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All Schools, Academies and Colleges in Barking and Dagenham

Barking and Dagenham Council has 110 Schools, that vary between primary and secondary schools, academies and colleges. Use the scrollbar to browse through the 110 schools in the Barking and Dagenham area or alternatively search directly for the school here. School Holidays and Term Dates for Barking and Dagenham council can be found by visiting the official government website calendar page.

Schools in Barking and Dagenham Postcode
All Saints Catholic School and Technology College RM8 1JT
Barking Abbey Eastbury
Barking Abbey School, A Specialist Sports and Humanities College IG11 9AG
Barking and Dagenham College RM7 0XU
Barking and Dagenham Tuition Service RM9 6TJ
Barking Riverside School IG11 0FJ
Beam Primary School RM10 9ED
Becontree Primary School RM8 2QR
Bentry School RM10 7SJ
Bishop Ward School RM8 1JT
Cambell Junior School RM9 6TD
Castle School RM9 6XP
Covenant School
Dagenham Park CofE School RM10 9QH
Dagenham Park Community School RM10 9QH
Dorothy Barley Infants' School RM8 2LL
Dorothy Barley Junior Academy RM8 2NB
Dorothy Barley Junior School and Special Needs Base (MLD) RM8 2NB
Eastbrook School RM10 7UR
Eastbury Community School IG11 9UW
Eastbury Primary School IG11 9QQ
Eastbury Primary School IG11 9QQ
Elutec RM10 7FN
Erkenwald School RM8 2HP
Faircross School IG11 9UH
Five Elms Primary School RM9 5TB
Furze Infants' School RM6 6ES
Gascoigne Infants' School IG11 7DR
Gascoigne Junior School IG11 7DR
Gascoigne Primary School IG11 7DR
George Carey Church of England Primary School IG11 0FJ
Godwin Infants' School RM9 6JH
Godwin Junior School RM9 6JH
Godwin Primary School RM9 6JH
Goresbrook School RM9 6XW
Grafton Infants' School RM8 3EX
Grafton Primary School RM8 3EX
Greatfields School IG11 7DR
Henry Green Primary School RM8 1UR
Hopewell School (Harmony House) RM9 6XN
Hunters Hall Infants' School RM10 8JA
Hunters Hall Junior School RM10 8DE
Hunters Hall Primary School RM10 8DE
Jo Richardson Community School RM9 4UN
John Perry Infants' School RM10 8UR
John Perry Junior School RM10 8UR
John Perry Primary School RM10 8UR
Lady Aisha Academy IG11 8PY
LifeLine Institute RM8 3QS
Manor Infants' School/Manor Longbridge IG11 9AG
Manor Junior School IG11 9AG
Marks Gate Infants' School RM6 5LL
Marks Gate Junior School RM6 5NJ
Marsh Green Primary School RM10 9NJ
Mayesbrook School RM9 4BP
Monteagle Infants' School RM9 4RB
Monteagle Junior School RM9 4RB
Monteagle Primary School RM9 4RB
Northbury Infants' School IG11 8JA
Northbury Primary School IG11 8JA
Parsloes Manor School RM9 5QT
Parsloes Primary School RM9 5RH
Richard Alibon Infants' School RM10 8DF
Richard Alibon Junior School RM10 8DF
Richard Alibon Primary School with ARP for Cognitive and Learning Difficulties : SEN Base RM10 8DF
Ripple Infants' School IG11 7QS
Ripple Primary School IG11 7QS
Riverside Bridge School IG11 0HZ
Riverside Primary School IG11 0HZ
Riverside School IG11 0HZ
Robert Clack School RM8 1JU
Roding Infant School RM8 2XJ
Roding Junior School RM8 2XS
Roding Primary School RM8 2XS
Rush Green Infants' School RM7 0TL
Rush Green Primary School RM7 0RL
Sacred Heart School RM9 6XP
SHC School IG11 8AL
Southern Consortium Sixth Form RM9 5QT
Southwood Infants' School RM9 5LT
Southwood Junior School RM9 5LT
Southwood Primary School RM9 5LT
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School IG11 7AR
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School RM9 5UL
St Margarets CofE Primary School IG11 8AS
St Peter's Catholic Primary School RM9 6UU
St Vincent's Catholic Primary School RM8 2JN
Thames View Infants' School IG11 0LG
Thames View Infants' School IG11 0LG
Thames View Junior School IG11 0LG
Thames View Junior School IG11 0LG
The Cedar School
The James Cambell Primary School RM9 6TD
The Leys Primary School RM10 9YR
The St Teresa Catholic Primary School RM8 2XJ
The St Teresa RC Primary School RM8 2XS
The Sydney Russell School RM9 5QT
The Sydney Russell School RM9 5QT
The Warren Comprehensive School RM6 6SB
The Warren School RM6 6SB
Thomas Arnold Infant RM9 6NH
Thomas Arnold Primary School RM9 6NH
Trinity School RM10 7SJ
Valence Junior School RM8 3AR
Valence Primary School RM8 3AR
Village Infants' School RM10 9JS
Warren Junior School RM6 6DA
William Bellamy Infant School RM10 7HX
William Bellamy Primary School RM10 7HX
William Ford CofE Primary School RM10 9JS