 8RL
Myrtle Park Primary School BD16 1HB
Nab Wood Middle School BD18 4AB
Nessfield Primary School BD22 6NP
Netherlands Avenue School and Community Nursery BD6 1EA
Netherleigh and Rossefield School BD9 4AY
Netherleigh Preparatory School BD9 5JH
New Gables BD18 4AB
Newby Primary School BD5 7DQ
Newhall Park Primary School BD4 6AF
Oakbank School BD22 7DU
Oakbank School BD22 7DU
Oakdale First School BD18 1NU
Oakworth Primary School BD22 7HX
Oakworth Primary School BD22 7HX
Oasis Academy Lister Park BD8 7ND
Oastlers School BD4 7RH
Oldfield Primary School BD22 0HZ
Olive Secondary BD3 0AD
One In A Million Alternative Education BD8 7DX
One In A Million Free School BD8 7DX
Our Lady and St Brendan's Catholic Primary School BD10 0QA
Our Lady of Victories Catholic School BD22 6JP
Our Lady of Victories Catholic School BD22 6JP
Oxenhope CofE Primary School BD22 9LH
Oxenhope CofE Primary School BD22 9LH
Parkland Middle School BD10 9BG
Parkland Primary School BD10 9BG
Parkside Middle School BD13 5AD
Parkside School BD13 5AD
Parkwood Primary School BD21 4QH
Peel Park Primary School BD2 4PR
Pollard Park Middle School BD3 0AB
Poplars Farm Primary School BD2 1LQ
Priestman Middle School BD5 9DS
Priestthorpe Primary School BD16 4JS
Primary Pupil Referral Unit BD5 8DB
Princeville Primary School BD7 2AH
Prism Independent School BD8 9ES
Queensbury School BD13 2AS
Queensbury School BD13 2AS
Rainbow Primary School BD5 0HD
Ravenscliffe First School BD10 0JJ
Reevy Hill Primary School BD6 3ST
Reevy Hill Primary School BD6 3ST
Rhodesway School BD15 7RU
Riddlesden St Mary's CofE Primary School BD20 5AB
Rise Mentoring BD4 7EX
Roundthorn School BD5 7TB
Royd Mount Middle School BD13 3NN
Russell Hall Primary School BD13 2AW
Ryan Middle School BD5 8BT
Ryecroft Primary Academy BD4 0LS
Ryecroft Primary School BD4 0LS
Ryshworth Middle School BD16 2EP
Saltaire Primary School BD18 4NR
Sandal Primary School BD17 5DH
Sandy Lane Primary School BD15 9JU
Scotchman Middle School BD9 5DF
Shaw House School BD9 4AH
Shibden Head Primary Academy BD13 2ND
Shibden Head Primary School BD13 2ND
Shipley CofE Primary School BD18 2PT
Shipley College BD18 3JW
Shirley Manor Primary School BD12 8SA
Shirley Manor Primary School BD12 8SA
Southfield School BD5 9ET
Southfield School BD5 9ET
Southmere Primary School BD7 3NR
Southmere Primary School BD7 3NR
Springwood Community Primary School BD8 8HY
St Anne's Catholic Primary School BD21 3AD
St Anne's Catholic Primary School BD21 3AD
St Anthony's Catholic Primary School BD14 6HW
St Anthony's Catholic Primary School BD18 1HD
St Augustine's CofE Community School BD3 0HW
St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College BD9 4BQ
St Bede's Catholic Grammar School BD9 4BQ
St Blaise RC Middle School BD4 6AF
St Clare's Catholic Primary School BD2 3JD
St Columba's Catholic Primary School BD4 9PY
St Cuthbert and The First Martyrs' Catholic Primary School BD9 5AT
St Edmund Campion RC Middle School BD8 0DH
St Edmund's Nursery School & Children's Centre BD8 9QW
St Francis Catholic Primary School BD2 4ES
St George RC Middle School BD3 0LX
St George's Unit BD2 4RQ
St James' Church Primary School BD15 7YD
St John the Evangelist Catholic Primary School BD6 3DQ
St John's CofE Primary School BD4 6JF
St Joseph's Catholic College BD8 7AP
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School BD5 0RB
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School BD16 4HQ
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School BD21 1AR
St Luke's CofE Primary School BD2 3NS
St Mary's &St Peter's Catholic Primary School BD3 9ND
St Mary's Catholic Primary School BD1 4EJ
St Matthew's Catholic Primary School BD15 7NE
St Matthew's CofE Primary School and Nursery BD5 8HT
St Oswald's Church of England Primary Academy BD7 3JT
St Oswald's CofE Primary School BD7 3JT
St Patrick's RC First School
St Paul's CofE Primary School BD6 1ST
St Paul's First School BD8 8AW
St Philip's CofE Primary School BD8 9JL
St Philip's CofE Primary School BD8 9JL
St Stephen's CofE Primary School BD5 7HU
St Walburga's Catholic Primary School BD18 4RL
St William's Catholic Primary School BD8 9RG
St Winefride's Catholic Primary School BD6 1SR
Stanbury Village School BD22 0HA
Steeton Primary School BD20 6NN
Stocks Lane Primary School BD13 2RH
Stoney Lee Middle School BD16 1SY
Strong Close Nursery School BD21 4LW
Swain House Middle School BD2 1JL
Swain House Primary School BD2 1JL
Swire Smith Middle School BD21 4RU
Temple Bank School BD9 6BN
Thackley Primary School BD10 8PJ
The Associated Sixth Form
The Challenge College BD8 7ND
The Fountain BD5 8BP
The Holy Family Catholic School BD20 6LH
The Home Study Project Co Pakistan Community and Neighbourhood Assoc BD8 8EJ
The Old Gables BD18 4HX
The Phoenix Special School BD22 6HZ
The Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School LS29 8NL
The Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School LS29 8NL
The Samuel Lister Academy BD16 1TZ
Thorn Garth School BD10 9AQ
Thorn Park School for Deaf Children BD9 6RY
Thornbury Academy BD3 7AU
Thornbury Middle School BD3 8JG
Thornbury Primary School BD3 7AU
Thornton Grammar School BD13 3BH
Thornton Grammar School BD13 3BH
Thornton Primary School BD13 3NN
Thorpe Middle School BD10 9PY
Thorpe Primary School BD10 9PY
Titus Salt School BD17 5RH
Tlg Bradford BD5 8HH
Tong High School BD4 6NR
Tong High School BD4 6NR
Tong Park First School BD17 7QA
Tracks BD18 2LU
Training and Skills Centre BD3 9BE
Trinity All Saints CofE VA Primary School BD16 2PP
Tyersal Middle School BD4 8DX
Ummid Independent School BD7 3EX
Undercliffe Middle School BD3 0LX
Undercliffe Primary School BD2 4RP
University Academy Keighley BD20 6EB
University of Bradford BD7 1DP
Usher Street Primary School and Nursery BD4 7DS
Victoria Park Preparatory School BD18 4RL
Victoria Primary School BD21 2RD
Wapping First School BD3 0ED
Waverley Middle School BD7 3HU
Wedgwood School and Community Nursery BD4 0NQ
Wellington Middle School BD2 3AY
Wellington Primary School BD2 3DE
West Cliffe School BD21 2TA
Westbourne Primary School BD8 7PL
Westgate Hill First School BD4 0SJ
Westminster Church of England Primary School BD3 0HW
Westminster Church of England Primary School BD3 0HW
Westville House School LS29 0DQ
Westwood Park Primary School BD6 3NN
Whetley Academy BD8 9HZ
Whetley Middle School BD8 9HZ
Whetley Primary School BD8 9HZ
Whinburn Pupil Referral Unit BD20 6LU
Whinburn Residential School BD20 6LU
Wibsey Middle School BD6 1RL
Wibsey Primary School BD6 1RL
Willowfield School BD7 2AH
Willowfields School BD10 8RQ
Wilsden Primary School BD15 0AE
Windhill CofE Primary School BD18 2NT
Woodend Middle School BD18 2NT
Woodlands CofE Primary School BD12 7EZ
Woodroyd Middle School BD5 8EL
Woodside Academy BD6 2PG
Woodside Middle School BD6 2PG
Woodside Primary School and Children's Centre BD6 2PG
Worth Valley Middle School BD22 7AX
Worth Valley Primary School BD22 7AX
Worth Valley Primary School BD22 7AX
Worthinghead Primary School BD12 9EL
Wrose Brow Middle School BD18 2NT
Wycliffe CofE Middle School BD18 3HZ
Wycliffe CofE Primary School BD18 3HZ
Wyke Manor School BD12 9PX
Wyke Middle School BD12 8AA
Y's Up BD1 2EP
Yorkshire Martyrs Catholic College BD4 6NR